The Latest PoE 3.5 Betrayal Act and Leveling Guides - Part 1

Welcome to the guide exile. In this guide series, we are going to be taking a appear at effective leveling tactics for every single Act of Path of Exile's principal story, each inside its personal video. This series will be mostly focused on directions and tricks for finishing the key story and accompanying zones, and not for side quests or 100% completion, to have you to end-game mapping as immediately as you possibly can.

The following are guidelines which are applicable for most all the acts and leveling in general.

Each and every zone in Path of Exile makes use of its own tileset pieces, and randomly generates the zone layout from these tileset pieces. Some zones have only a singular layout that can happen, though other individuals have many varied layouts. So together with directions for quest and zone orders, I will also be supplying straightforward maps that depict common pathing for each and every zone's frequent layouts as I speak about them. If zones are just linear in their layout, I will not be providing a map.

Here is definitely an instance map. The map lines are oriented in the very same angle as the in-game map overlay to make translation more understandable. The white dot depicts the start out with the zone. The light green line and dot depict the principle path and exit to the next needed zone. Blue Dots depict waypoint places. Gray lines and dots depict entrances to side zones, most of which are not required. If these side zones are essential, they will likely be mentioned. Dark green and lines dots will depict directions to Trials of Ascendancy (only necessary to become performed on a single character when per league). Any NPCs that you just will want to talk with in zones will be marked with by the very first letter in their name. I'll also reference directions to travel in zones as up, proper, down and left, or any combination of them, about these maps. Now, not all zones have dead giveaways for which layout they have generated so it can be a guessing game until you have got performed leveling countless occasions you know what to anticipate with each tileset. Ensure that to make use of your map overlay to scout areas for doors and quest marker icons!

Though moving through all of these zones, it's essential to try to remember to kill enemies too to make sure you remain within two levels of every single new zone. I suggest wanting to kill bigger packs of white monsters, and all magic and uncommon monsters, even though moving. So kiting these pack along with you while hitting them. It can be not necessary to kill any distinctive monsters, aside from quest connected bosses. It is possible to make use of supplementary totems and traps as well as your most important ability to assist expedite time to kill on these packs so you can not quit moving really generally since the target of this guide should be to be as efficient as you can. Flame Totem, Fire Trap, and Ancestral Totems make for good supplementary leveling skills. Which you select will depend on your starting character and main skill. It is actually also worth checking the vendor anytime you might be in town for upgrades or movement speed boots should you be just beginning in a league. Vendor inventories reset everytime you level.

Given that there is certainly such good create diversity, I will not be covering any distinct construct leveling strategies within this series. Make certain to take a look at my beginner's series - part 8 & 9 for additional leveling and vendor recipes that will be useful!

Now let us get started with Path of Exile: Act and Leveling Guides Part 1!

Zone Layouts:
- Enterance
- Ascendancy trial and path
- Waypoint
- Optional area and path
- Exit and most important path
- Letters indicate the first initial of an important NPC

The Coast:

Stick for the suitable side of the zone.

Mud Flats:

The circle indicates the mouth of your small stream that travels throughout the zone. The quest items are grouped around this stream.

Tidal Island:
This layout is always circular. Hailrake has different spawn locations inside this zone.

Submerged Passage:

Appear for the bridge. The Flooded Depths entrance is before this bridge, and the other side leads towards the Ledge is over the other side. Typically, most people will place a portal at the beginning in the bridge, head toward The Ledge, and then take the waypoint back to town. From here you can take your portal back to the Submerged Passage and appear for The Flooded Depths.

The Ledge:

This layout is always linear and really easy to navigate. Near the waypoint, you might see 3 small rock pillars. These indicate in which direction the exit is relative towards the waypoint.

The Flooded Depths:

Once you have got killed The Dweller in the Deep, take the waypoint back to the Ledge.

The Climb:

Stick for the ideal side on the instance. Towards the finish, of the zone you might encounter The Faun. Kill him to free Navali.

The Lower Prison:

In this instance, you might typically stick towards the right. The Trial of Piercing Truth is located within this zone.

The Upper Prison:

At the finish of your instance, you will face Brutus, Lord Incarcerator.

