PoE 3.5, 7 Scion Builds That Is Very Helpful For Players

1.Void battery Shimmeron Storm brand Scion Builds

Creates a magical brand which can attach to a nearby enemy. It periodically activates although attached, firing beams which deal damage to nearby enemies and those about them. The brand will detach in the event the enemy dies. Employing keystone"Runebinder" u can have as much as two brands on 1 target, which actually doubles your harm and activates 50% more damage to Branded enemies.

Pros and Cons:
+ Insane damage, even if u don't put too much currency
+ Comfortable and pleasant ability, that chains and deals aoe damage.
+ Good clear speed.

- Has mediocre hp pool(around 5-6k+ hp).
- No defence mechanics(Dodge,evasion,phys. reduction,freeze,chill,curses,only leech).
- Endgame version of this build is very expensive.

Chill Deathless Shaper:

Uber Elder:

PoB Link:

Skill Tree:
20 points Tree: https://tinyurl.com/ycxa67dh
40 points Tree: https://tinyurl.com/ycxa67dh
60 points Tree: https://tinyurl.com/y7wvaylr
lvl 92 Passive tree: https://tinyurl.com/yau7kqt7
95 points Tree with 3 Labs: https://tinyurl.com/ycbndhnu

2.PoE 3.5 Ascendant Blade Flurry Builds

This is a cold conversion Blade Flurry build for bossing and Reave for clearing. With enough investment, this build can reach 7+ million shaper DPS. This is the first guide I've written and it will be updated as time goes with more in-depth explanations for everything. Feel free to ask questions.

+ One of the highest melee dps builds
+ Fast clear speed
+ Excels at bossing
+ Cheap, a good league starter and a ton of room for scaling
+ Runs all mods except for "Cannot Leech" and "Ele reflect"
+ HC viable (with a couple of tweaks)

- Very little mitigation - requires dodging boss mechanics
- Melee Skill
- Forced to use Whirling blades

Help Alira
Crit Multiplier adds a decent chunk of damage and the extra resistances makes it easier to itemize your character.

Soul of Arakaali
While you have Blood Rage, triggering Cast When damage has taken makes you stop taking Damage over time Recently, thus giving you 50% extra Life Recovery.
Doesn't matter, personally I use Soul of Yugul for Uber Elder farming.

Gem Links:
For Bosses
Blade Flurry + Damage on full life + Elemental Damage with Attacks + Melee Physical Damage + Hypothermia + Concentrated Effect
For Clearing
Vaal Reave + Multistrike + Melee Physical damage + Damage on Full life + Hypothermia + Increased Area of Effect
Herald of Purity + Herald of Ash + Hatred + Enlighten
Whirling Blades + Faster Attacks + Fortify/Blood Magic
Cast When Damage Taken + Immortal Call + Frost Bomb
Blood Rage + Ancestral Protector

Deathless Uber Elder:

PoB Link:https://pastebin.com/b3VDL6Ld
Skill Tree:
Unnatural Instinct: https://tinyurl.com/y8u63kdh
Triple Might of the Meek: https://tinyurl.com/yb5wp2z4

3. Poet's Pen Volatile Dead boss tank Builds

This construct focuses on boss killing, primarily Uber Elder, tanking a lot of the damage with numerous leech, hp, and mitigation while nonetheless doing decent harm due to Poet's Pen + Volatile Dead mixture. The make is really a descendant of my old Zerphi Poet VD boss-killer make which is discontinued due to the Zerphi flask nerf.

Mitigate damage taken with flasks specialized for the boss that you are operating, and heal back by leeching extremely speedy. Scion's slayer nodes make leech not stop at full life, so leech provides a continual 7000-12000 life recovery per second, and scion pathfinder makes flask charges regenerate, creating them almost permanent even in the course of boss fights.

+ Easy to play
+ No complicated mechanics
+ Tanky
+ Relatively cheap
+ Good single target damage
+ Safe mapping

- Mediocre map clear speed
- Clunky movement
- Not a good league starter, unless you know how to make money
- Can't do reflect or leech immune maps

The very minimum required items to kill Uber Elder cost around 1300c total or 8-9 ex currently in Betrayal league. 2 Poet's Pens 200-300c each, Kaom's heart 200c, Might of the meek jewels 130c each, 2-mod Watcher's Eye jewel 100c, the rest of the slots 10-100c each, and assuming you level and flip your gems yourself.

