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The Latest PoE 3.5 Deadeye Voidfletcher Ice Shot Builds

Pros & Cons:
+ damage (destroying all content in the game)
+ mapping speed (between medium and fast)
+ most key uniques are not expensive (bow, quiver, ring, unique jewels)
+ interesting, fun gameplay (but over time, the ears get tired of BOOM-BOOM LOL)
+ high survival rate, for archer (40 DS / 50 DA / 50+ Evade)
+ high scalability (many ways to increase the damage in the build after buying the main items)

- cannot do maps with elemental reflect
- cannot do maps with non-life/mana leech from monsters
- this is an archer, sometimes you will die from circumstances beyond your control

Far Shot -> Endless munitions -> Fast and Deadly -> Gathering Wind
Fast and Deadly -> Gathering Wind.

Our choice is to help Alira

Soul Of Solaris is a great choice for dealing with solitary targets and avoiding damage. Most of the deaths of our character will be from a single target, therefore, the choice is very useful.
Soul Of Garukhan – additional evade + movem…