Path of Exile 3.6 Whirling Blades Build Detailed List

PoE 3.6 Trickster - MoM/EB Hybrid Whirling Blades Cold Dot Build

The current patch only made the build stronger. It seems we deal slightly more damage now, but at the expense of some ES (due to weird pathing on the tree). Other than that, all explanations and every piece of gear are still valid. Could use some testing with the new version of Hatred though.

This is another cold damage over time build, but with a twist, since we’re going Trickster, will be using two new uniques introduced in 3.5 as well as Whirling Blades as our main movement skill. What we got is a fast-paced character designed for those who are sick and tired of walking-simulator builds, featuring an interesting Mind over Matter and Eldritch Battery combo, lots of aura and buffs options, as well as three active skills.

While navigating the battlefield with Whirling Blades we deliver punishment to unsuspecting enemies who have no time to react before they perish in pools of frost.

Whirling Blades Can now affect up to 40 targets per attack (from 20).

Pros & Cons:
+ Everything viable (managed to beat Uber Elder on my first ever attempt)
+ Quite tanky (I have 8.2k effective health on SSF, 8.9k with some gem swaps)
+ Lots of damage prevention layers
+ Respectable damage
+ Quite good clear speed
+ Very versatile flasks (no quicksilver)
+ Can run all maps, even ele reflect maps (you won’t like it though)
+ Lots of clicking/very active playstyle
+ Looks awesome with MTX
- Essentially melee range
- Not really HC viable
- Occultist has clearly better damage
- Susceptible to lots of small hits connecting if you’re not careful
- Chaos damage can be a problem (see below)
- ES-based gearing might be a problem due to Acrobatics
- Lots of clicking/very active playstyle
- Looks like poop without MTX


Trickster offers some not too shabby damage bonuses from Patient Reaper and Prolonged Pain and provides a good framework for stacking various avoidance-based defenses. However, the most important advantage of Trickster over another class, Occultist, in particular, is the attack speed and clearing potential since from the get-go I knew I would value fast clear ability more than bossing.

1) Patient Reaper

2) Swift Killer

3) Prolonged Pain

4) Ghost Dance


As far as Major Pantheons are concerned, Soul of Lunaris seems like a perfect match for any avoidance-based build since it increases our chance to evade and dodge.

When it comes to Minor Pantheons, on the other hand, Soul of Garukhan (for extra chance to evade and movements speed) and Soul of Shakari (chaos damage mitigation). Ultimately, I decided to use the latter to bolster our defenses against chaos damage and cover one of our weak points.

While leveling, I went for Alira to cap my resists. As soon as I managed to obtain appropriate equipment, I respected for the "kill all" option (2 skills points).

Gems Setup:
Vortex – Controlled Destruction – Elemental Focus – Efficacy – Hypothermia – Swift Affliction

Cold Snap/Vaal Cold Snap
Vaal Cold Snap – Bonechill – Hypothermia – Efficacy

Curses and auras
Grace – Frostbite – Blasphemy – Enlighten

Dread Banner
An aspect of the Spider

Trigger skills
Summon Lighting Golem – Desecrate – Frost Bomb

Elemental Equilibrium proc
Storm Brand

Survivability skill (Desecrate) 
Cast when Damage Takes (lvl 1) – Desecrate (lvl 1)

Movement skill – Whirling Blades
Whirling Blades – Faster Attacks – Fortify

Plateau map 

Tower map

Some delving action at depth 400ish

Deathless Shaper run 

Deathless Uber Elder run

PoB Link:


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