Arakaali with all upgrades, Yugul with the upgrade

2 passives.

Gem Breakdown:
Main attack: Frenzy can generate frenzy charges and cap your attack speed the easiest. Power siphon gives culling strike if you don't have already and generates power charges to easier proc elemental overload. Combustion support on the main attack debuffs the enemy, so it VD deals more damage to it.

CWDT+Immortal call combo is only required in combination with Blood Rage to proc the Arakaali->Arachnoxia pantheon, otherwise, the Phys immunity is not reliable during Uber Elder fight.

Auras: You should only use auras that for you have a matching Watcher's Eye jewel, see useful watcher's eye mods above under gear breakdown!

Gearing in General:
Your leech rate is primarily based on a % of one's maximum life, so get as substantially life as you can in each and every slot, cap your resistances, max leech price elder amulet is essential, and elder life recovery rate belt is preferable, and when you have affix slots and currency then %spell/fire/elemental/area harm on rings, amulet, belt (fossil crafting), and jewels. Taste of Hate and Smart oak are crucial for defense, Overflowing Chalice for flask sustain for the duration of boss fights, Dying Sun for dps whenever you have enchant, 5th slot might be something you wish, one more ToH for reliability, Atziri flask for harm and leech, Phys/lightning mitigation flask, life flask with curse/bleed immune for mapping and so forth. Kaom's roots are most effective in the slot for Uber elder to become stunned and slow immune and obtain plenty of hp.

PoB Link: https://pastebin.com/Vqku4WYt
Skill Tree: http://poeurl.com/ceRq

4.[3.5] Flicker/Molten Strike Scion Builds

This creates was by Path of Developing then modified by me, it really is a genuinely exciting development and wanted to share my tweaks. My main alterations would be the use of weapon swap for a molten strike, this construct may be a molten strike with no flicker should you wish to, if so add ancestral contact for the molten strike for mapping.

The POB is definitely the perfect gear you wish, the gear on myself is super spending budget as I am nevertheless leveling using the build. I'll attempt to keep this forum updated.

Pros & Cons:
+ Fast
+ Cheap
+ Fun
+ Bossing is easy with weapon swap

- Leveling without flicker strike
- Necessary weapon
- Evasion based based
- Weapon swap for bossing
- Flicker is annoying sometimes

Don't forget to level flicker strike and other gems
Level 1 - Molten Strike
Level 4 - add Ancestral Call
Level 8 - add Combustion
Level 18 - add Elemental Damage Support
Level 38 - add Multistrike Support

Order of Importance while leveling:
Molten Strike-Ancestral Call-Multistrike-Elemental Damage-Combustion-Immolate
Level 67 - Flicker Strike

Flicker Strike-Multistrike-Melee Splash-Elemental Damage-Combustion-Immolate
Molten Strike-Mukltistrike-Elemental Damage-Combustion-Immolate-Fire Penetration
Ancestral Protector-Elemental Damage-Elemental Damage-Faster Attacks-Ruthless
Leap Slam-Faster Attacks-Blood Magic
CwDT-Immortal Call-Flame Golem-Lightning Golem
Vaal Haste
Vaal Grace
Herald of Ash

Bandits: Kill All

1. Towards Duelist Ascendancy
2. Champion
3. Path of Duelist
4. Elementalist

Starting at duelist saves a lot of traveling nodes.
Champion is a most viable choice in duelist
Elementalist gets great ele pen, no reflect, helps herald, and another golem!

Tier 7 shaped:

PoB Link: https://pastebin.com/PCmdGpuh
Skill Tree: https://tinyurl.com/y8bv7g4k

5. Scion Fire Elemental Hit Builds

Hey!, by no means posted a build myself, kinda wanted to share with u guys. When the creature is so fantastic, that u wanna post it on the forum? hehe. My English is just not that great so pls do not judge me :) Ngl build was inspired by dirtydan79, haven't noticed him post it

Update: Added a new uber elder run in the video section.

