Cool, 1Mil DPS, POE 3.6 Chieftain Build For Wave of Conviction Totems Guide, 2019

Sell PoE Currency

1. Drop 2 totems
2. Drop Orb of Storms
3. Chug flask!
4. Leap Slam/Flame Dash around
5. Enjoy juicy leeches and flex on these plebs

Pros & Cons:
+ Safe totem playstyle, drop the totem and dodge stuff.
+ Totems taunt, cause enemies to deal 8% less damage & have 20% less movement speed, constant healing from the leech.
+ Cheap! Easily done under 1ex to fully gear with Uniques and decent rares. Can get by with no uniques!
+ Weapons are the only thing that would cost more than chaos.
- Totem playstyle is not for everyone
- If your totems & golems die often, your DPS suffers a lot.
- Mana hungry - Currently making some changes to make this a little easier

1: Ngamahu, Flame's Advance
2: Hinekora, Death's fury
3: Arohongui, Moon's Presence
4: Tukohama, War's Herald

Bandits: Kill All

Major: Soul of Solaris - big defense here
Minor: Ryslathia or Shakari are our best bets and bot equally good here.

Gems Setup:
Weapon 1
Faster Attacks - Fortify Support - Leap Slam

Weapon 2
Molten Shell - Arcane Surge - Summon Stone Golem

Herald of Ash

Energy Leech - Spell Totem - Wave of Conviction - Concentrated Effect -
Controlled Destruction -Added Fire Damage

Flame Dash - Vaal Cold Snap - Arcane Surge

Flammability - Immortal Call - Cast When Damage Taken

Gear Guide:

PoB Link:
Skill Tree:


  1. A whooping 1 mln? Are u kiddin?! that's dope bro!!! and no way near my chieftan build, that's unbelievable


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