POE 3.9 Beginner's Player Comprehensive Guide

POE 3.9 Choice of Classes
Path of Exile does not have absolute character restrictions. Each class can play almost all builds. It is recommended that novices start with Marauder or Witch. The default play of these two classes is more friendly to players.

About POE 3.9 League Starter Build
You can go to TGP to find a leveling build at the beginning. When you are above 60, think about what kind of Build to play. There are many pits for leveling. For example, many builds are CI (Life 1 is shielded). (Blood) core, if you click CI before level 60, you will be in a state of no blood and no shield, very easy to die. If you don't want to go to TGP, you can also use Chiefaud or melee with Marauder, and Lightning Elementalist with Witch. It's easy to get started, and you don't even need to learn how to talent. The point of the point talent is to use as few points as possible and to get more core talent points, mainly including damage and health and key talents. The key talent is the biggest circle.

It should be noted that many players have a normal difficulty, but later the difficulty has increased, but they are prone to a violent death. That is because the resistance will be additionally reduced after the difficulty is increased. The default resistance is 0, and the full resistance is 75%. (Minimum 75% elemental damage reduction), and the second difficulty will start with an additional 20 resistance reduction. That is, starting at -20, the highest difficulty is -60. At this time, you will take an additional 60% elemental damage without resistance. This is the main reason for your violent death. Novices do n't wear more unique equipment, wear more blood and resistance gold. Unique equipment is less than 3 pieces. Most of the unique items in this game are just embellishments and Rare Items in the core.

Introduction to weapons
Some players will not understand the attributes of the weapon, which will lead to the use of the wrong weapon. There are only two types of attack attributes in the game, one is [attack] and the other is [magic attack]. Which attack you need is based on your build The core skill is selected, which is your main damage skill. Mouse over the skilled stone to see the attributes of the skill.

About equipment levels and holes
There are two levels of equipment, one equipment level and one drop level (display item level). The equipment level is the level at which you can equip the equipment, and the drop level (item level) is understood as the highest quality that the equipment can achieve What's the use of quality? It's about master enchantment, not newcomer knowledge. Except for jewelry (jewelry including belt), other equipment has holes, a maximum of 4 holes, clothes, and two-hand weapons, but more than 4 holes Difficult to wash. The holes must be connected to form a link of damage-enhanced damage-passive trigger damage. Because it can be assisted by more auxiliary skill stones, clothes with more than 4 holes are left for the main damage skill. Think It is difficult and expensive to wash 5 holes. It is more difficult and expensive to wash 6 holes. Novices do not have 5 clothes and want to wash 6 holes in 6 clothes. You will be disappointed and regretted. You can shout around the world after level 40 and see if anyone sends it.

About POE Currency (material)
In the game, you can pick up or sell equipment and get a lot of materials. They are also the currency of the game. Before you can enter the map of the outside world, everything you pick up is bound (unbound before the equipment store) Naturally, the bound materials cannot be traded. Whether the equipment is bound or not, the mouse can only be put on it. Only those with [unbound] can be resolved into unbound materials. [Orb of Transmutation] [Orb of Chance] [Orb of Augmentation] is almost worthless, just pick up a small amount. Normal items, potions, and maps in the game can be enchanted, and the initial potion enchantment is more important. It can lift the abnormal state and extend the effect time. The important common functional potions are running speed and petrochemical potions.

About Path of Exile Master System
There are two masters in each chapter of the game. After completing the master's mission once, you can establish a hideout (home) in the city. The hideout level is determined according to the master's level (each master's home has a different appearance). The master can build medium-sized hideouts after level 5 and large hides after level 7. Small hides can accommodate 2 masters, medium hides can accommodate 4 masters, and large hides can accommodate 8 masters. After the first invitation to the home, his exclusive craft table (that is, the enchanting table) will appear in the storage box button in the lower right corner. Each master has a different type of enchantment. It is recommended to invite the master of shadow and the master of mapping. The most important level of enchantment is the most important. Masters of drawing can enter other people's daily tasks through teamwork to complete the task and achieve early invitation. Each master has a daily task once a day. It is recommended to finish because the daily task rewards the master experience Doubling. Dismissing the master will only clear his current level of experience. There is little initial experience, so he is free to be fired. The prophecy master is not a master, but he is free to invite him. Although the prediction system can make money, it is not recommended in the early stages. Because looking for monsters is annoying.

About Path of Exile Ascendancy
Before you understand the choice and role of Ascendancy talent, it is not recommended that you go to Ascendancy. Otherwise, washing and sublimation will waste every 5 talent reset points. After you have 2000 blood, you can challenge the Ascendancy of ordinary difficulty by yourself, the difficulty is very Low, you can go exploring first. Your goal is only to reach the last room, so don't waste time to clear the map. After the experience, the maze can be completed in 15 minutes. Of course, you can also choose to hold the thigh, which is simpler.

About Path of Exile Trade
In the early days, you did not have unbound currency, so you can only exchange equipment. The meaning is small. But after your character reaches level 70, you can use the marketplace. In the city, you can open the marketplace interface by using shortcut keys. The unbound material obtained from the world map can be purchased by trading. The most important currency sequence is generally: Mirror of Kalandra -Exalted Orb (E) - Divine Orb - Orb of Regret - Orb of Scouring - Chaos Orb (C) - Regal Orb -Blessed Orb - Orb of Binding - Orb of Chance - Searing Orb - Orb of Alteration -Jeweller's Orb - Blacksmith's Whetstone - Armourer's Scrap - Orb of Augmentation - Orb of Transmutation.

About Path of Exile Filters
There are too many currencies in the game, and there is too many equipments. It is easy to see the picture when playing pictures. At this time, the filter is necessary. The game comes with a filter, press O, set the bottom, and then select the filter It is recommended to go to the forum or add a Q group to find a filter written by a master, which is highly efficient and less wasteful. The filter coding is simple and you can research and modify it yourself.

There is still a lot to say. I only talk about the novice direction. Although the game is difficult to start, the depth is very good. You can indulge in it for a long time. I wish you a wonderful experience in the POE 3.9 League.


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