A New Player's Guide to Path of Exile Vendor Recipes,2019

In Path of Exile, The vendor recipe method enables the player to sell products to any town vendor in exchange to get a multitude of currency products and equipment. Every single recipe requires semi-specific things or combinations of things be place into the sell window at the same time, and the outcome will adjust primarily based on any methods which have been matched. Unless noted otherwise, each and every item may perhaps only be involved within a single process at a time.

Path of Exile Vendor Recipes

1. What is Path of Exile Vendor Recipes?

Vendor Recipes are "secret" combinations of items which you can trade to any NPC using the "Sell Items" that will generally reward you with useful articles or currency. If you want to verify out other POE guides while you're here, check these out below.

There's a brand new player guide to POE that lays out the fundamentals of playing this ARPG. If you want a POE three.6 starter to develop, that's here also. We've also got a guide in regards to the fundamentals of Synthesis League and the Memory Nexus if you would like that. For you personally end-game farmers, we've even got a guide to mapping in Synthesis. If you're leveling a character for the first time and need some assist optimizing your item loadout, we got that covered too. And if you will need a refresher on Betrayal League content material, we've got you.

Efficiency could be the name with the game when farming currency, and this can be equally accurate when utilizing vendor recipes to make a little of that added POE currency. With that in mind, right here are some useful strategies for speeding up your farming for the purposes of these recipes:
- Have a fantastic item filter all the time. An excellent loot filter will often highlight items worth picking up for a lot of methods, as well as any essential currency drops.
- Concentrate on a few item recipes at a time, mainly when you have limited Stash space.
- Wait until you get to Maps to begin seriously focusing on Vendor Recipes, as the returns around the leveling loot are pretty weak.

2. What are the essential Vendor Recipes in Path of Exile?

Map Recipes:
Listed right here are two distinct map recipes and are each rather straightforward. In case you wish to get a higher level map or if you want to upgrade the present map, all that you simply need to do is trade 3 maps you've got, and in return, you are going to have the more significant level map. This can be a recipe that you will be using quite a bit whenever you reach later places with the sport as at that time, naturally, you'll be creating or selling the highest level maps.

By utilizing this straightforward recipe, players can easily upgrade their maps. What exactly is needed are three identical level maps which combined give out a single map that is a level larger. Each and every one of your maps must be entirely the same for this vendor recipe to function. Apart from that, it seems that the rarity in the map equals the lowest scarcity with the utilized ingredients. Also, map recipes could be exchanged to get a gavel, rock breaker or perhaps a stone hammer, our detailed Path of Exile Map Guide is often identified.

Chisel Recipes:
As a way to acquire a Cartographer′s Chisel in Path of Exile, the following recipe ought to be made use of 1 Stone Hammer/Rock Breaker/Gavel of 20% high quality and any form of a map. Both the Map and Hammer may be uncommon, magic or regular.

Gem Recipes:
This PoE vendor recipe is extremely valuable for growing the level of your talent gem, although leveling. It increases the degree of cold/fire/lightning gems mod by 1 of an item. This could be done by combining a Magic Wand/Sceptre, Topaz Ring (Lightning Gems)/Sapphire Ring (Cold Gems)/Ruby Ring (Fire Gems) and an Orb of Alteration.
Yet another recipe can be utilized to downgrade the Capability Gem by 1 level, and it consists of combining 1 Ability Gem and 1 Orb of Scouring. This can lessen the level of your talent gem by 1.

Block Chance Reduction Jewel Recipes: 

Block likelihood reduction jewel recipe: If you want PvP, this PoE vendor recipe enables you to certainly get Block opportunity reduction jewel. All you must do is sell 1 talent primarily based shield with 20% good quality puncture jewel to vendor and Block possibility reduction jewel is going to become yours.

Flask Recipes: 
Let's take flasks, for example, the extremely initial recipe will help you to change your existence, and also you will obtain other flasks which you will discover pretty helpful, especially when playing in hardcore. Within the Road to Exile, it truly is ideal for making sure that you're when utilizing by far the most optimal flask for the character's level, given that it forms a critical distinction. This vendor recipe functions plain and uncomplicated: you're capable of taking three very same flasks and trading it towards the supplier.

Spell Damage Recipes: 
Dagger/sceptre/wand/staff + blacksmith's whetstone + chain belt. The elevated spell damage worth is determined by the rarity of chain belt - ideal belt supplies you with 10-19% spell harm, blue belt supplies you with 20-29% spell harm and different belt offers you with 30-39% spell harm inside your weapon.

Upgrading Crafting Materials Through Recipes:
Essences, Sextants, and Maps all will likely be updated 1 tier by vending 3 with the same. This can be a fantastic strategy to consolidate your maps or put on some higher level Essences for crafting or Sextants for the Atlas. Essences and Sextants uniquely can fetch a considerable fairly cent for that additional finish game variants.

Physical Damage Recipes: 
Weapon + blacksmith's whetstone + rustic sash. The elevated physical damage worth is determined by rarity from the rustic sash - standard sash supplies you with 20-49% physical harm, magic girdle provides you with 50-69% physical harm and rare sash provides you with - 70-89% physical harm inside your weapon.

