Path of Exile 3.6 Most Popular Bladefall Build Guide

Bladefall is a ranged spell which has a unique area of effect mechanics. Unlike other aoe skills, bf's single target damage suffers from increased aoe and benefits from less aoe because a single cast creates 5 volleys and a single target will be hit by more volleys when each of the volleys covers less area. Of course, this depends on the size of the target. The bosses tend to be big, and we can assume that they are hit by more than a single volley. This mechanic is beneficial for us as we can skip all the increased aoe passives in the tree and concentrated effect gem empowers the spell more than usual.

In Path of Exile 3.6 Synthesis, Bladefall has been modified, Mana Cost at gem level 1 is now 12 (was 13). Mana Cost at gem level 20 is now 23 (was 26). Now deals 44 to 66 Physical damage at gem level 1 (from 44 to 65) and 411 to 617 Physical damage at gem level 20 (from 380 to 570).

[PoE 3.6 Juggernaut] The Lazy Walker +  Bladefall  VMS Walk and Kill 

This build will remain strong in 3.6, but I will review new build options when POB is updated with 3.6 content.Q&A section added. Updated leveling section thanks to the suggestion by "Sikat."

Pros & Cons:
+ Auto cast 10 skills per second causing visual mayhem (I liked it, but now I'm blind)
+ Can play with 0 buttons pressed
+ Satisfying explosions, lots and lots of them
+ Equivalent to maximum resist of 87/99/98% when all buffs are applied
+ Auto self-healing (roughly 4000 HP/s against a single target, much higher during mapping)
+ Use auto-triggered skills to clear map on full speed (+164% speed)
+ VMS and VRF for the flashy boss kill
+ Very tanky with 7000+ HP
+ Permanent Immortal Call
+ Permanent blinding on all enemies
+ Budget build possible with just 2+ 3 exes, but a good poe currency sink if you want to invest in legacy uniques
+ VMS with 2 million Shaper DPS for 9.5s
+ Single target Shaper DPS of 300k (without VMS)
+ Can do all map mods
+ Very much hardcore viable
- Need somewhat decent computer set up to handle the visual mayhem
- Uses a lot of uniques, not a league starter material
- Sometimes cause network lag (see below for possible fix)
- Don't kill every trash mob thoroughly, speed run through a map typically leaves 30-50 monsters (open layout) to 5-20 monsters (closed linear maps)

Kill All

Arakaali (reduce shock) and Yugul (Cold dmg took reduction)

Take Unflinching first;
Then take Unstoppable, Unbreakable and Unrelenting (order doesn't matter)

Gem Links:
Kongming's Strategem (All-purpose weapon set)
Incinerate - Cast while Channeling - Firestorm
This is your CWC firestorm setup during bossing, provides reliable ignite, and some 100k Shaper DPS without VMS.

Razor of Seventh Sun (All-purpose weapon set)
Vaal Impurity of Lightning - Vaal Impurity of Ice - Vigilant Strike
The Vaal Impurities eats up a lot of souls when entering a new map, and are not necessary for easy maps. I recommend you equip the right impurity gem for the right boss (if necessary), and for general mapping just go Conc Path(R)-Faster Attack(G)-Fortify(R).

Boot 4L
CWDT(1) - Immortal Call(3) - Blade Vortex(8) - - Phase Run(3).

Glove 4L
Firestorm(8) - Ball lightning(4) - CWDT(1) - Poison(20) - Slower projectile [Glove affix] - Blind [Glove affix]
This is your mass ignite link, also blinds and poisons on hit.

Helm 4L
Vaal Molten Shell(20) - Fire Penetration(20) - Controlled Destruction(20) - Combustion(20)
This is your VMS 4L, combined with helm socketed gem supported by Immolate and Conc Effect, this is essentially a 6L for the boss fight.

Chest 5-6L
Herald of Agony(21) - Empower(4) - Damage on Full Life(20) - Minion Damage(20) - Pierce(20) - Vicious Projectile(20)

This is your HOAG 6L. HOAG scales extremely well with gem level, hence if you want to level one gem up while mapping, make sure you start with something like Lv17.

Martyr of Innocence 6S 5L for mapping
CWDT(1)- Bladefall(4) - Curse On Hit(20) - Temporal Chain(20) - Flesh Offering(8), VRF(20)

Mass spammed Bladefall applies temp chain during mapping; VRF can be used in combination with VMS when entering a boss fight. Temp chain can be changed for flammability for more damage buff.

1. Pop all flasks run towards mobs
2. Your BV will normally trigger the first ignite, and every other CWDT spell will burst like an avalanche.
3. If you use RF, manually pop Dousing flask to stop RF self-damage when monsters killed
4. During the boss fight, swap to sword/shield weapon set, and use VMS (and VRF) to kill the boss. If the boss didn't die, your crawler could reliably finish him off.

