Path of Exile 3.6 Most Popular Blade Vortex Build Guide

Blade Vortex is a spell that creates an ethereal blade that spins around the caster that deals physical damage, each blade lasting for the minimum duration of 5 seconds. In Path of Exile, Blade Vortex: Mana Cost at gem level 20 is now 16 (was 19). Now deals 3 to 5 Physical damage at gem level 1 (from 7 to 10) and 101 to 151 Physical damage at gem level 20 (from 123 to 185). Now has an added damage effectiveness of 25% (from 30%).

[Poe 3.6 Trickster/Assassin] Conversion Chaos Blade Vortex Uber Elder Build

This is a crit-based Blade Vortex build built around bossing, utilizes Conversion mechanics along with Veiled mods that introduced to the game in v3.5. The build is initially designed as a 5k hp full DPSer (Damage-oriented version) to kill abandoned breach stone boss from 6-man party rotation. Even though I met the goal, I still not satisfied because the character died occasionally. I decided to min-max my character by giving up some damage for life. So, the build gets balanced (Balanced version), dealing insane DPS with solid survivability as well, able to annihilate all end game content besides very deep Delve mine. 

This build got nerfed in v3.6, VRF got nerfed from 39% to 28%, BV base damage got nerfed 19%, Veiled Modifier got nerfed. This change of mod 'non-chaos ..." has no significant impact on overall damage. Just substitute "Phys add lightning" for "Non-chaos add chaos," but this move would increase the crafting cost.

Pros & Cons:
+ A shitload of burst damage 
+ Instant phase/kill anything being a tanky character
+ Unlimited ceiling for gear investment
+ High-efficiency by abusing sort of overpowered mechanics
+ Respectable Clear speed 
+ Physical-reflect map viable
- Normal mobility
- Not SSF-friendly
- Gearing problem especially in a new league
- Bad league-starter
- Bad Performance at deeper mine levels

- Assassin
More burst damage, a choice for damage-oriented player
- Trickster
Recommended version. A good mix of offense and defense with useful:
Life gain on kills,
Attack & cast speed,
Recovery rate,
Movement skill costs no mana etc.
- Occultist
Tankier, PoB:
- Pathfinder

Notice that everything written in this build guide is dedicated to 
BALANCED VERSION - TRICKSTER. You have to refine if you're picking other Ascendancy.
For Example, PCOC-Orb of Storms isn't necessary to Assassin.

- General: Lunaris + Ryslatha
- T17+ boss: Solaris + Ryslatha

Help Alira

Gems Setup:
Cast when Damage Taken(2)
Immortal Call(3)
Increased Duration
Vaal Righteous Fire

<Weapon 1>
Faster Attacks
Whirling Blades

Increased Duration
Faster Casting
Arcane Surge(1)

Vaal Cold Snap
Herald of Ash

Vaal Blade Vortex(21)
Cold to Fire
Controlled Destruction 
Physical to Lightning
Concentrated Effect(boss)/Spell Echo(mapping)

<Weapon 2>
Orb Storms
Power Charge On Critical
Warlord's Mark

Uber Elde:

T16 Map run:

Uber Atziri:

PoB Link:

[Poe 3.6 Pathfinder] Pathfinder The Zoominator Blade Vortex All Content Build

This build is a master of versatility. Being able to speed run through labyrinth typically ending in top 5 placement, T16, Shaper; so versatile. This build makes an excellent league starter as most of the gear is simple to acquire and cheap.

Updates for 3.6 - We lose a bit of damage on blade vortex, this shouldn't matter that much in terms of speed for us running lab/maps. Vaal blade vortex also took a hit so it will be less useful on bosses. Good thing for us is that we never get to use blade vortex during lab, so its only when we are mapping vaal blade vortex is useful. I will update the skill trees when GGG has updated their skill tree. Everything should be basically the same. I have provided a 3.6 path of building link in the leveling tree section, please use this until GGG updates their skill tree on the official website.

