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Path of Exile Basic Knowledge Promotion - Characters Essence Guide

This column will be carried out on a regular basis, decomposing each attribute of the exile route to explain to everyone, so that everyone can better understand the basic mechanism of the game POE, the producer of this column: Eznpc

In the POE of exile, there are 7 Classes and 19 Ascendancy classes.

What are the differences between Classes?1. They have different starting points in the talent map:
The difference in the starting position, so that the genre needs to reach the level required for the special talent big point in the talent point, forming a different genre.

2. Their mission rewards are different:

3. Their transfer is different, except for the nobles only one, the other six people have three:
a) Scion: Ascendant
b) Witch: Necromancer, Elementalist, Occultist
c) Marauder: Juggernaut, Beserker, Chieftain
d) Ranger: Deadeye, Raider, Pathfinder
e) Duelist: Slayer, Gladiator, Champion
f) Templar: Inquisitor, Hierophant, Guardian
g) Shadow: Assassin, Saboteur, Trickster

About Ascendancy…

Path of Exile Newbie Growth  - Energy Shield Guide

I didn't know about Energy Shield before, so I consulted with Reddit, but I didn't get the answer I wanted. So I checked the contents of Energy Shield on the Internet and got the answer I wanted. For this, the content guide for Energy Shield is summarized.

In Path of Exile, 1384 talent, 261 skill gems, and 1626 random attributes provide a near-infinite fitting experience, which makes the gameplay developed by the players endless. Today, the POE basic knowledge-energy shield guide.

Energy Shield, we are referred to as ES. Every 10 intelligence = 2% energy shield. In addition, what are the features of Energy Shield?

1. The energy shield appears in the form of a life-protecting shield. - If you have an energy shield, the first thing you will lose is the energy shield when you suffer physical damage or elemental damage. If it is chaotic damage, it will penetrate the energy shield and directly affect the blood volume. But the body robes, Solaris Lorica, and Coruscating Elixir (during …

POE 3.8 Divine Ire & Storm Brand Inquisitor Build - Fast, Friendly Guide

This build can total all content in the game, even so, it shines much extra regarding maps and clear speed. This is a beginner-friendly, league-starter viable, solo-self-found viable, and complete Storm Brand + Divine Ire Inquisitor guide. The leveling section in this guide is meant to take players having a fresh install or in a fresh league and get them into maps and started on a effective character. Interested readers can find gear priority, stat ideas, mechanics explanations, in addition to a complete bunch of hyperlinks that may well be beneficial for newer players. The boss harm and speed are nonetheless lackluster to other builds, but we are able to compensate for this by operating Lightning Spire Trap in a 4-link.

+ Fast clear speed
+ Low budget to get started
+ Very versatile, can take the build in many directions
+ Large AOE
+ Beginner and League Starter Friendly
+ Brand Playstyle
- Squishy
- Can't run elemental reflect or no regen maps
- Can't …

POE 3.8 My Favorite Cyclone Berserker Build Guide

Berserkers appear prominently in a multitude of other sagas and poems, Many earlier sagas portrayed berserkers as bodyguards, elite soldiers, and champions of kings. This build to be super-efficient and this guides mostly because I'm fond of my characters. This build was played for the entirety of Blight league and was able to complete all the services provided here: Service Thread. I started the league with this character and did everything up to Uber Elder with a reasonable budget. Since I enjoyed the character so much, I continued to min/max the character for the rest of the league to what you see currently. It starts off solid on a budget and then has the potential to scale into absolute insanity with proper investment.

+ Fast map clearer
+ Easy to get going
+ SSF viable
+ Super Flexible Build
+ Strong Boss Killer
+ Great sustain with multiple sources
- Very socket intensive
- Can't do ele reflect maps
- Expensive cause melee meta

1. Crave…

POE 3.8 Most Popular Gladiator Builds - Top 5 Friendly Budget

1. POE 3.8 Gladiator Build - Tornado Shot Crimson Blow Guide
This build capability a reasonably tanky and well-rounded character capable of tackling all the content material this game has to give. It utilizes a one of a kind mixture of Tornado Shot for map clear and two Siege Ballistas for single target damage, with bleed getting the major damaging mechanic. For the longest time bleed was inside a rough spot, a mechanic that could not be utilized as a standalone... but is it still the case? More than time, new and much more strong toys have been added to the game. Stronger ascendancies, influenced things, fossils, new crafting program. After anything, bleed finally became a force to be reckoned with.

+ Good clear speed and single target
+ Quite tanky thanks to dodge, evasion, corpse removal and Purity Sentinels (bodyguards)
+ Bleedsplosion popcorn sound
+ Relatively cheap to get started
+ Decent but not great for beginners, SSF and league start
+ Almost hardcore…

Hot and Most Popular Top 5 POE 3.8 Berserker Builds For Friendly Budget Guide

1. POE 3.8 Berserker Build - Frost Blades Friendly Budget
This build does NOT require a ton of gear, my current character and gear in Path of Building are to show the end game potential only! I did a much more broken down DPS explanation in the Path of Building section. I used the crappy gear for 80% of my time with the build and did not struggle an ounce.

+ Incredible map / Legion Blight clear speed / tower defense clear.
+ Insane Leap Slam attack speed.
+ Exceptional elemental penetration = Shaper is a normal mob.
+ Single target DPS scales very well.
+ Works well on a low budget and scales well with the investment.
- Is a melee build, so top tier meta gear can get expensive.

1. Crave the Slaughter
2. Rite of Ruin
3. Flawless Savagery
4. Blitz

BANDITS: Kill All.

Major God - Soul of Lunaris
Minor God - Soul of Ryslatha

Body Armour
Frost Blades - Hypothermia - Multistrike - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Ruthless - Melee Physical D…

Top 5 Popular POE 3.8 Raider Builds Guide

1. POE 3.8 Cyclone Flame Raider Build Guide
INTRO: How does developing function in a nutshell? We spin with cyclone, our weapon is generating 'Molten Burst' very comparable projectiles that Molten Strike is creating, which scale with area damage, fire damage, elemental damage, and so forth. together with the current adjustments to cyclone's AOE radius and much more ways to get Weapon Range, it's very straightforward to obtain high AOE coverage for smooth mapping. Lastly, we use Vaal haste to get even more speed and new talent 'Dash' to close the gap.
A different exciting new mechanic is Blood and Sand gem, which essentially permits us to switch between two stances, Sand for AOE clear, and Blood for Single-Target/Tough encounters.

PROS & CONS: + Jack of all trades  + Extremely fast clear speed, more than 300% Movement Speed! + Can run ALL map mods  + Satisfying gameplay, you shouldn't get bored quickly + Very good at Delving + Relatively high single target…

Top 5 Popular POE 3.8 Deadeye Beginner's Builds Guide

POE 3.8 Build - Cold Elemental Hit Deadeye - Magic Find Budget
This build, however, isn’t easily juiced a-la Big Streamer to use HH and Inspired Learning. I’ve been playing PoE for about two years now, and magic find is something I always return to once a league in various forms. This specific build I’ve geared in three different leagues and is a favorite of mine. I always run an MF character every league because I just keep coming back to the chill playstyle and the comfort that comes from running a bunch of maps at a low investment with tons of herald of ice shatters.

The purpose of this character is for Magic Find Only. It can do all tiers with investment, including Eldered T16s, but like most MF, struggles with bosses. You can likely kill map bosses up to T10 or so, depending on your gear. The changes to Rares having more health make things a bit risky in Red maps, but it's still definitely doable with some gear changes.

With sources of blind and phasing on the tree now,…