POE PS4 Trickster - T18 Uber Elder, Insane Duration Winter Orb Build

This builds after playing trickster last league, and while I did enjoy it the overall build felt lacking. I played quite a bit with Winter Orb elementalist during Betrayal league and really liked the skill, but the damage wasn't so good for late game content. With the buff to Trickster via Ghost Dance and Escape Artist this league I wanted to give it another shot, and use this as an excuse to test out how a spell-leech focused channeling build would feel. Thus I came to the decision to pick the incredibly non-meta skill: Winter Orb.

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Pros & Cons:
+ Insane clear speed
+ Insane single target
+ Crazy fun
+ Layered defenses including Block, Blind, and Recovery
- Still can't do ele reflect
- Cannot do Ele reflect.
- Gear can be restrictive,


1. Swift Killer
2. Ghost Dance
3. Harness the Void
4. Escape Artist

Bandits: Kill all. Help Airla. 2 Passive Points

Major - Soul of Lunaris
Minor - Soul of Shakari

Keystone Passive Skill:
1. Chaos Inoculation
2. Ghost Reaver

Gems Link:
Winter Orb + Cold to Fire + Fire Penetration + Added Cold Damage + Infused Channelling + Greater Multiple Projectiles

Weapon 1
Summon Stone Golem + Combustion + Wave of Conviction

Weapon 2
Hatred + Herald of Ash + Purity of Elements

Phase Run + Righteous Fire + Increased Duration + Arcane Surge

Cast When Damage Taken + Immortal Call + Flame Dash + Increased Duration

Physical to Lightning + Concentrated Effect + Elemental Focus + Blade Vortex


Weapon 1: Dusk Breaker, Tyrant's Sekhem
Weapon 2: Dread Spell, Abyssal Sceptre
Helmet: Blood Crown, Hubris Circlet
BodyArmour: Plague Salvation, Blood Rainment
Gloves: Dragon Fingers, Crusader Gloves
Boots: Atziri's Step, Slink Boots
Amulet: Demon Charm, Onyx Amulet
Ring 1: Pain Eye, Iron Ring
Ring 2: Pyre, Sapphire Ring
Belt: Woe Thread, Stygian Vise
Abyssal: Grim Gaze, Hypnotic Eye Jewel
Flask 1: Chemist's Quicksilver Flask of Warding
Flask 2: Atziri's Promise, Amethyst Flask
Flask 3: Panicked Hallowed Hybrid Flask of Heat
Flask 4: Dying Sun, Ruby Flask
Flask 5: Ample Diamond Flask of Staunching
Socket #1: Honour Essence, Crimson Jewel
Socket #2: Hollow Arbiter, Hypnotic Eye Jewel
Socket #3: Watcher's Eye, Prismatic Jewel
Socket #4: Eagle Cut, Cobalt Jewel
Socket #5: Inspired Learning, Crimson Jewel


PoB Link: https://pastebin.com/Xg6f2Sdb
Skill Tree: https://tinyurl.com/y3tnxvh2


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