Path of Exile 3.6 Discharge Most Popular Build Guide

Discharge is a spell that unleashes all of the player's charges (frenzy charges, power charges, and endurance charges) and deals elemental damage in an area around him.

In Path of Exile 3.6 Synthesis, Fixed a bug which caused monsters that use Discharge to fail to play their casting animation while doing so. Discharge has Mana Cost at gem level 1 is now 13 (was 24). Mana Cost at gem level 20 is now 25 (was 47). Now has a cast time of 0.75 seconds (from 1 second). Now deals 5 to 93 Lightning damage per Power Charge removed at gem level 1 (from 4 to 77) and 34 to 651 Lighting damage per Power Charge removed at gem level 20 (from 31 to 589).Now deals 35 to 52 Fire damage per Endurance Charge removed at gem level 1 (from 29 to 43) and 244 to 365 Fire damage per Endurance Charge removed at gem level 20 (from 221 to 331).Now deals 29 to 43 Cold damage per Frenzy Charge removed at gem level 1 (from 24 to 36) and 199 to 299 Cold damage per Frenzy Charge removed at gem level 20 (from 180 to 271).

[PoE 3.6 Ascendant] Cospri's CoC Discharge Build

3.6: Overleech got hit a bit, but its mostly for big hits, I'll test it out and see. Might opt out of slayer.Discharge dmg buff though pog. Vaal of nerf. The build should overall have more damage.

Removing the 95% crit cap helps but this combined with the leech nerf might make assassin the best choice for CoC. Or using a high base crit weapon to reach 100% instead of Cospri's. We're at around 90% crit for the cyclone.

Definitely going to try and fit in bottled faith and zealotry. That with pathfinder/inquisitor might fix any and all crit issues.

Pros & Cons:
+ Fast map clearer.
+ Decent, but flask reliant single target.
+ Slayer leech.
- Expensive to reach the crit cap and shaper worthy single target damage.
- Cyclone feels like shit to the boss with.

Shadow > Slayer > Path of the Shadow
Inquisitor or Pathfinder would be good too instead of the slayer. I just like overleech.

Bandits: Alira

Araakali and Ralakesh.

Once you get enough crit and damage, for most maps, just aim your shield charge into packs and spam flasks and it will clear on its own. You only need to cyclone against beefy enemies in high tier maps or bosses. Keep your diamond flask up, flask management is important!

Shaped Underground Sea


Delve 245



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[PoE 3.6 Hierophant]Discharge Totem Discharge From In section Build

As of patch 3.6, this build is bricked. A bug report has been sent to see if this change was intentional. Currently, spell totem support does not recognize discharge as a supported spell and forces self-casting.

Please showcase your gear and experiences if you try this build to help myself and others learn from it. Thank you!

Pros & Cons:
- Can not run "no mana regen" maps
- Can run "reduced chance to inflict ailments" by removing Southbound but sacrificing damage and on kill benefits (frenzy charges)

Conviction of Power, Pursuit of Faith, Ritual Awakening, Illuminated Devotion
Conviction of Power enables easy generation of power and endurance charges. The pursuit of Faith and Ritual Awakening are general totem nodes for increased totem damage and the benefits of Multiple Totem Support without the gem link and damage reduction. Illuminated Devotion is for increased AoE and damage. Alternatively, you can grab Divine Guidance for more survivability if running Mind Over Matter.

Kill All or Alira

Major God: Brine King or Arakaali
Minor God: Shakari or Abberath

Gems Setup:
Helmet: Discharge(21/20) -> Combustion -> Empower(4/--) -> Spell Totem
Gloves or Boots: Cast When Damage Taken(20/--) -> Molten Shell(20/--) - > Summon Stone Golem(20/--) -> Frost Bomb(20/--)
Boots or Gloves: Blasphemy -> Elemental Weakness(20/20) or Flammability -> Poachers Mark (level as you get DEX; high level not mandatory) OPTIONAL Enlighten(4/--)
Wand or Shield: Convocation -> Arcane Surge(1/--) -> Increased Duration
Other: Flame Dash -- Enduring Cry -- Portal

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