Pros & Cons:
+ 350%+ movement speed (400%+ is possible with a few gear changes)
+ Able to evade most attacks due to the extremely high evasion rating we have while flasks are up
+ Able to do all content in the game (have not tried Uber elder yet though, should be doable with proper flask management)
+ Gear is generic and easy to find
+ Almost 100% flask up-time
- Low health pool comparative to other builds
- Getting the exact colors for the armor can be quite difficult (I have provided several options for the links so that this isn't much of an issue)

Normal Lab - Nature's Adrenaline
Extra movement speed for leveling. You may want to think about choosing this for Uber lab. 

Cruel Lab - Veteran Bowyer
Damage pen, extra damage, and flask charges? Yes, please!

Merciless Lab - Nature's Boon
Chance for flasks not to consume charges, flask charge gain trickle, reduced ele dmg taken. This is amazing for the lab as the majority of the time you will be at full flask charges by the time you get to Izaro. 

Uber Lab - Master Alchemist
Immunity to elemental flask ailments, Extra elemental damage, 20% to cause ailments during any flask. Really helps with the flask gains.

Major - Soul of the Brine King:
Some stun prevention, block, and stun recovery, reduction of chill effects on your character. Getting stunned on a caster is extremely annoying and deadly.

Minor - Soul of Shakari:
Reduction of chaos damage and poison immunity. Yummy.

Aira for the mana regen, crit multi, and of course all elemental resistances.

Gems Setup:
6 Link (Ideal=4B1R1G): Vaal Blade Vortex + increased critical strikes + controlled destruction + added fire damage + added chaos damage + concentrated effect(for bosses) or Aoe (for mapping).
For a 5 link, remove added fire damage. 

If you are unable to get 4B1R1G here are some options depending on the colors that you get.
6 Link (Alternative=3B3G):Vaal Blade Vortex + increased critical strikes + controlled destruction + Added cold damage + culling strike + concentrated effect(for bosses) or Aoe (for mapping).
For a 5 link, remove culling strike.

4 Link (2B2G): Lightning golem + culling strike + GMP + Inc AoE
4 Link (2G1B1R): Phase Run + Enhance + increased duration + efficacy
4 Link (3R1G): CWDT + Smoke Mine + increased duration + immortal call
1 Links x 2 (1G) (1R): Grace + Herald Of Ash
3 Link (2B1R): CWDT + enfeeble + vortex
3 Link (3B): Orb of storms + arcane surge + power charge on crit


PoB Link:

[PoE 3.6 Elementalist] Elementalist Triple Herald Blade Vortex Build

This is the Triple Herald Elementalist Blade Vortex build - my attempt to make the Elementalist great again. A great all-rounder, viable for all content. Blade Vortex base damage has been nerfed by approximately 18%. Not good, but the build is still viable. The skill tree has changed a bit.

The build uses all three elements via damage conversion and extra elemental damage:
Cold with the Hrimsorrow gloves
Lightning with the Physical to Lightning support
Fire with the Herald of Ash and the Added Fire Damage support
Whatever extra elements you get from the shaped weapons

So when using the Mastermind of Discord ascendancy with all three Heralds, you get that 25% elemental penetration on everything. With the Shaper of Desolation all your hits - not just critical ones - apply elemental ailments. The Beacon of Ruin makes your elemental ailments stronger and spreads them to all nearby enemies.

The build is fairly beefy:
- Over 200% increased life can get you up to 7k hp if you invest into it. With Mind over Matter, you can get up to 8k EHP.
- The damage is great, so you kill most everything before they get to hit you.
- Lots of cold damage means that things get chilled and frozen all the time.
- Herald of Ice shatters almost everything, so you leave no bodies for that nasty detonate dead or those pesky porcupines.
- Very agile with Whirling Blades as a movement skill - threats are easy to dodge. Also, fortify.
Note that leech is mandatory for this build. Do not omit warlord's mark curse.

The renewed Elementalist ascendancy offers good synergy with the Blade Vortex skill and the heralds. The Pendulum of Destruction gives a very visible and welcome AoE boost or elemental damage boost when you need it.

