The Popular PoE 3.5 Betrayal Build For Primordial Chain Ice Golems

This guide was originally written as a paper concept but now that got it in action, not anxiety just how much exciting this really is. The idea right here is quite great along with the credit goes to Cyberxndr's Occultist Guide for obtaining began down this path. Also a shoutout to mika2salo whose Flame Golems 101 I've been working with because the day it was written.

Really higher harm
Great Life Regen, I'm sitting at 1100 in current gear setup
Immunity to freeze, shock
Wonderful Uber-Lab Farmer, can AFK in fire and make a sandwich
Uber Elder Capable
When you have an RSI like I do, it is a 1-button develop.

You can't do Phys-Reflect Maps, effectively you are able to however it is actually annoying to resummon your golems all the time.
Mapping Speed is mediocre.
Cant tank 1-shot mechanics.
Aegis suggests you might have no shield/block chance, no aegis suggests you are only doing 1.two million shaper dps. Choose your poison
Pretty High priced
May be hard to cover resists, run purity of elements until you get your jewelry sorted out.

Bandits: Kill All

4L - That is where you put your 2-4 aura golems. Stone Golem, Chaos Golem, Lightning Golem supported by minion life/empower.
6L - Ice Golem + Melee Phys Damage, Multistrike, Empower, Minion Harm then either Maim, Damage on Complete LIfe, Conc Effect, or More rapidly attacks.
3L - CWDT, Immortal Get in touch with, Convocation
2L - Hatred+Generosity
3L - Orb of Storms, Blasphemy - Temp Chains
1L - Phase Run

Start off with Freezing Pulse, grab zombies in the event you get pleasure from possessing meatshields about.

At 12 slot in arc or SRS depending on preference. Should you go SRS do not neglect to craft a +1 fire gems wand because it tends to make a massive difference for them. I level Arc so arc+cd+added lightning damage
In act 3 Be sure you grab a hatred to start leveling in preperation for golems, it synergizes nicely if you are already using SRS.

Once you unlock Golems in Act 4 it is smooth sailing from here on out. Obtain a clayshaper+primordial chain, and after that go finish your initially Lab, get your +1 Golem. Commence with Flame Golems + controlled Destruction, Minion Harm, and LMP. If you have a necklace/clayshaper+lab you might run 5 Fire Golems, 1 Stone. When you only have lab carried out run 2 fire golems and maintain utilizing arc/srs as preferred.

Start out leveling Multistrike and your other ice golem hyperlinks when you commence acquiring your harmonies + Eminence. Chase jewels from this point forward in your talent tree although you save up for your x2 primordial mights. As soon as you meet the level requirements, have 2-3 harmonies, two labs carried out, as well as a six-link tabula or skin, It is possible to obtain a 21/0 ice golem and swap from fire golems more than to ice.

Tabula is really a terrific alternative until you could afford a skin on the loyal and can be farmed reasonably simply in blood aqueducts.
Don't overlook that 3R,2B,1G skins are fantastic price range options, 1/3rd from the expense of 4R/1/1 skins at this time. With two Blue run concentrated effect or minion speed assistance. It's incredibly close towards the 4R harm.


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