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Very Interesting POE 3.9 Explosive Arrow Chieftain Build Guide

Hi all and welcome to the Chieftain variant of my Explosive Arrow Chieftain create. This construct is superior for beginning and mapping in POE 3.9. With all awesome stuff in three.8 that came with Chieftain rework. This construct is back and stronger than for 3.9 Metamorph. Virtually nothing at all has changed from 3.8, except the addition on the highly effective, new Awakened gems. This construct is just about unchanged and remains strong. It is harder to obtain excellent crafts like the amulet and we've got new gear and tools (announcements, catalysts, and so forth) so it is pretty simple to balance. Even though this league is brutal for melee, all round I think we're stronger and it is absolutely achievable to clear each of the content material once more.

+ Good clear
+ Ignores most Hits
+ Life Regen & Life Leech
+ All map mods viable
+ Lab Farmer
+ HC viable
+ Budget-friendly
- Not SSF viable
- Weak against Chaos Damage
- Totem playstyle is not …

POE 3.9, Freeing Pulse Hierophant Build Detailed Guide

Welcome to my Freezing Pulse Totem guide for the Hierophant in POE 3.9! This guide is at the moment becoming updated for patch 3.9 Metamorph & Conquerors of the Atlas. With 3.9, many of the changes to this build are going to be related to the changes in itemization that we simply don't have enough information about at the time of this writing, so most of the gear recommendations are speculative and very much subject to change. Expect quite a few more changes to this guide in the days following the launch of 3.9 as we learn much more about what kind of power gains are to be made from the new Conquerors influence item pools.

In Path of Exile, How many changes in 3.9? First, No passive tree changes, No changes to core skills or build items. Multimode nerf means it will be a bit harder to craft powerful weapons in the midgame range, but this isn't really specific to our build. Shaper and Elder getting removed from the main Atlas progression means we likely have signific…

POE 3.9 Saboteur Hot Build - Arc & Proclast Mine Guide

Hello, Welcome to my Arc + Pyroclast Mine Saboteur guide, a build that utilizes one of the strongest spells in the game, arc with pyroclast mine. This build is the jack of all trades. It can do every map mod, the boss has decently fast clear, and is extremely cheap. Put all of these together and you have yourself an extremely powerful beginner-friendly and starter build that can catapult you into end game extremely quickly and efficiently. It has proven itself to be one of the strongest builds in the game with having little to no gear. The damage output is insane but you are also surprisingly tanky. Utilizing acrobatics/Mind over Matter/high evasion, you have a decent amount of layers of defense and end up being hard to kill as well. There are several benefits to using mines with arc rather than self casting or with totems, some being the fact that they have a much higher dps output and you aren't stunning yourself while casting for nearly as long, but we will go into that …

Most Popular POE 3.9 Vortex Occultist Build Guide

Vortex is an instant cast, cooldown based aoe spell that causes an initial small hit and then a cold DoT for its duration. This build was not created by me, but this build is awesome. This build is the guide for Vortex Occultist and It's making sure that the build can level with just rares and get to the mid-tier maps with cheap uniques. The build utilizes Chaos Inoculation which makes you 100% immune to all sources of chaos damage including poison. However, you'll have 1 HP and therefore need to cover yourself with Energy Shield alone. This is not suggested for early levels and this guide will cover the transition and workarounds to get yourself to CI.

Besides this, the build slows enemies down and utilizes a massive EHP pool to be as tanky as possible. For higher budget builds you can also throw in Temporal Chains allowing for even more slow effects on enemies. With the use of Solstice Vigil. The PoB will have the same contents as this thread as well as leveling trees…

POE 3.9 Necromancer Most Popular Raise Spectre Build Guide

This build is very fast, stronger and tanker in POE 3.9 I think. And this build outperforms every dedicated raise spectre build. This build is the fast summoner in the history of POE. We reach over 200% movement speed consistently and can get over 300% movement speed if you want to go all out on speed. This build is extremely versatile to suit any playstyle. See Alternate Setups for some fun suggestions and insanely simple, effective. There is no crazy crafting required or massive 10+ exalt gear like other builds. It's built around uniques that everyone can easily access and replicate. You can do all the content without clicking any buttons. If you need Poe currency in POE 3.9, you can click here.