+ High dps
+ Resolute technique
+ Very tanky
+ Slayer leech
+ Great endgame character
and etc

- Not finding me, leveling is might be annoying as a scion, but it always has been for me

Slayer/Pathfinder, start with the Slayer nodes, then pick up the Pathfinder. Note!: U can also choose Elementalist\Raider if u like them more.

Kill all bandits

Soul of Araakali for Extra leech (Mandatory), Minor: Soul of Garukhan for mapping and Soul of Yugul for older

Skill Gems:
Single target Ele Hit - EDwAS - Fire Pen - Combustion - Mirage Archer - Damage on Full life
Clearing Ele hit - GMP - Mirage archer - Combustion - Damage on full life - EDwAS (All gems are necessary and cannot be changed)
CWDT Setup With Vaal Cold Snap on our Helm
Blood Rage + Blink Arrow for utility on Gloves

Deathless uber elder

#2 Deathless uber elder

T16 Minotaur run

PoB Link: https://pastebin.com/af7ZmMx3
Skill Tree: https://tinyurl.com/y7g6bop8

6.Infinite Labrunner Builds

It can be fantastic to race by means of the Labyrinth and also the Make is a fantastic Currency farmer considering that we don't care a lot for Traps due to high movement speed, immediate life flask and also a basalt Flask. We also use Grace to create the build a bit tankier and we also profit from Grace for our QotF Setup.

+ Very insane speed for Laby
+ Quick Lab Runs
+ Facetank Izaro most of the time.
+ Good damage for Izaro
+ Safe Traps - due to Movespeed & Instant Life Flask
+ Easy Enchantment Runs, Easy Darkshrine Runs, and Stuff.
+ Maybe Rank 1 Viable, dunno. Suppose needs faster SSD and CPU then my i5/860 EVO. I don't promise you anything.

- Only made for labyrinth farming
- No Mapping
- Expensive
- Evasion based (can get 1 hit if don't pop basalt flask in time)

Haste - Grace - Enlighten Level 3 - Blood Rage (Setup in Boots)

Damage Setup
Blade Flurry - Faster Attacks or Chance to bleed - Concentrated Effect - Melee Physical Damage - Brutality - Damage on Full Life

Phase Run - Enhance Level 3 - Empower Level 3 - Increased Duration

Cast When Damage Taken - Immortal Call - Whirling Blades - Faster Attacks

Ancestral Protector - Faster Attacks

Take Kaitlyn, will give movement speed, attack speed, and stuff. Very good for our uses.

Soul of Lunaris and Upgraded Version of Soul of Garukhan.

Skillpoint - Duelist (Slayer) - Ranger (Pathfinder) -> Path of the Ranger.

First version:

More optimized version:

PoB Link: https://pastebin.com/yKCEBiGz

7.Cospri's CoC Discharge Ascendant Builds

I do not claim my guide to be original or the best or even this build to be super efficient. There are many ways to play cast on crit at the moment, with different spells and weapon and ascendancy choices.

+ Fast map clearer.
+ Decent, but flask reliant single target.
+ Slayer leech.

- Expensive to reach the crit cap and shaper worthy single target damage.
- Cyclone feels like shit to the boss with.

Bandits: Alira

Shadow > Slayer > Path of the Shadow
Inquisitor or Pathfinder would be good too instead of the slayer.

Araakali and Ralakesh.

Once you get enough crit and damage, for most maps, just aim your shield charge into packs and spam flasks and it will clear on its own. You only need to cyclone against beefy enemies in high tier maps or bosses. Keep your diamond flask up, flask management is important!

Shaped Underground Sea:


Delve 245:


PoB Link: https://pastebin.com/dW7CGuiC

Skill Tree:
38 Points: http://poeurl.com/ce5K
63 Points: http://poeurl.com/ce5O
95 Points: http://poeurl.com/ce5P
121 points: http://poeurl.com/ce5S
Final Tree: http://poeurl.com/ce5T


  1. most interesting options here ;) though personally prefer rather path of the witch proposed at https://mmoauctions.com/news/poe-scion-build-discover-the-endless-possibilities She can not only look hot, but also do the hot stuff ;)


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