POE 3.7 Latest Popular Hierophant Immortal Call Build Detailed Guide

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Welcome to a tanky caster build that ignores reflect, which I named the Chaos Agnostic build that makes use of the new Timeless Jewel that drops in Legion League, more specifically the Militant Faith Timeless Jewel which converts passive keystone in range into The Agnostic.

The idea was to make a build that relied on its Mana for survivability much like "Mana Shield" from Diablo but Mind over Matter alone never seems to give me that feeling as it diverted a portion of the damage. When I saw the new Keystone called The Agnostic, I knew I needed to try again as 20% of Mana recovered as Life looked promising.

Key to making this build successful is to get as much Flat Mana regeneration such as from Clarity, etc. and % Max Mana regeneration such as from Cloak of Defiance, etc. Both the mana lost and life recovered from Agnostic happens by "ticks" and happens gradually, not instantly or in "chunks" of 20%. This means if the player loses any amount of life, the proportionate amount of mana sacrificed to be recovered back at life at a capped rate of 20% max mana per second and there does not seem to be a way to overcome this cap. There is however a way to increase the rate of recovery for life and mana as there is are stats/mod in POE called "X% Life Recovery Rate" or "X% Mana Recovery Rate". These mods are however very rare in this game and only directly available through Watcher's Eye Jewel, Shaper/Elder Belt and Flow Untethered Unique Belt or indirectly through Ascendancies and Pantheon but are mostly conditional.

Pros & Cons:
+ Tanky - About 6500 effective life, near-instant heals on non-one-shot-hits
+ Non-meta build - Self Cast on Self Dark Pact (no skeletons)
+ Chaos Damage - Can handle elemental and physical reflect with no problems
+ Zoom zoom zoom - Permanent Onslaught thanks to Dance of the Offered boots
+ Good Mapper - Can do maps with any map mod except NO life/mana recovery.
+ Easy to assemble - Mostly require uniques which are non-meta and cheap.
- Life and Mana build - Need to get used to Mind over Matter playstyle of managing both Life and Mana constantly.
- Not Shaper/Elder farmer - Sorry, this ain't no instant Shaper killing build
- No off screening - Can only kill what's on the screen, no instant Legion clearing machine
- Cannot do NO life & mana recovery map mod.


1. Divine Guidance
2. Illuminated Devotion
3. Conviction of Power
4. Arcane Blessing

Help Alira for 5 mana regenerated per second which is multiplied many folds for this build in later levels.

Major God - Soul of Lunaris
Minor God - Soul of Garukhan


Gems Setup:
Dark Pact - Void Manipulation - Intensify - Spell Echo - Controlled Destruction - Added Chaos Damage

Frostblink - Cast When Damage Taken - Enfeeble - Immortal Call

Minion Life - Summon Stone Golem - Culling Strike

Clarity - Enlighten - Vitality

Spell Totem - Faster Casting - Multiple Totems - Wither

Righteous Fire - Burning Damage - Elemental Focus - Increase Area of Effect

PoB Link: https://pastebin.com/CuaEuYEf

Skill Tree:



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