Red Elder

T16 Hydra

All red elder guardians

T14 Palace (proof of concept)

PoB Link:
Skill Tree:
Example Link:

[PoE 3.6 Champion] Hank the Tank The Manliest Man, Double Strike + Bladefall 

To get 8 Endurance charges, you need to trade damage nodes for charges (e.g., Strong Arm and Duality) and wear corrupted Death's Door with the +1 Endurance charge implicit.

Path of Exile 3.6 notes:
- Loreweave received a slight nerf
- Nothing else changed
- Hank is just as playable as before, with only a slight defensive nerf due to Loreweave taking a hit.

Pros & Cons:
+ increased Global Physical Damage
+ increased Damage per 15 Strength
+ to maximum Life
+ chance when Hit for double Armour effect 
+ increased the effect of Fortify on You 
+ increased Attack Speed 

- Unstoppable Hero
- Fortitude
- Master of Metal
- Conqueror/Inspirational (more defense/more damage) 

- Solaris
- Gruthkul

- Kill all

Gems Setup:
- (Vaal) Double Strike
- Multistrike
- Maim (swap this for Melee Splash for clearing if using BoR)
- Melee Physical Damage (drop this if using BoR)
- Brutality
- Ruthless (drop this if using BoR)/Melee Splash

- Whirling Blades
- Enduring Cry
- Blood Magic
- Leap Slam

- Cast When Damage Taken lvl 3
- Punishment lvl 7
- Blade Vortex lvl 9
- Blind

- Blood Rage
- Increased Duration
- War Banner

- Grace
- Determination
- Ancestral Protector

- Cast When Damage Taken lvl 1
- - Vengeance
- Bladefall lvl 4
- Culling Strike

PoB Link: 

[PoE 3.6 Occultist] Coccultist Bladefall + Arakaali's Fang 4 Curses EE 

Actually, my original build of this char is Winter Orb CWC Lightning Wrap, THE POOR POET PEN. However thst build is kinda of shit after mapping. So I change to Soul rest build as Raizqt played the last league. When facing Shaper's Guardian, the little minions died super fast. Then finally I changed my build to Arakawa's Fang - Raise Spider.

Pros & Cons:
+ Fast Mapping
+ Boss Killer
+ Can act as a Curse bot
+ ES Occultist is great, fast recharging, fast regen if you have a killing streak.
+ Actually all content. No regen is kinda trouble for this build.
+ Good for Delve and Syndicate encounter

- Not league starter, at least you need to have Arakaali's Fang
- Die easily if spider disappeared or out of flask charge. (e.g., fight with Syndicate and Shaper Guardians or reflected map)
- No leeching system only depends on regen and recharge. I need to summon and run.
- Curses aren't effective with Shaper/ Guardians
- If you really running too fast, the spider may miss some pack while mapping. (Convocation needs CD)
- Summon Spider is kinda shit, need to desecrate, keep casting Arc then drink the flask. So, Culling Arc is important when mapping, but one thing, Corpses are needed to raise spider!!
- Cannot raise new spider when you reach max 20 spiders. So, better raise new spider before the boss area.

Gems Setup:
Raise Spider - Minion Damage - Multistrike (Melee Physical Damage) - Melee Splash (Ruthless)
Arc - Culling - Curse On Hit - Temporal Chains - Vulnerability - Punishment
Discipline - Flame Dash, Hatred - Generosity
Flesh Offering- Desecrate - Spell Cascade - Warbanner
Raise Spectre - Summon Stone Golem - Minion Damage - Convocation
Shield Charge - Faster Attack - Fortify


Kill Them All

- Wicked Ward
- Vile Bastion
- Profane Bloom
- Malediction

- Soul of Solaris
- Soul of Ralakesh


Uber Elder

PoB Link:

[PoE 3.6 Occultist] Coccultist Burst Barrage CoC Bladefall Build

Energy shield (ES) is ideal for this build as it gives a high health pool with the same mitigation as life, and occultist gives massive bonuses to ES. Occultist has two ES key nodes which give us 250 flat ES, which is about 1200 extra ES. Furthermore, we get stunned immunity, 1% ES regenerated for 4 seconds for each enemy killed (huge regen for clear), and if you can evade a boss for 2 seconds to start ES recharge, you can get your ES to keep recharging regardless of damage for the next 4 seconds. Great recovery and extra ES. Next we get good damage, an extra power charge with damage and area of effect and an updated notable that gives 20% penetration for our cold and chaos added damages from blade fall and glacial cascade.