Physical Damage/Spell Damage Recipes: 
This truly is my individual favorite recipe to create use of as I am leveling new figures. It enables you to surely develop quite successful weapons for brand new characters with hardly any currency investment. The recipe involves two components - one for elevated physical harm, a different for high spell harm.

Crafting Recipes: 
They're recipes that may make your spell primarily based figures possess a new welcomed punch starting within a brand new league or race using the addition of 1 to some socketed jewel with the precise sort to wands and scepters. Different medication is for the top quality of existence, like creating early movement speed boots. Keep in mind that with no Regal Orb getting utilized, these products are going to become of Magic high quality in conjunction with an actually low item level and for that reason are just intended to supply a substantial increase to break and QOL quite in early stages.

40% Quality Recipe: 
This can be a beneficial recipe to obtain high quality enhancing currency - blacksmith's whetstones, armorer's scraps, cartographer's chisels, and gem cutters prisms. Selling armor supplies you with scraps, weapons present you with whetstones, maps give you with tools and talent gems provides you with gemcutter's crystals.

20% high-quality stone hammer/rock breaker/gavel any map. Rarity doesn't matter. The hammer may very well be 20%'d in four whetstones if it genuinely is white-colored and that is undoubtedly worth doing. Map upgrade recipe: Rather straightforward method, but I've encounter folks mapping and becoming not aware relating to this recipe. It definitely works the following - 3 maps with the same level supplies you with map 1 level higher. For example, selling three Tier 1 maps to the vendor provides you with 1 Tier two map. For the recipe to operate, all of the plans have to have to become precisely the same.

Path of Exile Currency Vendor Recipes:

Chaos Orb:
One of the most well-known Vendor Recipe requires trading a full set of Uncommon equipment to acquire Chaos Orbs in return. This signifies possessing a complete set that involves: 2H Weapon (or 1H and Shield), Thoughts, Mitts, Boots, Chest, Belt, Amulet, and 2 Rings, all item levels 60 to 74 will get you 1 Chaos. If all products have 20% high quality, you obtain back 2 Chaos Orbs. Possessing a totally unidentified set, as well as the other requirements of item level and top quality, will grant you 3.

Exalted Shards:
Since Exalted Orbs are a few of virtually the most worthwhile currency in POE, anyone playing long-term will desire to get their hands on as many as possible. Because of this, this particular recipe is beneficial for the later stages of Mapping when you are reliably farming maps with Elder and Shaper influence.

Identified, the full set of either Shaper items or Elder items = 2 Exalted Shards
Unidentified, the complete collection of either Shaper items or Elder items = 4 Exalted Shards

Chance Orb:
The least valuable of your Rare products recipes, I would assistance skipping this as it is not too hard to farm Possibility Orbs although mapping and they're pretty cheap to trade for.
2H Weapon (or 1H and Shield), Mind, Mitts, Boots, Chest, Belt, Amulet, and 2 Rings, all item levels 1 to 59 will get you 1 Chance. If all merchandise has 20% top quality, you acquire back two Likelihood Orbs. Possessing an entirely unidentified set, in addition to the other specifications of item level and excellent, will grant you 3.

Chromatic Orb:
One of the most natural recipes to take advantage of. Chromatic Orbs can be used to change the colors of item sockets, so you'll need a lot of them when you're in the end-game, and customizing gear becomes a major priority.
Any Item traded which has three linked sockets, one of each of the three colors.

Vaal Orb:
A Vaal Orb is fantastic for end-game crafting because it will randomly modify the properties of an item it's used on, with all manner of strange effects. Some of the additional beneficial outcomes consist of creating a 6-linked item, as well as adding useful corruptions as Implicit modifiers to mentioned things. For this reason, it's pretty much often excellent to pickup Vaal skill gems and Sacrifice fragments for this unique recipe.
7 Vaal Skill Gems + 1 Sacrifice Fragment = 1 Vaal Orb

Regal Orb:
A higher level version on the original Chaos recipe. A superb item filter will slightly alter the highlighting of Rares to create identifying Rares for this recipe easier. And as Regals are rarer than Chaos by a wide margin, you will desire to switch to this recipe sooner or later.
2H Weapon (or 1H and Shield), Thoughts, Mitts, Boots, Chest, Belt, Amulet, and 2 Rings, all item levels 75 to one hundred will get you 1 Regal. If all goods have 20% high quality, you acquire back 2 Regal Orbs. Having an entirely unidentified set, along with the other needs of item level and good quality, will grant you three.

Cartographer's Seal:
This can be a very niche recipe, but it's beneficial for targeted mapping around the Atlas of Worlds. There is a single for every single degree of maps (White, Yellow Red) that corresponds to each and every Sextant. Utilizing 1 of these Seals on a Map will remove it in the Atlas completion percentage, and the map drop pool for that character. This can be essential for targeted farming of a distinct Map. For other mapping ideas and tricks, check out our POE Mapping Guide.
3 of any same Sextant + 1 Orb of Scouring = 1 Seal in the corresponding level.

Unsharing Orb:
Another useful tool in the Mapping arsenal in Path of Exile. Using one of these on a Shaped version of a Map on the Atlas will return that map to its original state and Tier.
20 Cartographer's Chisel + 5 Orb of Regret = 1 Unshaping Orb

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