Top 6 Very Useful Shadow Builds in PoE 3.5 Betrayal

1.PoE 3.5 Herald of Viper Assassin Builds

This develops as well negative in the new Betrayal league since when I was crunching inside the numbers, it looked pretty insane. I built the Dancing Duo Scion back in Delve. However, the character moved to common and nevertheless has all of the gear on her. Producing the guide shouldn't also be difficult in that regard. Anyways, this build is about Herald of Agony getting ran on a Shadow/Assassin. Be prepared to melt Everything.

This create also makes use of the ability Viper Strike to have us our poison. Viper Strike inherently comes with a 60% possibility to poison mod which tends to make poisoning even much easier for us. Not just that, but the Assassin's ascendancy notable Noxious Strike also grants us 40% opportunity to poison. So together with the combination on the two, we've 100% possibility to poison which implies every single time we attack, we are assured to poison. Also, don't neglect that Herald of Agony offers us 20% to poison also. We proficiently sit at 120% without having needing to spec on the tree or grab gems to raise our poison opportunity. This can be one of the few causes why I wanted to make use of an Assassin for this creation. Assassin also just offers us reflect immunity if we crit, but honestly, we deal so small harm exactly where you by no means see the damage come back to bite us. The genuine damage is coming in the Agony Crawler.

This develops can be accomplished on a super tiny price range. The only real expected products are Ornament in the East, Victario's Charity along with the Coming Calamity. Each and every item is actually chaos or significantly less. All other gear can just be rare things and any other selection of uniques.

Pros & Cons:
+ Solid clear speed (Not insane like Sonic on steroids, but really respectable for a minion build)
+ Life Gain on Hit+Fortify for instant leech and survivability
+ 2 million+ Agony Crawler DPS
+ Budget friendly/Super cheap to build (a lot of opportunities to get better gear and min-maxing / required items cost less than a total of 5 chaos)
+ 120% chance to poison and 100% hit chance ensuring you will never miss and are always inflicting poison to generate Virulence stacks
+ Can do all content in the game
+ Can handle all map mods (some mods might be slightly annoying, but still completely possible / we still dish out over a million damage even against Hexproof enemies)
+ Dual curse setup (additional curse is granted through the tree and not from gear or items which saves you from finding it on gear which can get expensive)
+ Face-tank a majority of content (with some small dodge mechanics for certain bosses and telegraphed attacks)
+ 6k+ life with grabbing life on gear and following the skill tree

- NOT a league starter (if you do league start with it, be prepared to respect your tree a LOT)
- Need to be close to enemies to apply poison with Viper Strike
- Need to buy/trade a large amount of Orb of Regrets to respect the build (the skill tree is not optimized to level with from level 1 / the build is mostly on the left side of the skill tree, meaning it is not optimal to level up with until you actually get Herald of Agony running and have enough skill points to grab the nodes on the left side of the tree)
- Need to level the build to at least level 53 (To use The Coming Calamity and when it might be "ok" to respect the build) to start the build at a minimum (I usually start my builds at level 70 or at the minimal level where I meet all of the gear levels and attribute requirements / starting the build from level 1 with the tree is extremely inefficient).

Skill Gems:
The current skill gem link setups that I use. You'll find some links that you can modify to your liking, but that is what I at present use, and it works great for me. Do note that a lot of your mana is going to be reserved because of our Herald of Agony setup (but only 45% here because of the Coming Calamity) and also due to the Generosity setup, we use for our Agony Crawler. Now, with this setup, we proficiently reserve 90%+ of our mana. We do get some reduced mana reservation on our tree at the same time, so that helps. Usually do not worry about running out of mana although. Even with that low of mana, we are able to sustain our mana even when spamming Whirling Blades and Viper Strike.

Six Hyperlink - Most important Minion Damage - Herald of Agony Setup
Herald of Agony > Pierce > Physical to Lightning > Minion Damage > Harm on Complete Life Help > Elemental Harm with Attacks Assistance

3 Hyperlink - Movement -Movement/Utility Setup
Flame Dash > Convocation > More quickly Casting Assistance
Flame Dash is effortlessly one of the ideal movement abilities within the game. Although this is not our major supply of movement, it can be actually important to be able to scale across bridges, gaps as well as the like. Our main movement talent is really Whirling Blades, but certainly, Whirling Blades cannot go more than the gaps that I talked about. Pairing Flame Dash to have us more than ledges in addition to Whirling Blades gets us about the map efficiently.

