The Latest Betrayal Challenge Rewards and Hideout Migration Guide

Within the Betrayal League, you will possess the option to complete 40 new challenges and earn exclusive microtransaction rewards. At 12, 24 and 36 challenges you are going to earn the Betrayal Helmet Attachment, Betrayal Aura Effect and Betrayal Cloak respectively. Finishing challenges also grant you pieces with the Betrayal Totem Pole Hideout decoration.

Betrayal Challenge Rewards

When Path of Exile: Betrayal launches on December 7th, you will have the ability to check out the complete list of challenges to finish for these rewards.

Hideout Migration
Right after the Delve League ends, your hideouts will merge with their parent leagues. In the event, you have hideouts in each league, whichever hideout has the most decorations might be the 1 that remains in the parent league. The other will likely be reclaimed. This component will be the identical kind of merge we do at the end of each and every challenge league.

The Betrayal launch will introduce the new unified hideout technique which suggests that you will have a single hideout that may be shared across all leagues and all characters on your account. For the duration of launch, we are going to save 1 hideout from every single tileset and set your account's present hideout towards the one particular using the most decorations. In case you have many hideouts together with the same tileset, the 1 with all the most decorations might be kept and the other folks reclaimed. You will then be able to toggle involving your different tilesets utilizing the new interface that can be offered to you. There will be a lot of new hideouts to find out and decorate too. We are going to shop the decorations placed in each tileset you may have unlocked so you may simply switch involving them.

Any decorations that you simply have will only be usable in 1 tileset at a time which indicates that some could be missing from other tilesets if they are utilized in multiple.

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