For Beginner's Guide, Ready For the Arrival of Path of Exile 3.7

First of all, English is not my native language, so the content of this article, if there is something wrong, I hope the reader can understand. As an old player who has played Path of Exile for three years, he has a certain understanding of playing Path of Exile. Many new players have encountered a lot of problems with the Path of Exile RPG. Here, I will write a beginner Base Guide for the upcoming Path of Exile 3.7 season.

In the 1600s of the permanent calendar, because of a mistake in Oriath, he took the boat of exile and was transported to the death site of wraeclast to become an exile.

Leagues Guide:
There are currently two permanent alliances, Standard and Hardcore. At the same time, there will be two challenging alliances, mostly three or four months. The Challenge Alliance provides a new gaming environment for exiles, including the warehouse will be completely new, and the role part must also start to upgrade.

At the end of the challenge alliance, the warehouse and roles will be moved to the corresponding permanent alliances respectively, that is, the challenge alliance (standard) will move to the standard mode, and the challenge alliance (expert) will move to the expert mode.

When the character dies, there will be no changes in the warehouse of the alliance, and the part of the role will:
Standard mode to standard mode
Expert mode to standard mode
Challenge Alliance (Standard) to Challenge Alliance (Standard)
Challenge Alliance (Expert) to Standard Mode

You can use the warehouse to exchange items for different characters, but you must be in the same league. There are 4 warehouses by default.

Role limit:
Each account is pre-configured with 24 character fields.

Chat channel:
There are two types of chat channels, deals, and world channels. The chat channel is divided into alliances, that is, you only see the alliance's transactions and world channels. You can switch between channels of different numbers by typing /trade # or /global #, or you can uncheck these two channels by checking the chat window.

Different models of roles
The starting position of the talent is different
Different task rewards
Different starting ability values

- Marauder(Strength): 14 Intelligence, 14 Dexterity, 32 Strength.
- Ranger(Dexterity): 14 Intelligence, 32 Dexterity, 14 Strength.
- Witch(Intelligence): 32 Intelligence, 14 Dexterity, 14 Strength.
- Duelist(Strength/Dexterity): 14 Intelligence, 23 Dexterity, 23 Strength.
- Templar(Strenght/Intelligence): 23 Intelligence, 14 Dexterity, 23 Strength.
- Shadow(Dexterity/Intelligence): 23 Intelligence, 23 Dexterity, 14 Strength.
- Scion(Strength/Dexterity/Intelligence): 20 Intelligence, 20 Dexterity, 20 Strength.

When each career is upgraded, it won't gain strength/agile/wisdom attributes, but instead.
Start +50 maximum life, each level +12 maximum life
Start +40 maximum magic, each level +4 maximum magic
Start +50 point dodge value, +3 point dodge value per level
+2 point hits per level

Each point attribute adds life/magic/dodge value
Strength per 1 point +0.5 maximum life, increased by 0.2% melee physical damage
Agile +2 point hits per 1 point, increased 0.2% dodge rate
Every 1 point of wisdom +0.5 maximum magic, increase 0.2% energy shield

Going Ashore:
Sudden storms struck the boat of exile. When you woke up, you were already on the shore. There was only one wooden stick beside you, and an injured person was lying on the rock. I grabbed the stick and asked if the injured person needed help. Suddenly the body next to me climbed up and attacked us. After killing the living corpse, a shining gem was dropped, picked up and placed on the wooden stick.

Weapons, Equipment, and Jewels have item rarity, which is normal, magic, and rare unique.
Normal items and magic are generally not picked up, because even if the store can get a very low rate of return, and the rare must be identified by the knowledge scroll after the pick, you can know the attributes. Not the attributes of rare equipment will be better but will be more than one attribute.

Refer to the main line task process to solve the task and upgrade, each upgrade will get the talent points, the task will also give some, the talent part of the proposed offensive and defensive halfway, you can refer to the other players' talents first, the novice recommends blood volume At the beginning of the defense, the energy shield must wait until later equipment to become a more effective defense.

The difficulty of the game is divided into three levels, ordinary, cruel, and ruthless. The part of the mission is also solved three times. In cruel difficulty -20% resistance, ruthless is -60% resistance.

As a novice, both blood volume and resistance must be considered at the same time, and survival can be hurt.

Earn Currency:
Start with the store recipe, remember that the three-color connection can sell Chromatic Orb, and the six-slot can sell 7x Jeweller's Orb

Starting at level 60, vacate a warehouse to place the entire set of certified or unidentified equipment, and sell the merchant directly to Chaos Orb.

Use Chaos Orb to buy better equipment than yourself through the market

Except for the first week of opening service, most of the premiums below 60 are mostly worthless, except for Tabula Rasa.

The unique luxury that is difficult to achieve in the middle of the league will be the main selling point.

At the end of the league, rare items with high-order affixes are the main selling points.

Learn to use the market to sell and buy items.

Quick Upgrade:
- Avoid single bosses and inefficient rare bosses.
- While playing, drag the boss while playing, don’t hit the boss.
- The magic monster group experience value is 250%, but it should be avoided if it is not good to play.
- Change the area when the experience value is no longer efficient

Take The Ledge as an example. In addition to the must-have monsters, the quick trip to The Ledge is about 5, The Ledge is 6, etc. When you upgrade to level 10 here, you will have an experience penalty of 90%. It is time to leave.

Avoid areas that are not well practiced. Some areas will cause lost or dead roads. They are not suitable for practice. They should go directly to the next area where they practice well.

Play a large group at a time, avoiding a single monster or a rare monster that cannot be killed quickly. For example, at The Ledge, you should quickly pass some monsters, let the monsters gather again and clear them, and continue to move forward to bring the remaining monsters to the next wave of monsters.

Keep going, when you upgrade, you should keep going forward, a little kite, some monsters, when it is big enough, clear it once, or wait for a little while processing items and talents at the same time. Only solve the mainline task and the branch task that can get the talent points

Item picking
Currency, Scroll of Wisdom can be used after a fixed amount, rare items, when the body is full, throw away the most space-consuming items, pick up formulas that can directly sell currency

Unique equipment
Quality gems, no quality, don't worry. Part of the armor focuses on life and resistance.

Take two bottles of  Quicksilver Flask, use a kite to kite a group of monsters, once in the clear light, use the potion to the next group

Use Ctrl+click to quickly sell items, use Ctrl+click to quickly place items in the warehouse

Strength Dexterity Intelligence
Red Green Blue
Endurance Support   Frenzy Support    Critical Support
Fire Ice Lightning
Ignite, Burn Freeze, Ice Sense
Armor Dodge Energy Shield
Ruby Ring Topaz Ring Sapphire Ring
Amber Amulet Jade Amulet Lapis Amulet
Oak Kraityn Alira


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