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Welcome to my reveal of Path of Exile 3.7 expansion Legion, in the heat of battle a single moment may fill an eternity. Path of Exile history is one filled with war, and bloodshed in Legion will discover armies of reclass, five greatest generals locked in eternal battle inside of the domain of timeless conflict in classic exile. Fashion will be intervening in these battles to satisfy, our unceasing lust for carnage and loot. Legion will also be getting us, ready for battle with the biggest overhaul to melee combat. Today I'll be covering all of this and more in this reveal video, so strap in because it's a big one. Legion is unashamedly Gigi's fresh take on one of the community's all-time favorite leagues, a breach in each area will find a monolith, which upon activating will reveal two armies frozen right in the midst of battle. There's a short time after activating, where we can shatter the bonds of time locking them in place, and when the initial timer expires the armies. Will disappear and all freed soldiers will unfreeze and continue their battle, which we will then be caught in the middle log the idea. Here is a simple one that should prove effective hit the monolith, and free as many enemies as possible of course. If we free too many to handle, we may be overwhelmed, so there's a solid element of player agency in determining the level of risk versus reward, that we take on some special enemies.

We'll have symbols over their heads for a bonus,  rewards that they'll drop on death, and they'll also be special chess containing, additional loot that we can tag with limited time window players will have to scout out, and free as many desired rewards as possible. Legion monsters can also drop splinters, which will combine to form emblems representing their Legion.  This is a familiar concept to fans of the breach, and these emblems give us access to the end game of Legion.  Entering the domain of timeless conflicts emblems from different legions can be placed,  together within the map device to open the domain, where these armies engage in fierce battle will be able to hunt down special loot enemies,  and chests, as well as fight the generals of the legions, of course,  placing two emblems together such as the Templar and the vial, will open a domain, where these two legions will be in the middle of battle,  but as you may have guessed a more dangerous battle with more valuable rewards, can be found by placing three or even four emblems together to access a three or four-way battle, but wait there is indeed more through a certain unknown challenge. We'll be able to for the first time ever unlock our five slot map device,  this will, of course, allow us to take on the ultimate endgame of Legion. A battle between all five of the legions at once, the five slot map device will also allow players, to further modify regular maps with up to four fragments, or scarabs for the juicier regular endgame.

Content in addition to the varied rewards dropped, by special monsters in the legion,  the will of course also be a selection of new and revamped uniques themed. after each of the legions, the first example I have here today is a Cunha's will which seems to come from  After each of the legions, the first example I have here. Today is a Cunha's will which seems to come from the Marek F,  these gloves allow you to raise zombies without needing corpses,  and it makes it so that your zombies count as corpses the potential. Here is rather exciting as it means, you can use skills such as detonate dead or body swap.  On your zombies, however, beware of enemies or strong boxes that can detonate corpses.

Which may well turn this mechanic against,  you have also taken a new approach, here to revamping some of the less used and weaker. Unique items by actually removing them from the regular drop pool, giving them some new features, and adding them as a drop to the legions. Valls protector is an example of one such unique, which will now be likely available through the Templar Legion.

A new Keystone passive inner conviction has been added to the item, this Keystone passive causes.  You to gain power charges instead of frenzied charges, and gives your power charges, and added spell damage bonus. Legion is not stopping there though with incubation items, get ready to hatch some eggs containing, even more, loot incubation items are a new type of Poe currency that modifies a piece of gear.  With a kill counter which when reached will pop out a guaranteed item,
You can have multiple items incubating at once, basically as many as you have items equipped. There is a different type of incubations, like this blacksmith incubator which drops a random unique weapon.  When you've killed 2,000 monsters, this system kind of came out of nowhere, but it seems to be GGG experimenting with some alternative ways of getting. Somewhat deterministic loot also the idea of incubating little loot eggs is kind of cute. I'm personally ready to experiment with becoming a mama bird, the legion loot that I'm most excited for however is the new game-changing jewels, that will also be available from the higher end of legion content each of the five legions has a unique jewel, and these will modify the passive tree, in a rather spectacular fashion the Val legion jewel, for example, corrupts the passives within its radius. Lately changing what they do this even includes keystones, which can become corrupted keystones. Even more exciting is that these jewels are different, every time dropping with different seeds that change the passives.

 In different ways so to value jewels will give different corruptions to the same passives. This to me seems like such a game-changer I personally love the design of the elder jewels watches eyes, with their huge variety and potentially ridiculous combos. It's always exciting to identify one the design of these legion jewels seems to follow that concept and is taking it to crazy levels since. It's going to add a whole new level of build customization Chris, also mentioned to me that the seed of the jewel. Will be identifiable through the jewels flavor text which will mean, that the community can explore these jewels together, and of course trade them. We don't even know yet what the other Legion jewels will do. But I'm already super excited about the violet, and jewels alone, But that's enough about loot, for now, let's talk about the other massive set of changes. Coming to the Legion, expansion the complete melee revamp most importantly here. GGG has improved the melee experience at the fundamental level with changes to the core gameplay mechanics.

Chris Wilson said that melee has been described by players as clunky, especially at the early stages of the game, and they wanted to address most of these core issues, with melee in one go so let's go through what. That means there's a lot going on here so get ready.

Firstly you can now cancel attack animations, you are free to do this right after the damage has been dealt, or before if you change your mind and need to avoid an incoming attack. This change alone is designed to make melee combat feel much more responsive and will afford us better control over our characters though.

