Most popular Path of Exile 3.6 Occultist Build - Herald of Agony Build, 2019

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Pros & Cons:
+ Great for endgame content
+ One of the best sustains in the game
+ Very easily obtains huge energy shield pool
+ Triple curse setup
+ Excellent league starter, even better league finisher
- Relies on minion AI
- Can feel clunky to some people that are new to the skill
- Playstyle may not suit everyone


Kill all, for the 2 Passive Points.
The only alternative choice is to Help Alira for the Resistances

Major Gods:
Soul of Arakaali is a great all-around choice, especially when fully upgraded.
Soul of the Brine King is an alternative choice, favored by many Chaos Inoculation builds, and is even better when upgraded.
Soul of Lunaris is the best overall choice for Delve.

Minor Gods:
Soul of Abberath is an excellent choice, as it reduces the duration of igniting and eliminates burning ground.
Soul of Shakari is an alternative choice when upgraded.

Main Skill:
1. Chaos Inoculation
2. Elemental Equilibrium
3. Zealot's Oath


Weapons 1: Dusk Rain - Grove Bow
Elder Item
Item Level: 83
Quality: 30
Sockets: R-R-B-R-G-G
LevelReq: 72
Implicits: 0
+1 to Level of Socketed Gems
Socketed Gems are Supported by Level 20 Vicious Projectiles
132% increased Physical Damage
{crafted}Can have multiple Crafted Modifiers
{crafted}+2 to Level of Socketed Support Gems
{crafted}13% increased Attack Speed
{crafted}Minions have 25% increased Attack Speed
{crafted}Minions have 27% increased Cast Speed

Weapons 2: Soul Strike, Spike-Point Arrow Quiver
Item Level: 69
Quality: 0
LevelReq: 45
Implicits: 1
30% increased Global Critical Strike Chance
+30 to Dexterity
Adds 15 to 26 Chaos Damage to Attacks
8% increased Attack Speed
+115 to maximum Energy Shield
80% faster start of Energy Shield Recharge
40% reduced Energy Shield Recharge Rate

Helmet: Brood Brow, Hubris Circlet
Item Level: 85
Quality: 29
Sockets: R-R-G-B
LevelReq: 70
Implicits: 3
+30 to maximum Energy Shield
+19 to maximum Mana
{crafted}Herald of Agony has 20% reduced Mana Reservation
+37 to maximum Energy Shield
120% increased Energy Shield
14% increased Stun and Block Recovery
4% reduced Mana Reserved
{crafted}+20% to Fire and Lightning Resistances

BodyArmour: Damnation Coat, Vaal Regalia
Item Level: 100
Quality: 47
Sockets: G-G-G-G-G-B
LevelReq: 72
Implicits: 0
Grants Level 20 Aspect of the Spider Skill
+100 to maximum Energy Shield
139% increased Energy Shield
7% increased Stun and Block Recovery
{crafted}+21 to Strength
{crafted}+18% to Quality

Gloves: Shaper's Touch, Crusader Gloves
Shaper Item
Item Level: 86
Quality: 20
Sockets: R-R-B-R
LevelReq: 66
Implicits: 2
Curse Enemies with Level 11 Enfeeble on Hit
{crafted}Trigger Commandment of Spite when Hit
106% increased Armour and Energy Shield
+4 Accuracy Rating per 2 Intelligence
+1 Life per 4 Dexterity
+2 Mana per 4 Strength
2% increased Energy Shield per 10 Strength
2% increased Evasion Rating per 10 Intelligence
2% increased Melee Physical Damage per 10 Dexterity

Boots: Vortex Dash, Sorcerer Boots
Item Level: 83
Quality: 30
Sockets: B-G-B-B
LevelReq: 70
Implicits: 2
+10 to maximum Energy Shield
20% increased Energy Shield
+48 to maximum Energy Shield
68% increased Energy Shield
30% increased Movement Speed
21% increased Stun and Block Recovery
{crafted}+20% to Fire and Lightning Resistances

Amulet: Armageddon Idol, Three Rat Talisman
Item Level: 79
LevelReq: 61
Implicits: 1
16% increased Attributes
13% increased Lightning Damage
+32 to maximum Energy Shield
21% increased maximum Energy Shield
+11% to all Elemental Resistances
{crafted}+15% to Fire and Cold Resistances

Ring1: Dream Fragments, Sapphire Ring
Item Level: 74
LevelReq: 8
Implicits: 1
Discipline has 16% increased Aura Effect
20% increased maximum Mana
50% increased Mana Regeneration Rate
+39% to Cold Resistance
Cannot be Chilled
Cannot be Frozen

Ring2: Circle of Nostalgia, Amethyst Ring
Item Level: 72
LevelReq: 30
Implicits: 1
7% increased maximum Energy Shield
+11 to all Attributes
Adds 15 to 23 Chaos Damage
+20% to Chaos Resistance
Agony Crawler deals 85% increased Damage
Herald of Agony has 37% reduced Mana Reservation

Belt: Nemesis Trap, Crystal Belt
Item Level: 85
LevelReq: 79
Implicits: 1
+80 to maximum Energy Shield
+6 to Armour
+34 to maximum Energy Shield
+31% to Cold Resistance
16% increased Energy Shield from Body Armour
{crafted}+20% to Fire and Lightning Resistances

Gems Link:
Rain of Arrows - Faster Attacks - Poison - Projectile Weakness - Poacher's Mark - Curse on Hit - Aspect of the Spider

Herald of Agony - Empower - Maim - Minion Damage - Damage on Full Life - Vile Toxins - Vicious Projectiles

Flesh Offering - Cast When Damage Taken - Increased Duration - Immortal Call

Dread Banner - Generosity - Hatred - Enlighten

Portal - Blink Arrow - Convocation - Vaal Discipline

PoB Link:
Skill Tree:


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