PoE 3.6 New Unique Item Guide

Path of Exile The new season 3.6 Synthesis is about to be released. Again, there are 3.6 news messages every day. Today, I am here to show some New PoE Items in Synthesis. What is Poe Item and Item Level, You can visit Path of Exile Items Level Introduction.The following is New PoE Unique Item List, I hope I can give players Some help, if anything is wrong, you can leave a message below.

1.Bottled Faith(Sulphur Flask)
Requires Level:35

- 36% Increased Duration
- Consecrated Ground Created By This Flask Has Tripled Radius
- +2% To Critical Strike Chance Against Enemies On Consecrated Ground Durint Effect
- Enemies on Consecrated Ground You Create During Effect Take 10% Increased Damage

2.Circle of Nostalgia(Amethyst Ring)
Requires Level:52

- +11 To All Attributes
- Adds 19 To 30 Chaos Damge
- +23% To Chaos Resistance
- Herald of Agony Has 79% Increased Buff Effect
- Herald of Agony Has 38% Reduced Mana Reservation

3.The Eternity Shroud(Shaper drop.Glimpse of Eternity creates an AoE that slows enemies inside it. (3D art)
Requires Level:65

- Trigger Level 20 Glimpse of Eternity When Hit
- 144% Increased Evasion and Energy Shield
- +79 To Maximum Life
- +21% To Chaos Resistance
- Gain 5% of Elemental Damage as Extra Chaos Damage Per Shaper Item Equipped
- Hits ignore enemy Monster Chaos Resistance if all Equipped Items Are Shaper Items

4.Hyrri's Truth(Jade Amulet)
Requirse Level:64

- Grants Level 22 Precision Skill
- +33 To Dexterity
- Adds 14 To 26 Physical Damage To Attacks
- Adds 12 To 23 Cold Damage To Attacks
- +23% To Global Critical Strike Multiplier
- 0.87% of Physical Attack Damage Leeched As Life

5.Mask of the Tribunal(Magistrate Crown)
Requires Level:58

- +29 To All Attributes
- 187% Increased Armour And Energy Shield
- Nearby Allies Have 4% Increased Defences Per 100 Strength You Have
- Nearby Allies Have +7% To Critical Strike Multiplier Per 100 Dexterity You Have
- Nearby Allies Have 2% Increased Cast Speed Per 100 Intelligence You Have
- 1% Reduced Mana Reserved Per 250 Total Attributes

6.Nebulis(Void Sceptre)(may have fire/cold and fire/lightning versions)
- Requires Level:68

- 17% Increased Cast Speed
- 18% Increased Cold Damage Per 1% Cold Resistance Above 75%
- 20% Increased Lightning Damage Per 1% Lightning Resistance Above 75%

7.Storm's Gift(Assassin's Mitts)
Requires Level:58

27% Increased Damage Over Time
284% Increased Evasion and Energy Shield
+22% To Lightning Resistance
Enemies You Kill Are Shocked
Shocks You Inflict Spread To Other Enemies Within a Radius of 15

8.Vixen's Entrapment(Embroidered Gloves)
Requires Level:36

- +64 To Maximum Energy Shield
- You Can Apply an Additional Curse
- 16% Increased Cast Speed With Curse Skills
- 0.2% of Spell Damage Leeched as Energy Shield For Each Curse on Enemy
- Trigger Socketed Curse Spells When You Cast A Curse


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