The Prisoner's Gate:

Should you travel the principle path, Piety will close the way ahead. Look on the side of the path that has the rock ledge, this indicates the direction of the exit. Travel past this rock ledge.

The Ship Graveyard:

Fairgraves will always be near the entrance from the zone. Grab the waypoint and look for The Ship Graveyard Cave to find The Allflame for Fairgraves.

The Cavern of Wrath:

The Cavern of Anger:

Twilight Strand:
You begin washed ashore on the Twilight Strand, tossed at sea from the ship that chartered you against your will from Oriath upon your exile. You can want to pick up the weapon on the ground and kill the zombie for your skill gem. From here, socket your gem into your weapon, and run up, following along the shore line. It is possible to avoid attacking any monsters inside this zone and head straight for the boss, Hillock. Take him down, attacking together with your principal ability and replenishing your life or mana with the respective flask.

Lioneye's Watch:
After you kill Hillock, enter the town Lioneye's Watch. You will want to acquire anything you require for early levels from your stashes, such as uniques or Quicksilver flasks. Speak with each and every NPC to receive your quest rewards and begin the subsequent quests. Note: Quests can be started and completed without speaking to any NPCs, but you are going to have to speak with the NPC to claim your reward.

The Coast:
Enter the Coast and move suitable along the shore, making your way up and around the cliff side, back down for the shore line. For this zone, you can perform a right-hand wall follow to produce it around the various cliffsides. Tag the waypoint and keep moving ideal for the Mud Flats.

- Tidal Island
It really is recommended to complete Mercy Mission in the Tidal Island (down or ideal of your waypoint in the Coast), should you do not have a quicksilver flask. This zone is an uncomplicated circle shape. Move around either side to acquire to Hailrake, and claim the medicine chest. The side without the cliff is the shortest. You are going to then want to portal back to town, claim your quicksilver flask, and waypoint back to the Coast.

The Mudflats:
In the Mud Flats, follow the small river layouts to every single from the three Rhoa nests to gain the essential quest items. These will generally be distributed in the center of the zone. After you've got all the shells, move towards the ideal with the zone (sometimes the direct top) to place the shells within the wall, opening the entrance for the Submerged Passage.

Submerged Passage:
There are a few layouts for the Submerged Passage. The most typical is when the waypoint is always to the left on the entrance. From the waypoint, you'll want to keep moving straight down into the main portion of your zone, until you find a bridge that climbs up and crosses a chasm.

If the waypoint is usually to the correct from the entrance, you can again want to move down into the primary portion from the zone, but instead try to move right, looking for that very same bridge.

Once you encounter the bridge on either layout, place a portal on it. This portal might be used to access the side zone within this area shortly. Continue on past the bridge, moving suitable, till you reach the next zone, The Ledge.

The Ledge:
The zone is completely linear, and always has a waypoint in the center. Follow it till you reach the waypoint.

Submerged Passage:
Here you are going to want to teleport back to Lioneye's Watch and take your portal back towards the Submerged Passage. Depending on which layout you had before will determine the direction you will go now to find the Flooded Depths side zone. If the bridge was at the bottom of your map, you are going to want to go left before the bridge to find the zone. Note: Sometimes this zone may be on the ideal from the bridge. If the bridge were towards the ideal with the zone, you would want to go to the bottom appropriate in the zone. Enter the Flooded Depths after you come across it.

The Flooded Depths:
This zone is fairly linear with several bridges, at the same time as a few short dead ends. Make use with the map overlay to avoid these, till you encounter the Deep Dweller. Kill this special boss to complete the Dweller in the Deep quest for an ability point. Return to town via a portal and talk with all the NPCs to complete and receive your quest rewards.

The Ledge:
Take the waypoint back for the Ledge, if the zone is new or you forgot which way you were going, basically go the direction on the three small totems next towards the waypoint. At the end of this zone are going to be the entrance to the Climb.

The Climb:
Most commonly, you may move for the top suitable in this zone in a linear pattern up through the cliff edges, to the Lower Prison. You do not need to have to find the waypoint within this zone, but it really is usually along the key path. If this is your initial character of the league, you can encounter Navali before you enter the Lower Prison. To save her, you must kill the one of a kind goatman, the Faun. After this Navali will likely be accessible in any main town to claim prophecies from.

