Path of Exile 3.6 Soulrend Most Popular Build Guide

Soulrend is now available for the Scion, Witch, and Shadow after completing Sever the Right Hand.

The new skill Soulrend has an attack time override of 0.4 seconds applied to its Damage over Time. Soulrend: Release a projectile that moves towards and passes through enemies, dealing chaos damage to enemies it hits and leeching a portion of that damage as Energy Shield. This projectile also applies short-duration damage over time effect to enemies around its path.

[PoE 3.6 Trickster] CI Soulrend No MoM/EB Shenanigans Build

This build was to get the most out of the new Soulrend ability and the updated Trickster ascendancy.

- Utilize built-in energy shield leech from Soulrend by stacking energy shield and energy shield leech in the skill tree, therefore also going Chaos Inoculation (CI) in the long term.
- Utilize the updated ascendancy nodes "Ghost Dance" and "Escape Artist" by also stacking as much evasion as possible.

- Stack as much chaos damage and damage over time as possible :)

Pros & Cons:
+ Insanely good map clear, especially on open terrain, due to large travel range and homing missile like the mechanic of Soulrend
+ Super fast due to movement speed and cast speed from Trickster ascendancy
+ Super tanky so far due to big energy shield leech and energy shield recovery through "Ghost Dance" ascendancy node and Vaal Discipline as Life Flask replacement
+ Immune to chaos damage due to CI
+ Reflect mods are irrelevant since chaos damage is neither physical nor elemental damage
+ Proximity shields are irrelevant. Now the boss of Whakawairua Tuahu is a piece of cake :)
+ Decent boss DPS with Wither/Blight totem and swap from GMP to Swift Affliction
+ SSF viable; I am currently playing with Sin Trek as my only unique-equipped.
+ Pretty cheap due to using hybrid evasion/energy shield items and pure evasion body armour (due to "Escape Artist" ascendancy node) without maximum life affixes.
- Hard mana management before "Weave the Arcane" ascendancy node in long, pure single target fights due to missing mana recovery through "Patient Reaper" ascendancy node when killing things and no mana leech
- A little squishy when out of Ghost Shroud stacks ("Ghost Dance" ascendancy node)
(- not sure if this is a con, but you have a smaller energy shield pool compared to Occultist, but probably better energy shield recovery thanks to "Ghost Dance" ascendancy node)

Kill all!

1. Patient Reaper
2. Ghost Dance
3. Escape Artist
4. Weave the Arcane

Pick what you feel like :D
I'm currently using Soul of the Brine King to have some stun lock protection in case my Ghost Shrouds drop - dealing damage with Soul Rend to leech energy shield is our biggest defense when Ghost Shrouds is gone :)
Regarding minor gods: Soul of Gruthkul is always good. Others may be used situationally (e.g. Soul of Yugul for Uber Elder)

PoB Link:
Skill Tree:
Example Link:

[PoE 3.6 Trickster] Soulrend Dualwield EB MoM Starter Build

Soulrend - Efficacy, Void manip, Controlled, GMP, I have seen/heard increased duration, empower, or swift affliction for here. Level up all 3 and try them out, it's up to you/what you are doing!

Pros & Cons:
+ fast as fuck (watch the media videos for fast as fuck proof)
+ can go super duper fast as fuck or tanky as fuck
+ starts off cheaper than dirt, can have 30+ exalts dumped into it as well
+ all map mods besides cannot regen (I think o.o)
+ If bored, can switch to contagion/essence drain and/or use bane as a main skill. Will have to switch to a few more curse nodes on tree tho for bane
- not a melee chad warrior of death and destruction
- everyone playing it
- WTB devouring diadem

The normal lab I went weave the arcane, cruel patient reaper, merciless ghost dance AND respecced out of weave the arcane to go prolonged pain. Uber lab is when I picked up the escape artist.

You can easily not go weave the arcane if you don't want to spend the regrets/worry about it (10 regrets needed to spec out of weave the arcane and the small thingy attached to it.
Why not the swift killer?

