Latest, POE 3.8 Support Gems and New Skills Guide

These days, Path of Exile has released some Path of Exile: Blight related information, I believe many players are more concerned. Recently, Eznpc also conducted Path of Exile a market survey for many players and found that many players are quite satisfied with the POE 3.7 Legion league, but are not satisfied with the POE 3.6 Synthesis league. Many players are very concerned about the new season Path of Exile Gems and Skill. So, today we have a detailed guide to the gems and skill that Path of Exile Blight has sent.

POE 3.8 Skills

Deathmaker Support

Feeding Frenzy Support
The Feeding Frenzy assistance gem makes supported minions aggressive, rising the variety that they will seek out out enemies. What's more, it offers hits within the minions a chance to provide you the Feeding Frenzy buff, granting much more minion problems and elevated minion assault, cast, and motion pace. When you've got the Feeding Frenzy buff, the supported minions offer far more injury.

Infernal Legion Support

The Infernal Legion Help gem causes supported minions to take a large percentage of their optimum existence as fire harm with time. They all achieve a burning injury aura, dealing fire damage as time passes to close by enemies. The effect doesn't stack but is modified by minion harm enhanced and other assistance gems.

This help can be utilized to deal harm to significant groups of enemies, and it is accessible at quite a very low level, so is a substitute to melee splash for some minion types. Additionally, it works nicely alongside the Minion Instability keystone, letting you use your minions as strolling time bombs.

Meat Shield Support
The Meat Shield support gem can make supported minions defensive, leading to them to only assault enemies that get incredibly near for you. It also provides the minions a chance to taunt on hit, decreases the injury they get, and causes them to deal with additional harm to enemies close for you.

If minions are the two Aggressive and Defensive, those effects cancel out, returning the minions to their original behavior. All other bonuses through the support gems nevertheless apply.

Cobra Lash
Cobra Lash throws out a weapon projectile that chains multiple times between enemies.

Sormblast Mine
This mine makes nearby enemies vulnerable to damage, with increasingly powerful shockwaves when multiple are detonated in sequence.

Summon Carrion Golem
The Carrion Golem is really a well-round attacker, utilizing a speedy melee assault, a leap slam to acquire into the thick of cobalt, in addition to a potent cooldown-restricted multi-cascade slam. As its passive golem buff, it grants additional bodily damage to all non-golem minions, including their attacks and spells. It's a special characteristic among golems, gaining far more harm for every of one's non-golem minions around it, up to 80% a lot more harm.

Just one Carrion Golem fits very well into established Minion builds as an extra bonus to all of your necromantic minions. It might also be invested in a lot more heavily by numerous sources of added golems(together with a whole new notable passive) and using a number of golems alongside a swarm of zombies or skeletons.

Summon Skitterbots
These skittering companions boost your trap and mine damage, occasionally activating mines then re-arming them, or triggering multiple traps.

Withering Setup
Use this as a movement skill alongside other skills. Instantly withers enemies around you.


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