Budget tips for beginners:
- The tree and levels are important, level 80 is where it will start to come together.
- Starting dps should be around 500k, but it gets better. Low dps feels fine if you get all the crits.
- Skin of the loyal is cheap! Tabula is an option if you don't need the ES. You need a 6L.
- no need for expensive jewels
- 7.5k es is easy to get and fine for mapping up to T10
- Nice dps, but you still need to do the calculations ... and your dps may be a bit low if you can't get 6 projectiles. Still sufficient for other stuff...
- Fundamentally, you MUST get 91%+ crit chance, 80%+ barrage crit chance and with a diamond flask have >88% crit chance effective in the path of building on the barrage. This build feels TERRIBLE without near perfect crit chance.
- If you are willing to spend 60 regrets, you can level with Allelopathy unique gloves and blight. It's a similar build but gets upwards of 600k dps now and only costs ~10-20c to start.

Gem setup:
Main cast on crit setup, body armor:
Power charge on crit or increased critical strikes could potentially be exchanged for increased critical damage or hypothermia if your critical requirements are satisfied.
The spells are optional, but this is my recommendation and what I currently use.

Active effects, boots:
Blood rage and Vaal discipline are linked to the increased duration for the quality of life.
Hatred increases our damage significantly.
Discipline gives a large amount of ES.

Supplementary skills, helmet:
Frenzy is used for frenzy charge generation and sustains on bosses.
Flame dash is a surprisingly fast utility that we can use to move around quickly in boss fights. Despite the cooldown and our lack of cast speed, mobility is amazing.
The fourth slot can be used for pcoc potentially if you don't use it in your main links.

Golem, wand:
That golem gives essential accuracy and some crit, so we need it to stay alive! Generic survivability nodes for golems are taken on the tree.

Cast when damage took setup(s):
One: generic short physical immunity + chill enemies in melee range.

Two: warlord's for leech on enemies that damage you who you need recovery from, and for endurance charges to supplement immortal call. Bone offering for CONSUMING corpses of monsters that have damaging and remaining on death effects (porcupine spikes, esh lightning balls, etc.). Frost bomb, chill and cold penetration if it hopefully hits the guy we want to hit.

Soul of Arakaali: reduced damage over time, reduced damage from shocks. 50% increased the recovery rate of ES if you've stopped taking damage over time recently... this work with blood rage and immortal call, meaning when we take a hit and aren't taking damage over time already we will then regain ES much faster for a short period.

Soul of Tukohama: barrage requires us to stand in front of a target and attack them while still due to the burst nature of the skill. We gain up to 8% reduced Phys dmg taken, and up to 2% life regen depending on how long we've tanked that targets attacks while still. My preference.

Soul of Ralakesh: a valid choice, reduces blood rage damage and other Phys damage while moving. Makes us immune to blind which is very helpful.

Tower T15 map:

PoB Link:

[PoE 3.6 Chieftain] Rf AoF Bladefall Build

This builds Furious Blade uses Bladefall with 100% conversion into fire damage and honest, righteous fire to boost the spell damage.

This build has been created and enjoyed with the end content bosses in mind. I wouldn't have created any of this build guide without the above shaper kill video at hand. This build is an improvement over my failed build in the standard. The core motivation was: how can I create an end content viable & cheap RF spell caster? In my first try in standard, I implemented elemental equilibrium and used Kitava's Thirst with blade vortex to trigger EE. Fire on blade vortex was not the main damage but used only to trigger EE. As the main damage was non-fire, that build did not utilize the chieftain ascendancy passives with fire damage bonuses in any way except just to trigger EE. This current build, however, has given up all the EE ambitions but it has fully utilized the chieftain ascendancy. This is my second build guide. My first one [3.6] Blizzard Blaze effectively utilizes EE with 2 x spell totem + whispering ice and 2 x spell totem + firestorm.

Pros & Cons:
+ End content viable (Shaper, Uber Atziri, Uber Elder)
+ Overall high Defense: 
+7.5k life with 8% life regeneration/sec
+7 endurance charges + 5k Armor
+85% fire resist
+net +10% chaos resist
+ High map clear speed 
+ Relatively cheap gear and league starter. All cheap except the 6L chest. 
- The dps is not crazy high (not over a million). The map clear speed isn't crazy high either (e.g., no off-screen kills)
- Problems with many map mods but it can run most of them except elemental reflect.

With 25% reduced reflected damage and fire flask. This failure is really disappointing because we've 85% fire res which should mitigate the reflected damage even further, but all these mitigation methods are unfortunately not enough.

Side with Oak as it grants both life regeneration and also increases bf damage.


PoB Link:


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