Popular POE 3.7 Trickster Build - Essence Drain Beastmode, SSF Build Guide

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Hi guys, I'm playing this game because of the late Harbinger league. Started out in trade-league and got bored by it in the course of Betrayal. I felt the will need to create this build guide for Essence Drain soon after among our guild members who are still learning the ropes complained the ED guides she saw necessary certain uniques without the need of providing options. I will try and be as detailed as you can and clarify my itemization selections so you comprehend them too.

The sections are rather expansive and therefore put into spoilers. For those who feel there is something missing, just ask me and I just could possibly add it next time I update the thread.

Essence Drain will be the most effective development for starting new league hands down. When you get used to the 1-2 playstyle of applying Contagion and Essence Drain, you are going to learn just how remarkable and constant it really is.

What are the pros?
- Insane clear speed
- Does not depend on distinct uniques items
- Consistent functionality all through early to endgame
- Simple to make in SSF, low cost to make in trade
- Quite tanky hybrid character with tons of regen
- Can do any map mod; no regen calls for you to turn off an aura and can be difficult, but doable

What are the cons?
- Desires some getting utilized to
- Won't attain ridiculous harm numbers (but 1-2 million Shaper DPS rather comfortably)
- Inarguably the top talent for Monoliths
- Not for lazy people who only choose to press one particular button

- Death Aura, I personally love this skill idea.
- Clear Speed
- Relatively cheap
- Very flex
- good survivability
- All content
- Any map mode can be done
- It requires a bit of practice, you can not overdo it with channeling, it's additional damage.
- A lot of mechanics, it's important to read the guide carefully.
- We do not have Leech and LGoH 


Ghost Dancer - Escape Artist - Patient Reaper - Prolonged Pain

BANDITS: Help Alira.

Major God - Soul of Arakaali
Minor God - Soul of Shakari or Soul of Tukohama


1) 6-link: Essence Drain + Efficacy + Controlled Destruction + Void Manipulation + Swift Affliction + Empower
2) 4-link: Blasphemy + Temporal Chains + Malevolence + Enlighten
3) 4-link: Blight + Infused Channeling + Controlled Destruction + Void Manipulation
4) 3-link: Contagion + Increased Area of Effect + Intensify
5) 3-link: CWDT + Steelskin + Phase Run
6) 2-link: Frostblink + Arcane Surge
7) 2-link: Spell Totem + Wither
8) 1-link: Flesh and Stone

POB LINK: https://pastebin.com/DbCEY97K
SKILL TREE: https://tinyurl.com/y27jc5rh


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