POE 3.5.0 Betrayal:New Unique Items,Atlas Changes,Veiled Mods and Revamped Master Crafting Guide

This Guide can be a compilation of 3.5.0-related Details, including Path of Exile Betrayal New Unique Items, Atlas Modifications, Veiled Mods, and Revamped Master Crafting. In case you find anything missing from this compilation, please comment so I can add it to the list. Thanks!

New Unique Items
Many of these items have veiled modifiers. If they are shown without one, the last modifier shown may have multiple versions.

Bitterbind Point

Cinderswallow Urn

The Crimson Storm

Solstice Vigil


Atlas Changes
The Atlas is becoming rearranged and a new series of maps becoming made. Facts at present unknown.

Master Missions can appear around the Atlas

New Map: Fungal Hollow

New Map: Primordial Blocks

Veiled Mods (Over one hundred total)
Every mod right here becomes accessible to master craft (inside the Betrayal league) when unveiled on any item. Unveiling it more times will enhance the energy from the master-crafted version.

2H weapon: weapon chaos penetration

2H weapon: improved physical damage/chance to bleed

2H weapon: minion life and damage

2H weapon: weapon elemental penetration

2H weapon: increased physical damage/chance to poison

2H weapon: improved physical damage/chance to blind

2H weapon: chaos damage/chaos skill duration

Belt: melee damage/attack variety

Physique armour: % life gained as ES

Physique armour: +1 skeletons

Body armour: armour throughout soul achieve prevention

Physique armour: extra curse

Physique armour: elemental harm avoidance during soul obtain prevention

Bow: improved attack speed close to rare/unique enemies

Boots: movement speed/chill immunity

Gloves: physical damage converted to fire

Ring: improved physical/chaos damage

Ring: increase crit chance/elemental harm if you've crit not too long ago

Shield: +1 totem

Revamped Master Crafting
Just going to show each and every screenshot I can here, showcasing lots of new/buffed crafted mods. A few of them may be Betrayal-exclusive Veiled mods.

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

Screenshot 3

Screenshot 4

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