Winning Content Guide of The Hideout Competition

PoE 3.6.0, Over the past few days we've visited hundreds of unique and creative hideouts submitted by the participants and today we're finally ready to announce the winners!

Check out the video with the top 10 winners below! 

1, Dragons' Nest by Path_of_DerroK

2, The Observatory by Sie_Sayoka

3, Desert Temple Complex by Noooberino

4, Yharnam by Xoivi

5, Sanguina Basilica by LeShor

6, Underground City of Refuge by 0p3r8t0r 

7, Hideout by elka_v 

8, The Overtaken Templar Research Laboratory by Phoniks7

9, Four Ruins by paps

10, Hideout by ukune99


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