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POE 3.9 Necromancer Most Popular Builds Tier List

Welcome to our Path of Exile Necromancer Builds 3.9 for Metamorph League , here you can view the most popular necromancer builds to use in this 2020 update. This is an Ascendancy Class for Witch in Path of Exile has one of the most flexible skill trees out of all the classes. Due to this, it has quickly become one of the most popular classes for just about any build in Path of Exile. (This page is currently undergoing updates for the new 3.9 Metamorph League) POE 3.9 Necromancer Most Popular Builds Path of Exile Necromancer Most Popular Builds for PS4, XBOX1, and (Steam) PC Version of the game. At Eznpc we rank ascendant builds using a Tier List. You can find the Best Builds in the S Tier, the further down you go the weaker they become ending with F Tier. These rankings are based on the Builds viability, gear flexibility and popularity within the new Path of Exile Metamorpha League 3.9.    Tier     Skill Gems S Raise Zombie A Summon Skeletons,  Vaal Summ

Path of Exile Top Boss Data Information

There are many bosses in Path of Exile, and basically, only the top-most bosses are worth everyone to check the data (because normal bosses below T15 are really no difficulty). So only the data of the top bosses are released (T17, T18, The Alluring Abyss). T16 Lair of the Hydra  Level: 83 Life: 9537659 Base Damage: 4913 (Physical) Attack speed: 1.6 / s Resistance: 40% elemental resistance (ice and fire power), 25% chaos resistance Special: Can't be frozen, can't be knocked back, periodic immune taunt, 80% less curse effect. Skill: 1. Doom Arrow: 220% base damage, 50% physical damage converted to frost damage, 9 additional arrows 2. Barrage: 66% base damage, 50% physical damage converted to frost damage, 9 additional arrows 3. Split Arrow: 300% base damage, 50% physical damage converted to frost damage, 50% less attack speed 4. Slip away arrows: disappear and disappear ... come out later Raiders: Doom Arrow and Barrage's damage are both explosive, but t

Path of Exile Skill Gems and Classification Information

After entering Path of Exile, you will find two things quietly lying on the ground waiting for you to pick them up: both are the core gameplay of the game: Skill Gems and Mechanics . In this section, we will talk about skill gems. (Only talking about Skill Gems itself and its classification, not the mechanism behind it. I intend to put all of them together to make a summary.) The biggest difference between Path of Exile and other games is that he discarded each character or other professions in other games can only have a fixed skill or skills, and created his core gameplay: Skill Gems Gameplay . Skill Gems are roughly divided into two categories: 1. Active skill gem 2. Supporting skill gem Active skill gems allow you to gain an active skill, while support skill gems can be placed in the hole connected to the hole where the active gem is located to give the active gem a special bonus . Method of Obtaining: 1. Task reward 2. Buy from Skilled Merchant (after completing

Path of Exile Strength, Dexterity and Intelligence Introduction

Welcome everyone, The previous article introduced the Path of Exile Initial Playable Character Classes in detail. Next, look at the attributes closely related to playable character classes. In POE, there are three main attributes, followed by strength, dexterity, and intelligence. I believe everyone can see the meaning of these three attributes literally.  Strength In Path of Exile, The strength attribute is a measure of a character's physical power. Strength is required to use strength-based equipment and skills. Representative Color: Red Effect: Some equipment or skills required for strength will require strength. 5 Life / 10 Strength Increase 2% melee physical damage / 10 strength Method of Obtaining: 1. Passive Skill Tree 2. Equipment Necklaces, rings, belts-accessories; For armors that require strength (ie, any armor that provides armor), Haku(Armourmaster) can provide non-strength armors with a + 16-25 power suffix. (Affixes are not covered here.)

In Path of Exile, Why All Gods Fall Asleep?

Age of the gods Wraeclast is an extremely ancient continent. The historical details of the flood and famine era have long been turned into dust, and it will always flow like smoke in people's subconscious. What we do know is that in that ancient age there was an era of gods, and human beings, men and women, could become gods. Those gifted and beloved by others quickly grasped the secrets of eternal life and were promoted to God. However, deification is not such a simple matter. Just like having a child, this process is full of pain, tragedy, and sacrifice, and the thing most often sacrificed is the human nature of the person. This is the deification. Those who pursue eternal life will find themselves eventually becoming monsters. However, a god named "sin" ended everything. Birth of Sin God-Hate and Sin Giant In the distant past, on the southeast of the island of the Wraeclast continent, the so-called "Oriyas" existed. They have developed their