The Lower & Upper Prison:
The Lower Prison has many varied layouts, which will be tough to discern from each other, with no dead giveaways at the beginning from the zone. For the most portion, going right has better odds of being the correct direction. Make your best efforts to avoid dead ends and move via for the next zone. If this is your very first character from the league, and you come across the Trial of Ascendancy in this zone, you may complete it now or come back to it later via the waypoint.

The Upper Prison has lots of varied layout as the Lower Prison. Here there is a fairly even distribution on which direction to initially takes for the entrance for the next zone. Again do your best to avoid dead ends and make your way to the Warden's Chambers.

Move via the Warden's Chambers, following the path of blood, bringing you to Brutus, Lord Incarcerator. Brutus is often deadly to players with low physical mitigation that must be in melee range, and even for ranged players due to his hook ability! Guarantee to move around, avoiding his ground slam and hooks. After you defeat him, make your way to the Prisoner's Gate and take the waypoint back to town.

Complete your quests and retrieve your rewards. Tarkleigh will reward you with a movement talent for the Caged Brute quest. Make certain to have a movement talent which can maneuver over ledges and gaps, like the flame dash or leap slam.

Prisoner's Gate:
Waypoint back for the Prisoner's Gate and appear for the side on the road that has the ledge. This is generally to the right side of your road or the side that does not have an immediate wall. Move down this ledge with your movement skill, or take an available ramp, and continue through the canyons and opening zones until you arrive at the Ship Graveyard

The Ship Graveyard:
The Ship Graveyard zone has quite a few different, and varied layouts so it may be vastly different per run by way of the game. You'll want to produce an effort to find the waypoint within this zone initial, which is generally near the beginning of your zone. Towards the left or right on the waypoint you should find a small plateau that Fairgraves is on, marked by an F on the map. When you've found it, move in the direction away from the Entrance and the plateau, generally up or down. Following the Coast can work in some scenarios, but won't always work. You can find one in the two zones very first: The Cavern of Wrath or the Ship Graveyard Cave.

In case you find The Cavern of Wrath initial, move into it and tag the waypoint inside of it. After that, go back for the Ship Graveyard and appear for the Ship Graveyard Cave. As soon as you find the cave within a destroyed ship, enter it and move for the finish, gathering the Allflame. Now portal out from the cave, and take the waypoint from the town back for the Ship Graveyard, and go to Fairgraves on the Plateau to defeat him to complete The Marooned Mariner quest for a skill point.

For those who find the Ship Graveyard Cave first, enter it and move to the finish, gathering the All fame. Exit the cave returning you to the entrance, and continue forward to find The Cavern of Wrath. As soon as you enter it, take the waypoint back to the Ship Graveyard waypoint, and defeat Fairgraves on the Plateau to complete The Marooned Mariner quest for a skill point.

Return to town and claim your quest rewards, most importantly, your level 12 active ability gem (such as Sunder or Firestorm).

The Cavern of Wrath:
Waypoint back towards the Cavern of Wrath. This zone is actually fairly linear but can have you go up to down for the proper. You are going to easily be able to discern the two directions, given that you won't be able to go 1 on the ways after a short distance. As soon as you get to the finish, you can then enter the Cavern of Anger.

The Cavern of Anger:
This cavern, like the last, is fairly linear, and you will generally go for the bottom proper. You might want to keep an eye out for piles of gold, signaling you happen to be going in a suitable direction. You might know you happen to be at Merveil's Lair as soon as you begin to see numerous piles of gold strewn about.

Merveil is the final boss of Act I and is a straightforward, two-phase boss fight with all cold-based moves. Make certain to have Cold Resistance ready and to remain out of her slowing cold projectiles and jet streams, taking down any adds she spawns for flask charges. She may be especially annoying for melee range characters as she teleports around frequently. After Merveil has fallen, you have got completed Act I!

Finally, Path of Exile Betrayal is coming in the last few days, let us prepare for the last update of Path of exile this year, I hope this will not disappoint players. If a player needs Buy Poe Currency in the game, you can click here.

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