POE 3.7 Gladiator - Lacerate, Crazy Mechanics - Budget League Starter

This build is quite noob friendly and This build is focusing mostly on stacking bleeds for bosses and also fast clearing maps. We take crimson dance for 8 bleed stacks to melt bosses and elites as quick as possible. This build is good at stacking 8 bleeds up on an elite and backing out from its attacks as it bleeds to death! Also, the bleed explosions from gladiator are SUPER satisfying!

POE 3.7 Gladiator

Lacerate has been reworked in 3.7 to work with the new Blood and Storm (Stance) Skill. This build will primarily focus on the bleed stance. For mapping, we can easily change to sand stance, if needed. The reason why I decided to opt for blood stance is that I want to do a lot of bossing with this char, while also being able to normally map.

Pros & Cons:
+ Can do all content
+ Budget
+ Good survivability (Alot of Evasion/nice armor/a lot of damage reduction)
+ Solid clearspeed (Reave looks like top tier, Double Strike a bit slower)
+ Using crazy mechanics
+ Great Lab Farmer
+ Bleed its main dps source but we still hit hard :)
- Hard to Check real DPS (even PoB don't calculate Crimson Dance and Bleed properly)
- It's Still evasion build, you can get occasional one hit on crazy map mode.
- Maddening Presence visual effect (great buff but I hate that circle).


- Blood in the Eyes
- Gratuitous Violence
- Arena Challenger
- Outmatch and Outlast

Bandits: Kill All for 2 Passive Points

Major God - Soul of Solaris
Minor God - Soul of Gruthkul

PoB Link: https://pastebin.com/RWCyqi0F
Skill Tree: https://tinyurl.com/yx93oosh


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