Pros & Cons:
+ Good clear speed
+ Guardian map clear
+ Good single target damage
+ Pretty tanky - 7-8k EHP
+ Fairly cheap to gear, not gated behind rare/expensive uniques. Good league starter, SSF is possible.
+ Scales exceptionally well in the end-game.
- Blade vortex mechanics may feel clunky to some
- Have to be in melee range to deal damage

Help Alira(or take 2 points)

The pendulum of Destruction -> Mastermind of Discord -> Shaper of Desolation -> Beacon of Ruin

Major: Brine King (prevents unlocks)
Minor: Gruthkul (Phy's damage reduction) or Shakari (poison immunity)

Gems Setup:
Blade Vortex
Blade Vortex - Added Fire Damage - Controlled destruction - Physical to Lightning - Increased Critical Strikes - Efficacy / Power Charge on Critical / Increased Critical Damage / Concentrated Effect

Whirling Blades - Faster Attacks - Fortify - Culling strike
If using shield replace Whirling Blades with Shield Charge if you like it better.
If using MoM replace Culling strike with Blood Magic.

Orb of Storms
Orb of storms - Arcane Surge (level 5/6) - Power Charge on Crit

Lightning golem is the best for this build. Allows to move faster with whirling blades or shield charge as well as spin up vortex blades quicker.

We use all three heralds: Ash, Ice, and Thunder.

Herald of Ash doesn't hit and doesn't trigger any on kill events, so just leave it alone and use as is.
Herald of Thunder is going to be linked to Curse On Hit - Warlord's Mark gems. This doesn't reserve any extra mana and reliably curses enemies around you while expiring. The fourth link is going to be Blind - our chance to evade jumps to over 50% against blinded enemies.
Herald of Ice can be used on its own, however, if you have enough spare links and mana you can try the following combination, it works great if you don't have Inpulsa's armor yet:
Herald of Ice - Culling Strike - Onslaught - Ice Bite
Do not use this setup with Inpulsa's armor as it steals herald's kills most of the time.
If you have Inpulsa's and want to clear even faster you can use this setup borrowed from the auto bomber builds:

Herald of Ice - Ice Bite - Innervate - Increased Critical Strikes

CWDT (12) - Immortal Call (14) - Increased Duration - Warlord's Mark (14)

Here's the cheat sheet for all gem links:

Body: Blade Vortex
Weapon1: Orb of Storms - Arcane Surge (5-6) - Power Charge On Crit
Weapon2: Herald of Ash - Herald of Ice - Golem
Helmet: Whirling Blades - Faster Attacks - Fortify (+ Blood Magic with MoM)
Gloves: Herald of Thunder - Blind - Curse On Hit - Warlord's Mark
Boots: CWDT (10-12) - Immortal Call (12-14) - Increased Duration - Warlord's Mark (12-14)

Simply keep on spinning and whirling blade into packs while popping flasks. Everything gets chilled, shocked and frozen and then just explodes.

How to handle tough map mods:
Elemental reflect - can't do, reroll
Hexproof - use Berek's Grip ring
No regen - bring a mana flask
Can't leech - heavy flask work, consider rerolling

Drop orb of storms to get an arcane surge going, spin up to max blades, pop flasks and go to town.
Use Concentrated Effect if your dps and poe orb are lacking.


T16 Guardian of the Hydra

T15 Carcass:

Red Elder:

T16 Guardian of the Phoenix (by TheGrammaton):

PoB Link:

[PoE 3.6 Elementalist] Elementalist Blade Vortex Impulse Clear Speed Build 

The build utilizes a lot of crits allowing you to reliably freeze & shock your enemies on top of a few other minor tweaks listed blow. A simple CWDT setup combined with Immortal Call is there to help you vs. Bone Husks & Porcupines.

Impulse is the main big item we are using to enhance our general clear speed with. You can play the build without it but it will be a bit slower.

The most important unique item is a super cheap pair of Hrimsorrow which converts 50% of your physical damage to cold, this combined with the support gem "Physical to Lightning" you are simply not dealing any physical damage at all, allowing you to run Physical Reflect rolled maps and you are both shocking & freezing your enemies reliably with crits.

