POE 3.8 Tornado Shot Hight MS Deadeye Viable Build

This is a Tornado Shot Deadeye build in Poe 3.8.  But a lot of fun and very expandable. The build is not cheap, but could still be used with a budget, requiring some changes in a few places. When making this guide, we are in Blight League, which also affected my choice of a skill a lot, because I wanted a TS to build that can easily clear legions even in Tier 16 maps. So in 3.8, I want to league start with a Deadeye Ranger. I will use Rain of Arrows and transition into Tornado Shot when I get better equipment late-game / more added arrows.

POE 3.8 Deadeye Build

Why make such a build?
I played a lot of MF TS Deadeye but wanted to do something else, like high tier mapping, because I knew the potential that TS has. I tried to search for those kinds of builds but didn't find any guides. I then started to look for the top TS builds and gathered some information about them and compared their gear and mixed them up.

+ Budget Friendly
+ Very fast mapper.
+ Easier to Scale
+ Incredibly fun to play.
+ Easier Map Rolling
+ Easy rotation
- Very squishy, so you have to pay attention to.
- Requires a lot of button smashing for flask and Vaal skill uptimes.

1. Gathering Winds
2. Far Shot
3. Ricochet
4. Endless Munitions

BANDITS: Help Alira for the Multi, Mana, and Resists!

Major God - Soul of Lunaris
Minor God - Soul of Garukhan


Body Armour
Tornado Shot - Elemental Damage With Attacks - Ice Bite - Mirage Archer - Greater Multiple Projectiles - Elemental Penetration

Herald of Ash - Burning Damage - Elemental Focus - Swift Affliction

Dash - Ice Bite - Ice Bite - Ice Bite

Temporal Chains - Herald of Thunder - BlaspheMY

Blink Arrow - Precision

POB LINK: https://pastebin.com/0sbmguiF
SKILL TREE: https://tinyurl.com/yxtkag9h


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