The Hottest POE 3.7 Deadeye Build - Uber Elder, Million DPS, 6.5K Life, Full Cold Spectral Shield Trow Guide

Hey all! This is my SST make for Legion. This ability has always appealed to me, but one particular point I always felt was lacking maybe the single target. With my tree and things, I attempted to address this though not losing clear speed. I was pretty happy with the result and decided I'd post a create guide.

poe trade tabula rasa

Their forum builds are what inspired me to try out this skill and gave me concepts on what to make use of. This really is my initially time posting a guide, so please feel cost-free to ask if something is missing.

+ Fast Mapping
+ Respectable Single Target
+ Very easy Uber Elders together with the chain from SST
+ Almost 50% of Phy's Reduction with no Buffs
+ Cheap to start out since this isn't very meta

- Not a 10 million damage meta impale make
- Watcher's eye can be expensive
- Can get expensive to min/max


Far Shot - Ricochet - Gathering Winds - Fast and Deadly

BANDITS: Kill them all.

Major God - Soul of Arakaali
Minor God - Soul of Ryslatha

Use whatever you want until you get SST. Start using a Princess and Kaltenhalt when you reach level 16. At level 30, start using a Titucius Span. This setup will carry you to the endgame. It is important that you reach the jewel slot for divide and conquer by the time you finish Cruel lab. This will speed up leveling and greatly increase your single target once you get Ricochet.

My amulet and weapon need to be multi-modded again, and as of writing this develop, I am 1ex short of doing that. For the weapon, you will want to add Cold Damage/Chance to Freeze, Chance to deal Double Damage, and Gain X% Amount of Cold as Extra Chaos.

On the Amulet, I will be adding % Attack and Cast Speed, and % Cold Damage. Next may be the shield. I will explain crafting in the next section, but I will be removing the Suffixes and adding % increased Global Phys and Strength/Quality.

Crafting a decent Shield is Simple and it shouldn't be too expensive to create one that is over 2400 armor fairly easily. All you need is an ilvl 86 Colossal Tower Shield. From there, use dense fossils and spam until you hit a decent amount of armor (2400+). If you have an open suffix after this, you can craft "Prefixes cannot be changed," Scour, and then Multi-mod, but this really is expensive and doesn't add a ton of damage, so it is not needed.

40% from the tree. The rest will come from the craft "% of Phys Converted to Cold" on gloves and a Hatred Conversion Watcher's Eye. Alternatively, you can use Hrimsorrow if you cannot afford the Watcher's Eye. This will give you a 90% conversion.


SST, Elemental Damage with Attacks, Energy Leech, Vicious Projectiles, Hypothermia, Cold Pen. For mapping, you can swap out Cold Pen for Fork or chain, which will increase your clear speed.
Herald of Ice, Hatred, Precision (level 1), Blood Rage.
Leap Slam/Shield Charge, Faster Attacks, Endurance Charge on Melee Stun.
Cast When Damage Taken, Steelskin, Increased Duration, Vaal Molten Shell.
Ancestral Protector, Culling Strike, Multiple Totems
Frost Bomb, Spell Cascade, Increased Duration
For the cast when damage taken setup, the level of CWDT and Steelskin is up to you and can change based on your life and what you're comfortable with, which is why I don't recommend a certain level. However, I personally run a level 11 CWDT and level 16 Steel Skin.



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