PoE 3.6 Synthesis New Items Guide

Welcome to our Path of Exile Synthesis New Items Guide, Path of Exile is a role-playing game developed by New Zealand developer Grinding Gear Games. On March 25, 2016, Tencent Games officially announced the agency.

Now,We will list all the New PoE 3.6 Unique Weapons, Armor,and other Poe Items. GGG games have stated they plan to make unique more useful for opening up even more ways to builds classes in the game. so expect some good 3.6 Unquie Weapons and Armor to shake up the build meta in PoE.

1.Bottled Faith Sulphur Flask

Requires Level:35
- Creates Consecrated Ground on Use
- 36% increased Duration
- Consecrated Ground created by this flask has tripled radius.
- +2% to Critical Strike Chance against Enemies on Consecrated Ground during Effect
- Enemies on Consecrated Ground you create during Effect take 10% increased damage

2.Nebulis Void Sceptre
Required Level:68

- 40% increased Elemental Damage
- 17% increased Cast Speed
- 18% increased Cold Damage per 1% Cold Resistance above 75%
- 20% increased Lightning Damage per 1% Lightning Resistance above 75%

3.Storm's Gift Assassin's Mitts
Requires Level: 58

- 27% increased Damage over Time
- 284% increased Evasion and Energy Shield
- +22% to Lightning Resistance
- Enemies you kill are Shocked
- Shocks you inflict spread to other Enemies within a Radius of 15

4.The Eternity Shroud Blood Raiment
Requires Level:65

- Trigger Level 20 Glimpse of Eternity when Hit
- 144% increased Evasion and Energy Shield
- +79 to maximum Life
- +21% to Chaos Resistance
- Gain 5% of Elemental Damage as Extra Chaos Damage per Shaper Item Equipped
- Hits ignore Enemy Monster Chaos Resistance if all Equipped Items are Shaper Items

5.Mask of The Tribunal Magistrate Crown
Requires Level:58

- + 29 To all Attributes
- 187% increased armour and energy shield
- Nearby allies have 4% Increased defences per 100 strength you have
- Nearby allies have +7% to critical strike multipliers per 100 dexterity you have
- Nearby allies have 2% increased cast speed per 100 intellgence you have
- 1% reduced mana reserved per 250 total attributes

6.Vixen's Entrapment Embroidered Gloves
Requires Level:36

- +64 to maximum energy shield
- You can apply an additional curse
- 16% increased cast speed with curse skills
- 0.2% of spell damage leeched as energy shield for each curse on enemy
- Trigger socketed curse spells when you cast a curse

Path of Exile New Uniques for 3.6 Synthesis League will apply across all platforms PS4, XBOX1, and (Steam) PC Version. We will list each one of the new unique weapons, armor and even flask that will be available during the PoE 3.6 update.


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