Hot, POE 3.7 Ascendant Build - CI Mjolner CoC Ball Lightning Guide

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Within this construct guide, I'd like to share my Scion make employing Mjolner/CoC/ball lightning. This develop can clear maps quickly, deal with insane harm, and is tanky. General, this construct is extremely sturdy, and I can advocate it to anyone who has some currency (like 10 exes).

+ Great clear speed
+ Great single target damage (Up to 5m Shaper DPS)
+ Tanky (10k ES)
+ Smooth playstyle–you don't have to cast a travel skill to proc arcane surge or fortify
+ Great sustain (5000+ES recovery/s, you can even face tank Shaper beam and the vortex DoT AT THE SAME TIME)
+ All map mods possible (For difficult map mods, see Gameplay Tips section)
- Not league starter friendly (requires at least 10 exes for this build to work)
- Can deal significant damage to your computer due to a large number of hits per second


Assassin + Gladiator
(Our weapon Mjolner has only a 5% crit chance; therefore, we get assassin's passive to increase our base crit chance. The other ascendancy is gladiator, which grant us block chance. Furthermore, choosing gladiator gives us easy access to attack speed nodes, which are otherwise hard to reach.)

BANDITS: Help Alira.

Major God - Soul of Lunaris
Minor God - Soul of Abberath


level 1-11 freezing pulse
level 12-27 arc-added lightning damage-added cold damage-arcane surge
level 28- ball lightning-added lightning damage-controlled destruction-elemental focus-lightning penetration-(spell echo/faster casting/mana leech)


Uber Elder fight [deathless]

Maze of the Minotaur map (T16)

Delve (depth 392)


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