POE 3.7 Juggernaut - Popular Cyclone Build - Budget League

The build uses Cyclone or blade flurry for both its clear and boss killing gem and it has worked very well for me ever since the changes to melee in 3.7. This will be my first successful build and I have played since Essence League so this is a huge milestone for me to be able to kill Uber Elder on my own without looking at any guides.

POE 3.7 Juggernaut Build

Pros & Cons:
+ Decent mapper, gems can be swapped to clear
+ Insane boss killer
+ The crit sound is satisfying to hear
+ Immune to temporal chains
+ Demonic Blade Flurry looks so good
- Can't do Phys reflect
- No sexy herald effects to look at
- Really needs dex and int on gear


1. Unflinching
2. Unbreakable
3. Unyielding
4. Unrelenting

Bandits: Help Alira.

Major God - Soul of Lunaris
Minor God - Soul of Solaris

Gear Guide:

Gems Setup:
Cyclone - Melee Physical Damage - Pulverise - Infused Channelling - Fortify - Brutality - Maim

Berserk - Blood Magic - Enduring Cry - Blood Rage - Increased Duration - Vaal Haste

Leap Slam - Endurance Charge on Melee Stun - Blood Magic - Faster Attacks

Immortal Call - Ancestral Warchief - Cast When Damage Taken - Increased Duration

Pride - Flesh and Stone - Precision - Blood and Sand

Skill Tree: 

PoB Link: https://pastebin.com/k7rMwxcB


  1. potent builds in poe are a virtue, not necessarily for everyone's budget. All depends on your goals really... and juggernaut build is not an exception in this instance :(


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