+ Good clear speed
+ Fast farming
+ Massive Dps
+ Easy Shaper
+ Easy Uber Elder
+ Easy all content
+ Decent regen
+ Flexible
- Expensive Build
- Elemental reflect maps
- Not super tough

1. Mindless Aggression
2. Unnatural Strength
3. Bone Barrier
4. Mist…

POE 3.9 Most Popular Scourge Arrow Pathfinder Build- Fast, Easy, Fun Beginner Friendly Guide

Welcome to my Scourge Arrow build guide in POE 3.9: Conquerors of the Altas. So, let me start by saying that I really love Scourge Arrow. I tried quite a few variations of SA (including CI Trickster version, for what I have another build) and I think I like this one the most.

This build has mostly thanked Nature's Reprisal awesome poison proliferation. It solves a lot of problems that Scourge Arrow has, and that is having to charge to deal with good damage, having issues with struggler monsters near walls and having issues with outputting damage consistently (because of constant charge/release playstyle). Nature's Reprisal solves this by proliferating all our poisons to nearby enemies when they die, so we just need to shoot once, and everything around dies, including rares and leaves no strugglers behind. And for bosses, well, our poisons last around 5 seconds and we run Mirage Archer so the boss will be constantly dealt with decent DoT damage, even when we are dodging.

POE 3.9 Metamorph League Preview: Analysis of Balanced Launch

Bows and arrows and other ranged attacks The main changes are for bows, just like Path of Exile's changes to spells, melee, and summons this year. All in all, the bow launch is smaller than the previous several genres, because the bow has always been a good genre. We just improve the skills that have not been fully utilized and weaken the skills of some excessive bows.

All long-range attack skills have been re-evaluated, and most of them have been adjusted numerically, with the largest being BUFF. The mechanics of some skills have been completely changed. Certain skills have been improved significantly, for example, the skills we find unpopular, and the skills not used by too many people have been objectively improved. We also recast several Unique Bows. We don't think there is a good balance between rare weapons and Unique weapons. The rare weapons with multi-master affixes and some unique weapons are too widely used. We have improved this and will do more sports in the futur…

POE 3.9 Beginner's Player Comprehensive Guide

POE 3.9 Choice of Classes
Path of Exile does not have absolute character restrictions. Each class can play almost all builds. It is recommended that novices start with Marauder or Witch. The default play of these two classes is more friendly to players.

About POE 3.9 League Starter Build
You can go to TGP to find a leveling build at the beginning. When you are above 60, think about what kind of Build to play. There are many pits for leveling. For example, many builds are CI (Life 1 is shielded). (Blood) core, if you click CI before level 60, you will be in a state of no blood and no shield, very easy to die. If you don't want to go to TGP, you can also use Chiefaud or melee with Marauder, and Lightning Elementalist with Witch. It's easy to get started, and you don't even need to learn how to talent. The point of the point talent is to use as few points as possible and to get more core talent points, mainly including damage and health and key talents. The key talent is the b…

Do you know poe 3.9 currency farming guide?

With the release of Path of Exile 3.9 acquiring closer, players are already hunting forward to it. In Path of Exile, You will be definitely no stranger to POE Currency, which can be extremely different in the in-game coin, gold. Path of Exile Currency will be the common name surrounding with tradable orbs, scrolls and Poe Things. With enough currency to produce your play greater within the game.

Ever struggled to produce currency in Path of Exile? In case you are constantly thinking about an issue, how to earn significantly Poe currency in Poe 3.9? Can't afford that new Special or Rare to take your build for the next level?

No worries! If you want to verify out other Poe guides whilst you're here, verify those out below.

Even when you have been struggling to get extended time in Poe, it is actually still hard to determine its in-depth economic system. As the current expansion Conquerors of the Atlas approach, rather a few players have encountered such issues like currency exc…