POE 3.7 Berserker Popular Build - Flat Cold Scaling, Ice Crash, Four Million DPS Guide

Hi there, this really is my third create guide here. Any suggestion/criticism is welcome to produce the build guide better. I'm normally looking forward to attempting out some off-meta or unpopular abilities that have the possibility to become exciting and good/decent in finish game contents. Ice Crash is giving me eye cancer when the AoE gets definitely enormous by virtually covering the entire screen and unable to find out what's going on lol.

Despite that, Ice Crash is probably one of the funniest abilities I have ever played so far. The icicle burst effect looks pretty cool and shattering all monsters feel awesome. This construct operates on budget and gets greater when much more investment is thrown at it. Most end game contents are completed with 10c foils (this is the price tag within the middle of the league period) in addition to a 6-link with.

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Create a Mechanic and Theory
In 3.7 patch, Ice Crash has been buffed a good deal. It now has tons of added flat cold damage because of the talent gem levels larger, 20% bigger AoE and elevated harm effectiveness.

Having said that, the ability still possess the downside of an attack speed penalty to balance the ability harm output, kind of but not really that terrible in theory. To produce Ice Crash much more responsive and pleasant to play with more rapidly playstyle, the solution I found is relatively simple. Dual-wielding 1-handed weapons that have higher attack speed and important strike chance to scale the damage and overcome the attack speed penalty from Ice Crash.

With higher enough attack speed and crit chance, stacking some flat cold damage final results a quite decent DPS. Yes, even with shitty gears/weapons the DPS will reach more than 1 million quickly. The much more added cold damage, the extra harm Ice Crash will do mainly because Ice Crash's harm effectiveness is extremely high as when compared with other expertise.

To create the ability develop into hilarious (or enjoyable), working with many sources of AoE scaling gears and talent gem it may cover the whole screen (just about) very easily with some investment and have a decent clearing speed. For instance Carcass Jack (up to 50% enhanced AoE), Helm enchants (as much as 12%) and Elevated AoE & Pulverise talent gem.

Rush in, slam the ground, everything chilled, frozen and shattered. Kill the monsters before they have a likelihood to fight back, the offense is definitely the best defense. Switch blood and sand aura to blood stance for tough targets, use berserk when in danger or the targets are hard to kill. Berserk is currently the only way I have used to face tank or tackle down Legion rares in larger tier maps (around T13 onwards) safely.

Always leap away every 1-2 hit of ice crash against legion rares when they are gathered like a pack and make sure flasks and berserk are up too. Otherwise, they won't give a likelihood to react at all mainly because they are over buffed and will one-shot you.  POE 3.7 Berserker Crit Bleed Attack Speed, Flicker Strike Guide.

+ Single target DPS is amazing
+ Clear speed is decent sufficient
+ Sound effect is satisfying
+ Everything freeze except endgame bosses
- Can't see shit
- Squishy against Legion rares
- Only 6k-ish of life
- Reflect & No leech map mods must be skipped


Crave the Slaughter - Rite of Ruin - Flawless Savagery - Aspect of Carnage


Major God - Soul of Brine King(to avoid chained stuns)
Minor God - Soul of Gruthkul(for mapping), Soul of Shakari(for bosses with heavy poison/chaos damage), Soul of Ryslatha for the boss fight that might last long adequate to run out of life flask charges such as Uber Elder.


Main Skill(6-link)
Ice Crash - Elemental Harm with Attack - Added Cold Harm - Close Combat - Pulverise - Elevated Area of Impact

Leap Slam - More quickly Attack - Fortify - Blood Magic

Hatred - Blood & Sand - Herald of Ice - Enlighten

Curse Setup and Other Buff (four sockets)
Blasphemy - Frostbite

Utility (2x 3-link)
Cast When Harm Taken Lv.1 - Immortal Call Lv.3 - Frost Bomb Lv.1

POB LINK: https://pastebin.com/Zx9Zy3rR
SKILL TREE: https://tinyurl.com/y55o8apc

Uber Elder:


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