POE 3.7 Raider Special Build - Tornado Shot Guide, 2019

This build is a very good League build. It does not require any specific uniques, all you need to get you through mid-tier maps is a decent DPS bow and flat added physical damage rings and amulet.

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Tornado Shot is one of the most popular bow skills in Path of Exile. And obviously, Ranger is pretty much the most suitable class to use it. All 3 Ranger Ascendency classes are extremely good, and choosing one of them has always been a close call. Raider is currently the best Ranger Ascendancy class for the end-game viable Tornado Shot Ranger build.

Pros & Cons:
+ Very high damage and great AoE
+ Safe and Good - with no expensive unique items required
+ Scales extremely well end-game with proper gear and high DPS bows
+ Very fast clear speed
- Can get one shotted by end-game bosses and high physical DPS attacks
- Vulnerable to reflect mods maps
- Requires kiting experience
- It is recommended to have two 5-6 linked items for different single-target and AoE DPS setups

1. Quartz Infusion
2. Rapid Assault
3. Avatar of the Veil
4. Avatar of the Chase

Help Arila, The 2 Passive Points.

Major God - Soul of Lunaris
Minor God - Soul of Garukhan

Gear Guide:

Gems Setup:
Tornado Shot - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Cold Penetration - Added Cold Damage - Mirage Archer - Greater Multiple Projectiles

Poacher's Mark - Curse on Hit - Ice Bite - Assassin's Mark - Herald of Ice

Vaal Haste - Blink Arrow - Mirror Arrow - Increased Duration

Hatred - Chain - Summon Ice Golem

Immortal Call - Increased Duration - Cast when Damage Taken

Skill Tree:


PoB Link: https://pastebin.com/VEsj2wFDl
Example Link: https://poe.u4n.com/builds/poe-3-7-raider-tornado-shot-build-guide-2019-july


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