POE 3.7 Assassin Important Build - Winter Orb Ultimate Detailed Guide

This can be my take on a self-chain auto bomber that makes use of different mechanics to extend the duration of each winter orb and the Vaal winds prophecy, to farm six sockets as well as the far more precious 6-linked items.

Oka, so the first feel you might be asking is, how it functions? effectively, the Vaal winds prophecy corrupts all products that are dropped if you have the buff active in the tempest. A corrupted armor chest or two-handed weapons have 1/144 possibility to be 6linked, which signifies you can get a number of 6-linked products each and every map. Due to this, it's in our best interest to extend the duration of Vaal wind buff, because the base duration of five seconds expired strategy to quickly prior to you could do something worthwhile.

This construct utilizes a self-curse temporal chain and solstice vigil to extend the duration of Vaal winds from five seconds to a whopping 20 seconds!

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Now, why are we working with Winter orb?
Winter orb also has the duration tag, which suggests you are able to scale the duration and have insane uptime on ten stages. Moreover, you could take into account it as an extended clearspeed potential, because it can hit monsters that happen to be far from you and can start out the chain reaction of Herald of Ice (HoI). Lastly, it's still a rather fantastic single target potential, even soon after the nerf, and may clear every single boss, except endgame bosses, for example, attire, guardians, shaper and elder for this make.

So how does the chain reaction work? The brief answer is the fact that you happen to be beginning the chain reaction any time you kill a monster and it shatters. Herald of Ice performs by shattering an enemy, which then explodes and deals AoE damage around it. If the harm is adequate to kill the subsequent monsters with HoI, it can then explode too and deal AoE harm, and so forth.

+ 20-second Vaal winds uptime!insane amount of 6links and 6 sockets
+ Fast map clear
+ Satisfying ice shatter and fun playstyle
- Expensive if you want to scale it
- Not a league starter or an HC build!
- Can’t run reflect maps
- Maps with 90% elemental ailments, no regen and hexproof is a pain in the ass but can be done.
- NOT an endgame boss killer

Ambush and Assassinate - Unstable Infusion - Deadly Infusion - Opportunistic

Alira gives you everything you need, critical strike multiplier and resistance.

Major God - Soul of Lunaris
Minor God - Soul of Abberath


Body Armour
Vinter Orb - Greater Multiple Projectiles - Hypothermia - Infused Channelling - Concentrated Effect - Controlled Destruction

Curse on Hit - Temporal Chains - Herald of Thunder - Increased Duration

Herald of Ice - Increased Critical Damage - Power Charge on Critical - Ice Bite

Shield Charge - Faster Attacks - Fortify

POB LINK: https://pastebin.com/x1Bmsenw



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