Path of Exile Basic Knowledge Promotion - Characters Essence Guide

This column will be carried out on a regular basis, decomposing each attribute of the exile route to explain to everyone, so that everyone can better understand the basic mechanism of the game POE, the producer of this column: Eznpc

In the POE of exile, there are 7 Classes and 19 Ascendancy classes.

What are the differences between Classes?

1. They have different starting points in the talent map:
The difference in the starting position, so that the genre needs to reach the level required for the special talent big point in the talent point, forming a different genre.

2. Their mission rewards are different:

3. Their transfer is different, except for the nobles only one, the other six people have three:
a) Scion: Ascendant
b) Witch: Necromancer, Elementalist, Occultist
c) Marauder: Juggernaut, Beserker, Chieftain
d) Ranger: Deadeye, Raider, Pathfinder
e) Duelist: Slayer, Gladiator, Champion
f) Templar: Inquisitor, Hierophant, Guardian
g) Shadow: Assassin, Saboteur, Trickster

About Ascendancy Classes
There are many deadly trials on Wraeclast. Among the three difficulty levels, there are six trials waiting for the exiles. After completing six trials, you can open the door to the labyrinth of the difficulty king. After defeating Izaro and completing the maze of imperial trials, you will be able to choose a sublimation career. For the first time, the Emperor Trial Maze for each difficulty is awarded 2 points for sublimation. At the same time, after completing the emperor trial, you will get an opportunity to equip the equipment. The maze layout will be refreshed daily at 8:00.

The area of the three difficulty areas is sublimated and tested:
               Chapter 1: The Lower Prison
               Chapter 2: The Crypt Level 1, The Chamber of Sins Level 2
               Chapter 3: The Crematorium, The Catacombs
               The six sublimation trials required for the alien map are randomly appearing in the alien map.
4. Their initial attribute points are different:
       a) Marauder: 32 power, 14 agility, 14 intelligence
       b) Ranger: 14 Strength, 32 Agility, 14 Intellect
       c) Witch: 14 power, 14 agility, 32 intelligence
       d) Duelist: 23 power, 23 agility, 14 intelligence
       e) Templar: 23 power, 14 agility, 23 intelligence
       f) Shadow: 14 power, 23 agility, 23 intelligence
       g) Scion: 20 power, 20 agility, 20 intelligence
Everyone should find the law above, and the initial total attribute points of all characters are 60 points.

5. What can you get in the Path of Exile?
      All characters are upgraded to get the same
       A +12 maximum life per level
       B +2 hit value per level
       C +3 dodge value per level
       D +6 maximum magic per level
       E +1 talent points per level
6. The character has three basic attributes: strength, agility, wisdom:
      Every 10 power = 5 life
      Every 5 strengths = 1% melee attack damage
      Every 10 agility = 1% dodge value
      Every 1 Agile = 2 hits
      Increase the maximum energy shield every 5 intelligence = 1%
      Every 2 intelligence = 1 magic
7. Other basic values of Classes:
      a) basic properties
              1. 1.75% maximum magic upper limit recovery speed per second
              2. Charge rate of 20% maximum energy shield per second
              3. Have a basic 53 dodge value
              4. Basic critical strike damage: 150%

     b) Double-holding (double-holding is defined as holding two one-handed weapons at the same time, limited to one-handed swords, fine swords, one-handed hammers, one-handed axes, daggers, claws, wands. The wand is a long-range weapon and cannot be used with other weapons.) Weapons are held at the same time)
              1. 10% more attack speed
              2. 15% block
              3. 20% more physical attack damage

     c) Charges(see picture)

     d) Basic maximum value (the following values may be changed by some dark gold equipment, talent, advanced)
             1. 20% maximum life steal rate per second
             2. 20% maximum magic steal rate per second
             3. 75% maximum block value
             4. 75% maximum chaos resistance upper limit
             5. 75% maximum frost resistance upper limit
             6. 75% maximum flame resistance limit
             7. 75% maximum lightning resistance limit
             8. Stack up to 20 layers of corrupted blood
             9. Up to 5 layers of explosion arrows
             10. Up to 75% attack avoidance chance
             11. Up to 75% spell evasion chance
             12. The chance of dodge will not be lower than 5%, and will not be higher than 95% (dodge is different from avoidance)
             13. Maximum 90% physical damage reduction
             14. Can have 3 traps
             15. Can have 5 mines
             16. Can summon 1 totem

Finally, if there is anything you don't understand or want to know, please tell me by post or private message...


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