Path of Exile 3.6 Synthesis Raiders Guide For Beginner

First of all, welcome everyone to the game of exile. The new season: Synthesis will be released soon. There will be many new players at the time. Many friends simply don't understand the extreme of this game. Please look down patiently, I will answer them one by one!

1: Path of Exile Fun

This game is actually not much different from the dark game, it is a brush, but because of the huge talent and sublimation career choices, the player has a lot more playability!

2: The Character of The Previous Land Reclamation

Download a good game, please don't rush into the game to start playing, first find your favorite career in the official website bd. (Melee? Remote)After selecting the type, I will read the posts in the bd library one by one. Some posts will include the pioneering strategy (this is very important).If the bd post is accompanied by a pioneering strategy, then the newbie should start playing according to the Raiders. Path of Exile skill gem selection and talent point method will be there, copy it!

3: Path of Exile The Short Name of The Goods and Why I Drop the Bound Currency

e(PoE Exalted Orb)c(Poe Chao Orb)a(Orb of Alchemy
Binding currency is because you are not eligible for unbinding (the season can reach the gold if you can get the qualifications), the season can be seen on the official website.

4: Equipment Holes and Links

The maximum size of the equipment is 6 holes, and the maximum link is also 6 holes. (If you click on the link, if you successfully link all the holes, you will not cancel the already linked holes. The same is true for the same Jeweller's Orb.
Skill item can only be effective if the equipment is linked

5: Differences in Character

Marauder meat
Templar meat
Shadow crisp
Duelist looks at talent
Rager crisp
Witch basic walking route (not the other master of the game)
Each character is only a different starting point (the starting point of talent points) and sublimation is different

6: Filters and Patches (Drop Sound)

Filters are very important. The kind of communication group left in these posts can be found in the group file.

7: What Equipment is Worth?

This question waits for you at level 40. When you go to the equipment to see the market reference, the filters are filtered and displayed (one-handed sword, one-handed axe, claws, head, hands, feet, rings, necklaces). I was identified. (There is an unexpected surprise)
Weapon (high attack, high damage)
Head (high life, resistance)
Ring (life, resistance, elemental damage, additional damage)
Necklace (ibid.)
Hand (ibid)
Shoes (life, resistance, speed of movement)
Belt (life, resistance, elemental damage, pharmacy related)

8: Chapter 6 Begins to Die Infinitely

Because after this chapter, you will consider your own resistance and blood volume.
Resistance (more**).Needless to say blood volume.

9: Map Task Running Map

In which direction your mission is going, in which direction, if the ground has a road prompt, it will follow the road (the transmission point will see the point).

10: Alien Persuasion

After finishing the chapter, I went to the time of disappointment. T1 refers to the first layer of the outer world (applying all).
Attention to resistance and blood volume.

11: Plastic and Crackers

Some points on the outside world are filled with black fog. This is occupied by the father-in-law. You have been playing this picture. If there are more than a dozen links, there will be elders and four guards. (First kill the guards and finally fight the elders. )
Plastic world (map of the starry sky)
Cracker (map of the bottom of the tentacles)
Why are you calling your father?
Because the plastics are the father of Zana (the wife of the wife, not the father-in-law).

12: Red Door and Green Door

Red Gate is the dedication of dawn (a total of 4 kinds, dawn, noon, afternoon, night)
The green door is the red door (the mortal hopes are the four).

13: Maze

Maze pays attention to running before the pre-test can enter, in addition to the ultimate maze, the other three labyrinth trials run in the chapter maps themselves (not in the main task map, are encountered when doing the quest task, see One icon on the map and the book can be read).
The trial of the ultimate maze will only be encountered when brushing the outside world (there are people in the world shouting, left 123 right 123 this is the ultimate trial).
Other materials will also come out, with labyrinth limited equipment (such as shoes death gate).

14: The Last Point

Novices don't take the bow to open up wasteland, even if others tell you that you don't want to play in seconds (the output depends on death)
Important things say three times
Novices don't play with bows
Novices don't play with bows
Novices don't play with bows


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