Do you know what New items and Updated Unique Items are in POE 3.9?

The new season of POE 3.9 is coming soon. I believe players are paying attention to the POE 3.9 Update Content. The official has now released a series of POE 3.9 related beliefs, such as which New Support Gems, Reworked / Updated skill support gems, Plus support Gems and so on. POE 3.9 Three New Support Gems Guide has been issued before, let's take a look at what new and updated unique items are in POE 3.9.

Crown of the Inward Eye(probably a Conqueror drop)
Energy shield:130
Requires level63,85 str, 62 int
333% increased armour and energy shield
16% increased maximum life, mana, and global energy shield
Transfiguration of soul
Transfiguration of body
Transfiguration of mind
Divinity is not the only path to enlightenment.

Fury Valve (Metamorph exclusive) (mechanics explanation)
Requires level 40
+27 to dexterity
25% increased evasion rating
+20% to all elemental resistances
Skills fire 2 additional projectiles
23% increased projectile speed
Modifiers to number of projectiles instead apply to the number of targets projectiles split towards
A single act of anger travels countless paths of destruction.

Hands of the High Templar (Conqueror drop)
Armour: 304
Energy shield:60
Requires level 66, 51 str, 51 int
Can be modified while corrupted
Can have up to 5 implicit modifiers while the item has this modifier
151% increased armour and energy shield
12% increased maximum life
+25% to fire and lightning resistances
The laws of faith do not apply to its leader.

Leash of Oblation (Conqueror drop)
Requires level: 49
+32 to maximum life
+17 to all attributes
+55 to maximum life
25% reduced the effect of offerings
You can have an offering of each type
Offering skills have 50% reduced duration
Those who offer up sacrifices to every deity entreat the full favour of none.

Manastorm (Conqueror drop)
Chance to block: 22%
Energy shield: 102
Requires level:59, 141 int
18% increased spell damage
116% increased energy shield
+61 to maximum mana
37% increased the mana regeneration rate
When you cast a spell, sacrifice all mana to gain added maximum lightning damage
Equal to 25% of sacrificed mana for 4 seconds
Fear not the fury of the storm.

Reach of the Council (details unknown)
Knowledgeable players will know that the greater volley support already exists on the reach of the council's unique bow. We have decided it would be interesting if it became its own support gem. Because of this change, the reach of the council will be improved.

Volley Fire
Barrage. The volley fire threshold jewel will now be limited to 1 (from 3) and grant 6 additional projectiles to the first and final attacks (up from 2), giving you much more value for the socket cost.


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