The Latest Path of Exile Betrayal FAQ

Last week Path of Exile talked regarding the upcoming Hideout modifications in Path of Exile: Betrayal. Since then Path of Exile has received lots of concerns from the community about the unified Hideout system. Path of Exile has answered a number of them in today's news post.

What occurs to present favour?
All existing favour from all leagues will be merged/added with each other into a single quantity for your account. You can be able to invest it in any league with any character, for decorations that are also shared in an equivalent way.

Is there a decoration limit within the new hideouts?
All Hideouts may have a limit of 750, similar to the old large-size Hideouts (this number doesn't count masters and specific objects like the waypoint, stash, crafting bench, etc.).

Will all of the current decorations be purchasable in future?
Path of Exile is not retiring any current Hideout decorations, in reality, Path of Exile is adding quite a few new ones for purchase.

Will maintain current master crafting mods?
There is a new method for master crafting mods. They are now individually unlocked on a per-league basis by completing distinct in-game tasks for the new Masters. In Typical leagues, it's likely that some players will currently have some master crafting mods unlocked. However, they will still unlock the rest by assisting the new Masters.

How a lot of new tilesets are there?
Path of Exile is additional than doubling the number of hideouts. Path of Exile has kept the original eight hideouts from the old masters, and furthermore, Path of Exile is building no less than ten new ones.

How are hideouts discovered?
Some Hideouts appear in specific regions through Acts 1 to ten, and a few can only be identified in endgame Maps below specific situations. Path of Exile will also sell some specific ones within the microtransaction store within the future and may give some out as prizes for events.

Does any map Path of Exile clear have that tileset as a hideout?
No, only certain areas have discoverable Hideouts. See above answer for more particulars.

Is Path of Exile going to be offered the chance to save Path of Exile current hideouts before they're merged into a unified one?
Going forward, you have got 1 hideout from each and every tileset, totally decorated. You are able to swap among this at-will. Right after the three.five.0 deployment, you will get to maintain all your hideouts so long as they're in different tilesets. For ones that share a tileset, the single using the most decorations is kept.

How will the Master achievement work? ('The Forsaken Masters' - Level 7 Forsaken Masters to their maximum level.)
The old Masters are gone, and Path of Exile has removed the per-league reputation levels. Instead, every single with the new Masters may have an account-wide "Favour Level" that unlocks extra Hideout decorations. The new favour level will probably be tied to finishing distinct in-game targets, not basic grinding. The achievement will be updated to be awarded for raising the new Masters to their maximum favour level.

Will the old decorations be tied for the new masters?
Yes. Each of the old/existing decorations will be offered to obtain from the new masters.

If Path of Exile has got level eight in Regular presently, will those be unlocked to buy already?
Hideout decorations will now be unlocked by progression from the new Master's "favour level", which is tied to distinct ingame tasks. As an example, Zana's level is tied to completing components of her questline within the Atlas. So players who've completed these tasks in Typical will start out with them currently unlocked. Nevertheless, it is different per master.

Would be the old tilesets staying or changing in any way?
The original Hideout tilesets are staying, although those Hideouts are all becoming automatically upgraded to what was their biggest size. Tora's Lush Hideout has received some minor modifications resulting from water impact improvements.

Also, all hideouts you had ever unlocked (by having the relevant old master to level three) will stay unlocked for the account.

Additionally, all Hideouts now come "pre-decorated" with a handful of free fundamental hideout doodads that you can retain or modify as you want. This involves the old Hideout tilesets.

Will Path of Exile gets a lot more fine control more than decoration placement?
Path of Exile is adding the capability to flip hideout doodads (i.e., mirror-image them).

Can Path of Exile spot decorations in sections Path of Exile stroll on?

Can I edit a hideout that an individual else shared with me?
You are able to make further alterations for your hideout immediately after importing someone else's saved hideout. Also, the hideout information is saved to plaintext for quick sharing.

Can I rotate the mapping device and possess the portals to rotate with it?

Will it be produced apparent which places you must full-clear?
You'll discover to locate new Hideouts. Once you locate a single, it will likely be apparent simply because there are going to be an NPC there waiting for you. You do not need to clear the complete map, just the self-contained Hideout element of it. There's also a quest in Act two to find your initially Hideout, in case your account will not, however, have a Hideout.

Can Path of Exile move the waypoint?
Yes. The waypoint is now a special Hideout object that could be moved but not reclaimed or deleted. Similarly, the stash, guild stash, crafting bench, and map device are also.

What will happen to the old master benches and also the products stored in them?
Path of Exile will probably add a command that drops any inaccessible items stored in old crafting benches at your feet.


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