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POE 3.7 Berserker Popular Build Frost Blade, Shaper, Uber Elder and High DPS Guide

This build does NOT require a ton of gear, my current character and gear in Path of Building are to show the end game potential only! I did a much more broken down DPS explanation in the Path of Building section. I used the crappy gear for 80% of my time with the build and did not struggle an ounce.

Pros & Cons:
+ Incredible map / Legion clear speed.
+ Insane Leap Slam attack speed.
+ Exceptional elemental penetration = Shaper is a normal mob.
+ Single target DPS scales very well.
+ Works well on a low budget and scales well with the investment.
- Is a melee build, so top tier meta gear can get expensive.

1. Crave the Slaughter
2. Rite of Ruin
3. Flawless Savagery
4. Blitz

Bandits: Alira / Kill All

Major God - Soul of Arakaali
Minor God - Soul of Ryslatha


Gems Setup:
Frost Blades - Hypothermia - Multistrike - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Ruthless - Melee Physical Damage

Leap Slam - Blood Magic - Faster Attacks - Fortify

Vaal Anc…
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POE 3.7 Slayer Most Popular Build - Flicker Strike Detailed Guide

This build just for fun, because flicker strike is a crazy skill that got buffed in patch 3.7 and is more viable to play without ferrules things. This build is mainly for SC players who don't care if they sometimes die. This build might be viable on HC but with some build changes.

Pros & Cons:
+ Can be played as league starter because it has cheap gear or easy to find (kinda)
+ Can do reflect maps (ele reflect can hurt you when you have active herald of ash so you must turn it off)
+ Can do no regen maps
+ Can do hexproof maps
+ Crazy playstyle thanks to flicker strike :)
- Sometimes you can struggle on the boss fight (lower single target dmg and not 100% frenzy generating) but I cleared T15 maps easily even with bosses, but not always 100% without problems
- Fully min-maxed build can cost you a lot (but that applies on every build)
- No leech maps might do a little problem, but you can take mana flask and might sustain it with that
- Sometimes you can get one shot by the rare…

POE 3.7 Latest Popular Hierophant Immortal Call Build Detailed Guide

Welcome to a tanky caster build that ignores reflect, which I named the Chaos Agnostic build that makes use of the new Timeless Jewel that drops in Legion League, more specifically the Militant Faith Timeless Jewel which converts passive keystone in range into The Agnostic.

The idea was to make a build that relied on its Mana for survivability much like "Mana Shield" from Diablo but Mind over Matter alone never seems to give me that feeling as it diverted a portion of the damage. When I saw the new Keystone called The Agnostic, I knew I needed to try again as 20% of Mana recovered as Life looked promising.

Key to making this build successful is to get as much Flat Mana regeneration such as from Clarity, etc. and % Max Mana regeneration such as from Cloak of Defiance, etc. Both the mana lost and life recovered from Agnostic happens by "ticks" and happens gradually, not instantly or in "chunks" of 20%. This means if the player loses any amount of life…

Latest Popular POE 3.7 Assassin Build - Cyclone + Ice Nova Guide

Pros & Cons:
+ Solid clear speed and single target DPS
+ High effective health and layered defenses
+ Lots of pleasing shattering sounds
+ Can run ALL map mods once fully geared
+ No gem swaps needed
+ Build is functional on a range of budgets
+ No cooldown recovery speed needed
- Not as fast as a zoom zoom Tornado Shot character
- Won't scale as much with Headhunter / Inspired Learning
- Cannot facetank Shaper beams or Elder Slams
- Certain high-end items are pretty expensive


1. Unstable Infusion
2. Opportunistic
3. Ambush and Assassinate
4. Deadly Infusion

Bandits: Help Alira. Kill Oak and Kraityn.

Major God - Soul of Lunaris
Minor God - Soul of Gruthkul


Gems Setup:
Ice Nova - Hypothermia - Increased Critical Strikes - Cyclone - Cast On Critical Strike - Elemental Focus

Frost Bomb - Cast when Damage Taken - Fortify - Leap Slam

Vortex - Bonechill - Unbound Ailments - Arctic Armour

Herald of Ice - Enlighten - Precision - Hatred


Top 5 Very Popular POE 3.7 Necromancer Build Detailed Guide

1. POE 3.7 Spectre Summoner Necromancer Build, Detailed GuideIntro:
By using Spectres you are effectively summoning real monsters to fight for you. They will use all attacks and spells they naturally have. As well as will become stronger with level.

In order to summon the desired monster you need a corpse of this monster, target a corpse with "A" and press Summon Spectre.
Specters scale with a level of the "corpse" they were summoned from, so in order to get powerful spectres, you will have to summon/resummon them in higher and higher level zones using Desecrate skill to recreate their corpses. I explained everything in the FAQ section below how to do it.

Pros & Cons:
+safe across most content. Bosses off screening.
+extremely fast for map clearing
+around 70% potential Phys Damage Reduction
+decent regen
+flexible, can stack a lot of block chance if needed
+great single target damage
+much better than Zombies as you don't need to constantly resummon spectre…

Top 5 POE 3.7 Slayer - Most Popular Skill Gems Build Guide

Slayer is the most popular character for POE 3.7 Legion players. Here is my Slayer Top 5 Gems Skill Build Guide.

Top 1 - POE 3.7 Slayer Build - Cyclone Guide&nbsp
Top 2 - POE 3.7 Slayer Build - Ancestral Warchief Guide
Top 3 - POE 3.7 Slayer Build - Double Strike Guide
Top 4 - POE 3.7 Slayer Build - Scourge Arrow Guide
Top 5 - POE 3.7 Slayer Build - Elemental Hit Guide

1. Top 1 - POE 3.7 Slayer Build - Cyclone Guide 
This build guide was made in standard with GG gear at endgame, but you can definitely do league-based/cheaper iterations and still achieve great damage.

This is not a "Path of Building-Warrior" type build. I have been playing Cyclone for almost 5 years in this great game, and I can assure you this is the most satisfying, smoothest, tankiest 2H cyclone build I've ever played.

Pros & Cons:
+ works on a budget
+ tanky
+ boss killer
+ can do all map mods except "cannot leech" which is extremely rare
+ high sustain
+ SSF viable-ish
+ pretty sure it'…

Path of Exile 3.7 The Shaper Detailed Guide

IntroductionThe Shaper is located in The Shaper's Realm.  This can only be accessed by using all four of the Guardian Fragments in your map device. The Shaper deals massive amounts of cold damages and has a number of deadly attacks.

Boss FightThe player enters The Shaper's Realm and spawns at the center of The Nexus. There are four mini-bosses located at each corner. These bosses spawn from a random pool of monsters. The player must kill all of the mini-bosses to spawn the portal at the center of the Nexus that leads to The Shaper. This boss fight contains three different phases. In between phases, the player gets teleported to a new location where they have to fight their way back to The Shaper.

Phase 1:
The player enters the arena, The Shaper and Zana will begin their dialog for a short period of time before beginning the fight. His attacks include a basic melee attack, Beam, Projectiles, Teleport Slam, Portals, and Vortex Balls. Once the Shaper reaches 50% Maximum life, he wil…