Is this build for you?
1. If you are looking for a top tier, clear speed Blade Vortex build.
2. A build that is viable in both hardcore & softcore.
3. The insanely high clear speed with high EHP & strong defenses.
4. If you prefer a build guide that has a video linked to it.

1) A pendulum of Destruction over to Mastermind of Discord.
2) Shaper of Desolation over to Beacon of Ruin.

Major God:
- Soul of the Brine King
Helps you avoid getting chain stunned.

Minor God:
- Soul of Shakari
Makes you immune to poison damage if you upgrade it.

- Kill them all, they don't grant anything worth the skill points you'd lose

Gems Setup:
Blade Vortex:
- Blade Vortex, Controlled Destruction, Physical to Lightning, Increased Area of Effect, Increased Critical Strikes, Increased Critical Damage

The curse on Hit Herald:
- The curse on Hit, Warlord's Mark, Herald of Thunder

- Shield Charge, Fortify, Faster Attacks

Cast When Damage Taken:
- CWDT, Immortal Call, Warlord's Mark, Increased Duration

- Herald of Ice, Summon Lightning Golem, Flame Dash, Portal

- Faster Projectile, Greater Multiple Projectiles, Physical to Lightning
- Arcane Surge (lvl 9), Immortal Call, Increased Duration, Phase Run

PoB Link:

[PoE 3.6 Tickster] Trickster Tankster Crit BV MoM Fake Poison Build 

This build has changed over time due to the changes in the game made by GGG and I had to change the topic for this build to survive. At the height of the double poison dips, there were a lot of BV Assassin builds topics featured, this was the only one that had a guide especially made for Trickster, due to its more defensive characteristics.

This build is not the exception, as extreme specialization is not possible using Trickster not even using Assassin because of the hit limit Blade Vortex has per second (7,5 hits), poison damage is dead in this build. Because of nerfing in poison in patch 3.0, some things were modified to try to minimize the losses. For example, I changed the old gems, now it is using Vile Toxins (more poison damage and more damage from hits). Despite the nerf in poison, the new Vile Toxins gem that was added in the 3.0 patch will work to procs more damage with hits based on the poisoned enemy. So basically having 9 poison stacks on enemies (or 10 if Vile Toxins level 21) you will have between 45-50 more damage with hits. Concentrated Effect will provide a maximum of 5% more extra damage at level 21 compared to VT. But Concentrated Effect can be the ally of Vile Toxins, using both and causing much damage. Vile Toxins now is the core this build. :)

In Patch 3.6, Two New Gems Were Added:
Herald of Purity and Herald of Agony.
Herald of Purity adds flat physical damage and still generates minions on the kill, which may help you, but in terms of pure damage, it adds less damage than Herald of Ash. 
Herald of Agony it is also a gem that has the characteristic of having a minion. Overall it will only increase its damage and chance of poisoning. I do not think it's a very good skill unless you're willing to sacrifice your damage to have a stronger minion using the new Spiritual Command and Spiritual Aid nodes.

Both gems can be used no problem in softcore, hardcore depends because you are already using Warlord's Mark as a curse in the aura. Except if you use a ring with Warlord's Mark on hit (Elder rings) or use the new unique ring Mark of Submission with Warlord's Mark.

Pros & Cons:
+ 10 Blades at the same time to kill stronger enemies as fast as possible.
+ Maximum poison stacks possible per second to procs "more" damage with Vile Toxins.
+ AoE was enough to have a reasonable area of damage and QoL.
+ Increased Skill Effect Duration enough to have a reasonable BV and Immortal Call duration, and other temporary buffs. 
+ Enough physical, chaos, elemental damage (with gear), cast speed, critical chance/damage to have decent damage and QoL.
+ The best defensive set based on Trickster + MoM + Weave the Arcane + Acrobatics + Phase Acrobatics + gear + others temporary defenses (flasks + fortify + Endurance Charges / Immortal Call) combined with best offensive set possible.