I do imagine it may take some getting used to this change in. Particular is tied in with all movement skills now having
instant activation which means, you can animation cancel a slow attack, that would have locked you in place with a movement skill to avoid an incoming attack additionally a selection of new low-level movement skills, have been added to help many classes in the early game. Such as - this quick dodging dexterity skill, as a personal note. I have to imagine that these combined changes alone, will have a pretty big impact on the responsiveness of combat, and will likely see a rather large increase in the skill. The ceiling which is exciting in the context of peewee racing and speed leveling there is more though all melee attacks can now hit multiple adjacent enemies, with a small male a splash style effect this should improve the early game for a lot of skills.

As well as, making it easier to connect with desired targets, if there are several monsters in the area the timing of when damage is dealt relative to animations. Has been improved as well along with fixed ranged indications for all attacks in the game. I think this clip of a two-handed heavy strike on deressa communicates, it pretty well how much more accurate the blows look and feel the animation. System overall has been overhauled too with support for animation chaining, and dynamic speed changes this should all help the combat look and feel better and more.
Accurate melee targeting has also been improved, with the game now automatically retargeting a new monster, near your cursor if you kill your current target but are still holding down the attack button, this should make it so that spam clicking isn't necessary to ensure. That you have a target when attacking with melee skills various, other systems have been changed as well which will likely be further detailed in the coming week's accuracy. For example, is no longer capped at 95%, so that you can reach 100% accuracy without needing. Resolute technique and of course, this expansion also contains an end-to-end rebalance to melee attacks in a similar, fashion to how the last expansion win over spells.
This, of course, includes some very anticipated reworks for some of the skills, like Cyclone, which is now a channeled skill with all of the improvements to Mele. Gameplay and with players having much better control over, their characters GGG has also decided to work on the opposite side of things, as well the enemies these improvements have been especially focused.

On some of the slow and somewhat dated early game, content the changes are rather, expansive including improved monster AI new monster skills better boss fights, and more polished generally to the early areas that. GGG says will bring them up to a 2019 standard you can see some of this improvement, already in the improved early boss fights expect to see monsters perform much more. Signaled attacks, and with the improvements on the player side of things skilled movement positioning, and dodging is now much more possible. As a result,

you can see a much more noticeable wind-up on skills, and even the melee attacks of bosses many of the early boss fights have also been made generally. More intense and exciting with new skills, and more dangerous attacks kodoku item, crafting rituals are about to become a whole lot more intense, and game has not been forgotten as well with many bosses, and atlas maps reworked this includes the sunken city boss the Gardens boss fight, and finally an improved cowards trial unique map mostly.  We're seeing improved boss fights with more months to spawns abilities, and some pathing and layout improvements to less well-liked maps legion, also includes two new mainly focused build archetypes that group some of the new skills, and mechanics the raging berserker, and the blood, and Sand gladiator while berserker and gladiator most closely aligned to these new archetypes many of the new skills and tools are available for other builds, to use as well the blood, and Sand archetype features a
new stance mechanic. Which allows you to reserve some mana to enter either blood or sand stances, which you can change between it will.  Blood stance is focused on up-close damage for tougher enemies, and sand is focused on area killing and speed. Blade storm is a new male a skill, that slashes enemies around you, and creates a blood storm or a sandstorm depending on.  What stance you're in some old skills like a lacerate will, also interact with the new stances. These additions also come alongside a rework to the gladiator ascend see the second. A new archetype is the rage Berserker. Berserker and the rage mechanic have been overhauled in Legion, with rage no longer draining life by default the Berserker will, however, have a mechanic that restores the health draining effect in order to gain increased power rage now also interacts with several of the new, and revamped skills the new skilled.

Change strike is a movement attack, that pulls you to enemies damaging them and generating, rage move over flicker strike Brutus boys are coming through. There will also be a new skill, called berserk that rapidly consumes rage to give you more damage attack speed,  and movement speed and less damage taken the Berserker ascendancy.  We'll be featuring reworked bonuses, that interact with both rage and the berserk skill.  This is only a basic overview of some of the new skills, and archetypes coming in. Legion with more details to come over the next few weeks now, that's what I have for now as far as new reveals go so.

 I wanted to share some of my initials, thoughts in the shadow of the complexity of some of the recent leagues, straightforward combat oriented league. The mechanic is what a lot of players have been asking for Legion. Looks like it will fit the bill and modeling enough, that breach is a promising idea of course. Legion could well prove to be a better breach with the player agency over, how many challenges we take on each encounter breach had the issue. Where you who would sometimes get empty breaches, and other times. You'd be overwhelmed by a crazy breach full of toll frost bladers. Legions design of giving us control over, how many monsters we find could well be a real winner only time, will tell how good it feels to actually play of course, but Legion does win a lot of points with me personally,  thanks to its reward structure build changing.

Unique design and jewels, that follow high variance high-impact design of the watch's eye.  Jewels are an exciting thing to chase after I think and the idea of getting in the middle of four of five-way. Battles are quite an exciting premise demand, it's always been one of my favorite things in games. When you come across NPCs duking it out the melee changes, look to be exceeding my personal. Expectations of what, we'd be getting as well.  I did expect new skills and reworks maybe with some improvements to animations and such. But things like animation canceling instant move skills and targeting. Changes are a real game change it for the game. I think there is some potential here, that some of these changes, may introduce new problems that we have to deal with like players. Accidentally, canceling attacks when they didn't mean to but this may just require an adjustment, period the potential for these changes greatly, increasing the skill ceiling of racing and competitive play is just very exciting to me especially. Since the competitive scene has really been ramping up of late, this is just honestly way more than. I expected personally when ggg said they'd be doing a simpler league mechanic and expansion.  Especially, since so much of work, is happening on 4.0 and exil'd Khan at the moment, but that's enough for me.


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