Kill all, or go allira for early resists and then switch to kill all later. I recommend going kill all to avoid the hassle :)

For pantheon, I would go for the major soul of Arakalli, and minor Shakiri. Make sure to buy divine vessels and upgrade them!


PoB Link:
Skill Tree:
Example Link:

[PoE 3.6 Trickster]Fast Mapper With Great Defenses.

The character is designed to be a fast and cheap mapper with great defenses and hardcore viability in mind. Trickster brings more to the table than Occultist in terms of clear speed and ease of gearing. Should be viable in both trade and SSF leagues.

Currently, I've covered two different ways of building the character. Ultimately you would want to transition from the pure MoM version, which is dead cheap, to the MoM+EB one, which is overall way stronger once you have the required gear. Each section has the corresponding path of building links, information about PoE items trade, gem links, jewels, flasks, labyrinths, passive skill trees, and a short summary.

Gems Link:
Main skill: Soulrend(1L)+Efficacy(2L)+Lesser Multiple Projectiles(3L)+Controlled Destruction(4L)+Void Manipulation(5L)*

Secondary skill: Bane(1L)+Despair(2L)+Enfeeble/Temporal Chains(3L)+Controlled Destruction(4L)

Movement skill: Shield Charge(1L)+Faster Attacks(2L)+Fortify(3L)+Culling Strike(4L)

Movement skill N2(before you get Weave the Arcane, you can fully remove it then): Flame Dash(1L)+Arcane Surge(2L/LVL1)+Faster Casting(3L)

Blight totems: Blight(1L)*+Spell Totems(2L)+Multiple Totems(3L)+Faster Casting(4L)

Jewel: Spreading Rot
CWDT: Immortal Call(1L)+Cast when Damage Taken(2L)+Increased Duration(3L)

Kill all. Help Alira if you're playing in SSF and need the resistances, respec later.

Major: Soul of Solaris
Minor: Soul of Shakari, Soul of Yugul if fighting against the Elder. Fully upgrade all of them.


PoB Link:
Skill Tree:
Example Link:

[PoE 3.6 Trickster] Soulrend/Bane CI Starter Build

This will be my second league playing the end game in POE. (I got to but did not kill shaper last season.) I wanted a skill to play off curse's and deal dmg, and low and behold I got one with Bane this season. Not to mention the addition of soulrend and just the general buff to chaos/spell casting.

Was going back and forth on whether I should do occultist or trickster. And also to do a low life or CI version. After seeing the amount of curse's that I want to apply and the change with trickster having stun immunity, I decided to try CI trickster.

Kill all, not getting any of the full benefits from any of them.

Leveling Guide:
I will be trying to use Essence drain for leveling with the change to it. But may end up switching back to frost blades. But either one should work just fine.

Once I get to act 3 and can get soulrend I will be switching to that, and bane as I should be close to the additional curse in the skill tree. Or will see the price of Doedre's Damning to get that additional curse early to increase Bane's dmg.
I will be waiting to take CI until you have around 6k ES.

The guide takes the jewel spot's late in the build as early it is normally hard to get good jewels. If you get some early feel free to get some of these nodes earlier.

Gems Link:
6 Link - shaper weapon Blight, Soulrend, Void Manipulation, Controlled Destruction, Efficacy, Swift Affliction
As the resist, and ES needed on gear is pretty demanding if you are using a two-hander, you can use a wand/shield to get extra resist and ES early. Then you can split up blight and soulrend into each piece, and use them when needed. If you do this, then swap soulrend to a 4 link, and can move the movement to a weapon. Early mapping I use Vaal blight on a boss and bane/ soulrend them to death is about it.
remove Void Manipulation for a 5 link and remove Swift Affliction for a 4 link
6 Link Chest - Bane, Void Manipulation, Arcane Surge, Controlled Destruction, Efficacy, Enhance
remove Enhance on a 5 link, and Void Manipulation for a 4 link
4 Link (Gloves) - Enfeeble, Despair, Empower, Temporal Chains
4 Link - Immortal call(7), Cast when Damage Taken(5), Increased Duration, Vaal Discipline
4 Link - Malevolence, Faster Casting, Flame Dash, Portal

PoB Link:
Skill Tree:
Exmple Link:


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