New Player's Guide to Path of Exile Jewels List and Link, 2019

In Path of Exile, Jewels - These socket into the Passive Ability Tree itself to grant particular bonuses for your character or influence areas in the tree itself. They are obtainable as magic or uncommon Jewels that can be crafted to yield highly effective bonuses, or as Exceptional Jewels that may influence passive skills inside a radius or grant exclusive properties. They grant-specific buffs and skills. Like most other products, jewels are usually modified by orbs and are available inside the 4 rarities. A uncommon jewel can have only 4 affixes as an alternative of six. It's feasible to possess a jewel in an unallocated slot. Jewels in unallocated slots have no impact. Someone of kind jewels affects other passive nodes inside a specific radius.

Jewels are unique than gems. Gems go into gear, jewels go into these committed slots around the tree. You will get some distinct jewels as a quest reward for The Golden Hand quest in all 3 issues, otherwise, they may be drop-only. Let's take a look at the Path of Exile Jewels Guide with Eznpc.

Path of Exile Jewels

Common Path of Exile Crafting Abyss Jewels FAQ:

Q: First off, are regular jewels just invalidated at this point?
The reason I ask is that I know what to look for when crafting regular jewels so the question is is it worth crafting them now over abyss jewels?

A: Yes, RF builds, for instance, get a lot less from Abyss jewels than they do from well-rolled normal jewels. I've seen attack builds that also gained more from stacking multipliers instead of the flat bonuses from Abyss jewels but I'm less familiar with that.

Q: Second question is I really don't know what to look for when crafting Abyss Jewels. I'm familiar with what mods can roll on each type but I don't know which ones are good/which combinations are good. The main reason being I always played either ED or Spectres since Essence league so I don't know what meta builds as Sunder or EK look for.

A: Can't say for sure, I think 50 flat life + 3 synergistic damage mods or 4 synergistic damage mods are what you'll want to get, especially on Searching Eye ones for Wanders.

Q: So what I'm asking is a) are regular jewels worth crafting anymore and b) what rolls and roll combinations should I look for on each of the abyss jewels?

A: Be careful, there are so many of these jewels flooding the market right now that I'm not sure crafting them will yield any good profit. Crafting Elder/Shaper weapons (such as Sceptres to be used as off-hand weapons with several global extra damage mods) might be better.

Base Jewels:

There are three base jewel types. They don't differ in implicit modifiers or level requirement, but rather in the pool of modifiers that can spawn on them. Jewels can be found starting at item level 20 and used at any level.

1. Cobalt Jewel
2. Crimson Jewel 
3. Viridian Jewel

Only magic, rare, and unique jewels can be found in loot. Normal jewels can be obtained by using an Orb of Scouring. There is a fourth base type, Prismatic Jewel, which can't be found. See its page for more information.

Abyss Jewels:

Abyss jewels are usually found as drops from an Abyss. They behave mostly like jewels, except that they're able to also be socketed into equipment with abyssal sockets. Abyss jewels have distinct modifiers it might roll from frequent jewels. As opposed to common jewels, abyss jewel mods are item level dependent.

1. Ghastly Eye Jewel, Ghastly Eye Jewel is an Abyss Jewel base type. It has known because the "Summoner" Abyss Jewel internally and has a concentrate on summoner-related modifiers.
2. Hypnotic Eye Jewel, Hypnotic Eye Jewel can be an Abyss Jewel base type. It has recognized as "Caster" Abyss Jewel internally features a concentrate on caster-related modifiers.
3. Murderous Eye Jewel, Murderous Eye Jewel is really an Abyss Jewel base type. It can be identified as "Melee" Abyss Jewel as it internally has a focus on melee-related modifiers.
4. Searching Eye Jewel, Looking Eye Jewel is actually an Abyss Jewel base form. It is actually recognized as "ranged" Abyss Jewel since it internally includes a focus on modifiers connected to ranged capabilities.

Unique Jewels:

You can find many ones of kind jewels. Some are offered as quest rewards, some are dropped and others may be only be gained by means of corrupting jewel. Some exclusive jewels may possibly come with a radius in which a particular effect occurs. These jewels grant improvements to a certain active ability if sufficient attribute points are allocatable inside its radius. They don't have to have to be allocated, the requirement basically limits which jewel sockets can be utilized proficiently. Threshold jewels may also enhance the Vaal version of a talent. Some threshold jewels could possibly adjust the supportability of talent gems, but they in no way alter gem tags.

The corrupted property can have the following effects on a jewel:
- Turn into a rare jewel
- Turn into a Vaal-exclusive unique jewel with the same base item
- Add an implicit modifier to the jewel
- No effect (other than adding the corrupted property)

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