POE 3.7 Players Ignored Inquisitor Ball Lightning Build Guide

This build is friendly to this league, solo-self-found viable, and comprehensive Storm Brand Inquisitor guide. It's a really strong build and I would love to hear opinions.  The leveling section in this guide is meant to take players with a fresh install or in a fresh league and get them into maps and started on a powerful character. Interested readers can find gear priority, stat suggestions, mechanics explanations, and a whole bunch of links that might be useful for newer players.

poe orb of fusing farming

If you're new and want to get through the story and get off to a good start I recommend reading through the guide completely before starting.

Pros & Cons:
+ Hardcore viable
+ Budget-friendly
+ Fun and active playstyle
+ Strong clear speed in all map tiers.
+ Fairly strong boss damage.
- Cannot do Elemental Reflect
- Very squishy to physical damage
- Not very tanky vs syndicates
- Can't do ele reflect
- Does a little less damage vs single target

1. Sanctuary
2. Righteous Providence
3. Pious Path
4. Inevitable Judgement

Help Alira. Kill Them All is an alternative if you don't need resists and the 2 skill points help your build more.

Major God – Soul of the Brine King if without Kaoms Roots. Soul of Solaris if you have them.
Minor God – Gruthkul for mapping Yugul for Uber Elder

Gear Guide:

Gems Setup:
Ball Lighting - Power Charge on Critical - Spell Echo - Controlled Destruction - Slower Projectiles - Energy Leech

Flame Dash - Increased Duration - Faster Casting - Arcane Surge

Clarity - Zealotry - Bloode Magic - Enlighten

Wrath - Discipline - Enlighten - Herald of Ice

Vaal Haste - Increased Duration - Faster Projectiles

Storm Brand - Curse On Hit - Assassin's Mark

Skill Tree:

PoB Link: https://pastebin.com/rWsGw5db


Example Link:  https://poe.u4n.com/builds/poe-3-7-lightning-trapper-saboteur-build-guide


  1. so misleading pros & cons for inquisitor here, poe players deserve better and better guides... pls pls update it


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