POE 3.6 Juggernaut Three Latest Molten Strike Builds

1. PoE 3.6 Juggernaut: Hybrid's Take on Jugg Molten Strike - Hold Right Build

2. PoE 3.6 Juggernaut: Moltenstrike, Uber Elder Killer Build

3. PoE 3.6 Juggernaut: Dual Grelwood Shank Molten Strike Build

1. [PoE 3.6 Juggernaut]Hybrid's Take on Jugg Molten Strike - Hold Right Build

This build needs help with the "supported by socketed gem" helm. This builds a tiny bit too tanky and GGG decided to nerf it. The removal of min crit chance cap won't affect us since we are not using anything that lowers our crit chance. Actually, in this patch, it would be easier to proc EO since consecrated ground now grants 100% increased crit chance. Plus there is a new flask that triples the consecrated ground area and grants +2% crit chance against mobs in it.

Pros & Cons:
+ VERY tanky: many layers of defense
+ Lots of life: 9k without GG gear
+ Lots of damage
+ Can do all content
+ Excellent lab runner
+ Fast mapping
+ Can start on a budget, a good league starter too
+ Scales greatly with better gear
+ No clunky mechanics
+ Can do any map mod, Rippy maps isn't a big deal anymore
- Not a "ZOOM ZOOM" character like deadeye TS\KB (but is it really a con? :P)
- could get expensive if you try to min\max the build

Gems Link:
Molten Strike - Multistrike - Combustion - Ancestral Call

Whirling Blades - Faster Attacks - Blood Magic

Shield/2nd sword:
Anger- Herald of Ash - Enlighten

Cast With Damage Taken - Immortal Call - Summon Lightning Golem - Ancestral Protector

Major: Soul of Arakaali
Minor: Soul of Shakari

Kill all. we need the points :)

1. Undeniable for damage hit chance and attack speed.
2. Unstoppable for QOL.
3. Unbreakable for a lot of defense mods.
4. Unflinching as endurance charges have more effect in an endgame where physical damage is high.


PoB Link:https://pastebin.com/DDucTWGu
Skill Tree:https://tinyurl.com/y5wbq5gz
Example Link:http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2211489

2.[PoE 3.6 Juggernaut]Moltenstrike, Uber Elder Killer Build

The main idea of ​​the build is that we increase the physical damage of the axes (not the melee damage), we transform physical damage into elemental (fire) damage. Due to the fact that almost all of our physical damage is not meleed damage, we get the maximum boost damage of magma balls. Arc and Shock Nova constantly impose a shock on the enemies, also we have an additional boost in the form of a shock for 4 seconds, which is crafted on the ring - Focus. Due to this, the enemies are constantly under shock, ignition and 3 curses. The Yoke of suffering amulet and the Taming ring also increase our damage due to the elemental ailments imposed on the enemies, and the Soul taker axe allows us to reserve 100% mana, due to which we are under 4 buffs instead of the standard 3, which allows us to use the aspect of the cat, which gives good survival on the bosses.

Pros & Cons:
- High damage and very fast map and boss clearing
- Enemies are under 3 curses
- There is no need to save mana, all skills work regardless of the amount of mana (you can even reserve 100%)
- We use only 3 skills, 2 active (Molten Strike and Leap Slam). Ancestral Protector, we usually use on bosses / sub-bosses / chests, etc., everything else works automatically

Lunaris + Shakari (Map cleaning)
Solaris + Yugul (Uber Elder)

Kill them all (+2 points)

Undeniable, Unstoppable, Unflinching, Unbreakable - better in such order


T16 map

3 bosses on the Temple of Vaal map (T16)

Uber Atziri map

PoB Link:https://pastebin.com/wyPVNqT1
Skill Tree:https://tinyurl.com/y298zcqm
Example Link:http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2327815

PoE 3.6 Juggernaut: Dual Grelwood Shank Molten Strike Build

This guide ever and my main language is not English, sorry if anything amiss.

Pros & Cons:
+ Being a Tank (7 Endurance Charges or 5+ Endurance Charges with CWDT + Immortal Cry + Unflinching)
+ Being a FAST Tank (Attack Speed from Undeniable really shine here, zip-zap everywhere)
+ Can do Uber Lab full key run reliably while decent geared
+ No weapon swap (Unless you want much faster Leap Slam)
+ No gem swap
+ No movement speed necessary needed)
- Caution: Molten Balls may affect your FPS and drown your GPU.
- Greenwood Shank require you to face-tank hits to dish out more damage
- Can't do Reflect (With thief torment on + 4-Link Molten strike + Yugul Pantheon, you can do reflect map somewhat but still dangerous. Go for Elementalist/ Raider Scion if you want reflect immune version and say screw you Atziri Mirror Clone)
- Can't do No leech Maps (If you are using Thief Torment, ignore this)
- If you looking for high-end DPS destruction or sonic-speed screen clear build, this build is not for you
- Not block/dodge/evasion focused, any dangerous 1-shot (especially elemental damage) will still possibly 1-shot you if you don't dodge.
- 6k-ish HP with no block/dodge/evasion mechanic. Still, need to beware "extra damage as elemental" map mod and "- % maximum resistance" map.
- Expensive at league start and the moderate price at mid-league since 3.5 Greenwood Shank buff alongside drop rate nerf.

Lunaris + Shakari (Map cleaning)
Solaris + Yugul (Uber Elder)

Either Oak or kill all.


Gems Link:
6L - Molten Strike + Ancestral Call + Elemental Damage With Attacks + Concentrated Effect + Combustion Support + Fire Penetration
6L - Molten Strike + Ancestral Call + MultiStrike
+ Elemental Damage With Attacks + Concentrated Effect + Fire Penetration or Combustion
4-Link Movement: Whirling Blade/Leap Slam+Fortify+Blood Magic+Faster Attack
Buff: Herald of Purity, Blood Rage
Utility: Herald of Purity + Blind Support Optional)+ Culling Support(Optional)
Aura: Anger, Blood Rage
Warcry: Enduring Cry (For endurance charge generation)

Totem: Ancestral Protector (Ancestral Warchief melee damage buff won't affect Molten Balls)
Alternatively, you can link Combustion to Ancestral Protector if you don't want to link Combustion to Molten Strike while also don't have enough gem socket for CWDT combustion setup.

Banner: War Banner
Recommended only for Thief Torment or mana gain on hit version since it's another 10% mana reserve. The maximum 2.5-second adrenaline buff alongside its accuracy increase is worth it to use during mapping.

CWDT Setup (Optional, work well with new Unflinching): Lvl 1 Cast When Damage Taken + lvl 3 Immortal Call

CWDT Elemental Overload/Combustion Setup - Lvl 1 Cast When Damage Taken +Storm Brand + Increase Critical Strike Chance Support + Combustion Support
Mix and match however you like for CWDT buff/debuff.

Even more Debuff Choice:
Wave of Conviction> Either self-cast or CWDT, the enemy hit will have exposure, which has -25% to resist depend on WoC highest damage type (which should be fire).
Flammability>-29.3% Fire Resist to Regular bosses and -14.15% to Guardians/ Shaper, it's pretty good now
Scorching Ray + Infused Channelling Support>Not recommended but it's another way. You cast Scorching Ray for 0.6s and get Infused buff for 6 seconds which buff fire damage by 10%. Annoying though.

T16 map

PoB Link:https://pastebin.com/wyPVNqT1
Skill Tree:https://tinyurl.com/y298zcqm
Example Link:http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2327815


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