Trickster is the King this build. With the revamp in trickster in 3.2, the introduction of Harness the Void is an excellent choice for builds that use physical/elemental damage deals extra chaos damage when choosing Trickster.

Major god: The Brine King
Protects you from the effects of cold damage and stun. Very useful.

Minor God: Gruthkul
Additional defense against physical damage while stationary (while stacking BV :P).

Weave the Arcane > Harness the Void > Patience Reaper > Swift Killer

Help Alira.

Gems Setup:
No Cospri's Will:
4L: Vaal Blade Vortex + Poison + Vile Toxins + Concentrated Effect or Increased AoE to clear maps
5L: + Controlled Destruction
6L: + Empower

Using Cospri's Will:
The cheaper version (3 off colors on Cospri's Will - lesser damage):
4L: Vaal Blade Vortex + Void Manipulation + Vile Toxins + Concentrated Effect or Increased AoE to clear maps
5L: + Controlled Destruction
6L: + Empower

Semi-rich version (4 off colors on Cospri's Will - biggest damage):
4L: Vaal Blade Vortex + + Vile Toxins + Controlled Destruction + Concentrated Effect or Increased AoE to clear maps
5L: + Increased Critical Damage
6L: + Empower

Other Skills
You will use all versions:
3L: Whirling Blades or Shield Charge + faster attack + fortify.
3L: Rallying Cry or Flame Golem + Vaal Lightning Trap + Increased Duration
4L: Blasphemy + Warlord's Mark + Enlighten + Blood Rage (BR only if you're Assassin)
4L: Wither + Spell Totem + Faster Casting + Increased Duration
This combination Wither + Spell Totem makes this build extremely strong, use in all bosses, mainly when you're facing difficult bosses like Atziri, Uber Izaro, Guardians or Shaper

Cast When Damage Taken defense
This is mandatory. Use CwdT (Level 1) + Immortal Call (Level 3) + Increased Duration (max level, if possible q20%). Immortal Call duration (it has duration tag) lasts 1 second, 2,1 seconds with 3 endurance charges, very useful against Porcupines and other things.
To complete you can have Despair (if softcore) or Enfeeble (if hardcore) to both Level 5 if you have Cospri's Will.

Maps mods to take care:
- Avoid maps with physical reflect mod (rare monsters with reflecting mod, just avoid the projectile reflected). You can use Divinarius or Heartbreaker unique daggers on Elemental Reflect maps with safety.
- Avoid red maps with Monsters have a 65% chance to avoid Poison, Blind, and Bleed. This decreases your chances of applying poison and consequently reduces your damage (remember the Vile Toxins gem). If you still want to try, remove Vile Toxins and use Added Cold, Ice Bite, or Culling Strike.
- Take care with bosses possessed by Shaper, depending on the maps mods, it can be quite dangerous even yellow maps depending on the boss (Tribunal, Tower and Scriptorium map for example).
- Take care with red maps with more of 2 damage mods (any combination with more 1 extra damage and/or Vulnerability and/or reduced maximum elemental resistance). Map mods with 2 damage mods are usually manageable, with 3 or more going to depend on the combination. Such combinations can be fatal if any boss is the type that has almost uninterrupted attacks (Dominus Villa map for example), as well as skills that are not one shot, but that may be because of these damage mods.
- Take care with maps mods or bosses that cause too much Freeze/Chill (for example Plateau or Death and Taxes unique map), you can use Dream Fragments unique ring to farm safely.
- Take care with maps mods with critical chance/multiplier or power charges on hit, you can use Belt of the Deceiver unique belt to farm with much more security.
- Cannot leech Life/Mana is possible (to Trickster), turn off your Warlord's Mark and use Enfeeble, Despair or Vulnerability. Take care, this can be boring.
- Hexprof is possible (if you don't have Cospri's Will), turn off your blasphemy aura, and you will get more free mana pool. But take care to proceed with caution without risk.


Ruin Map T15 

Old 50 stacks

PoB Link:


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