3 Hyperlink - CWDT/Utility - Cast when Damaged Taken/Utility Setup
Cast when Harm Taken Support (level 2) > Immortal Call (level four) > Frost Bomb (level 11)
The common CWDT setup but with Frost Bomb attached. Immortal Contact is there to grant us some physical invisibility which can save us in rapid bursts damage. It gives us sufficient time to immediate leech our life back up if needed. Frost Bomb is linked in conjunction with the setup so it might reduce the cold resistance with the enemies that get hit by Frost Bomb. Frost Bomb provides -25% cold resistance and reduces the all-around life and power shield regeneration by 75%. This is some excellent utility for survival and netting far more DPS for our Agony Crawler.

4 Hyperlink - Curse/Main Movement - Curse on Hit/Movement Setup
The curse on Hit Assistance > Conductivity > Elemental Weakness > Whirling Blades
That is your dual curse setup linked for your main movement skill, Whirling Blades. The explanation why we usually do not socket this into our Ornament in the East to make use of the more rapidly attacks mod is for the reason that we can squeeze in an added curse by socketing this setup into a 4 socket item. Any time you Whirling Blades into a mob or boss, you're going to be cursing them with Conductivity and Elemental Weakness. Elemental Weakness is just there to drop all of their elemental resistances by over -40% to ensure that means a lot more DPS for our Agony Crawler.

3 Hyperlink - Aura-Aura Setup
Generosity Help > Hatred > Spirit Supplyinggenuinely just for the Agony Crawler. Generosity Help increases the effectiveness of our Hatred for our Agony Crawler, nevertheless it doesn't influence us because of the trade-off. This is absolutely fine because it truly is our Agony Crawler that we desire to get stronger. This setup will consume up a ton of your mana reservation, but I assure you the harm boost is Large.

4 Hyperlink - Viper Strike/Utility - Poison Setup/Utility Setup #2
Viper Strike > Multistrike Support > Fortify > Melee Splash Support/Life Obtain on Hit Support

Kill all of them! We need as many extra skill points as we can get.

T13 Caldera Map

PoB Link:
Skill Tree:

2. PoE 3.5 Storm Brand Trickster Builds

Hello all. This guide so please do not hesitate to post or PM me in a game if you feel that something is missing or is unclear. On top of that I am not a native English speaker, so please attempt to tolerate achievable spelling blunders right here and there. Constructive criticism is generally welcome. Also, this guide is a performance in progress - I'll be adding additional price range choices and leveling ideas. I will also be adding videos as quickly as I can record them.

Pros & Cons:
+ Fast, efficient map clear. With high enough monster density, you can blow several screens in the single click
+ Very defensive play style possible. As brand recall is instant, you can basically concentrate on manually dodging everything while still maintaining solid damage output
+ Good defenses. On maps, you will usually have 3 endurance charges, 6k+ EHP and almost instant life recovery.
+ Huge cast speed bonuses from Trickster ascendancy will make lightning warp feel really good - almost similar as old Diablo II teleport
+ Good single target. While requiring some investment, solid damage output to single target combined with defensive play style makes the build very competent at running guardians, shaper and similar bosses deathless.

- Wander build without movement speed. This practically means that your movement is limited to flame dash or lightning warp.
- Life regen is not instant, so it is still possible to die to huge single hits. For example, some of the T15 betrayal encounters can Instagib you if you stay in place and don't dodge the slams
- Leveling can be painful due to lacking single target before you get to the "Runebinder" node.
- Expensive. I will be adding budget options (based on dual wielding shimmers) but means different and less efficient tree pathing due to a high amount of required life regen
- Cannot do elemental reflects maps

Gem Links:
Mapping setup - you can use this up to T15 bosses, no need to switch gems before Shaper, Guardian or Elder
Storm Brand - Controlled destruction - Lightning Penetration - Power Charge on Critical - Added Lightning Damage - Faster Casting

Single Target Setup
Storm Brand - Controlled destruction - Lightning Penetration - Power Charge on Critical - Elemental Focus - Concentrated Effect

Brand Recall Setup
Brand Recall - Empower - Arcane Surge

Lightning Warp Setup
Lightning Warp - Less Duration - Faster Casting - Swift affliction

Herald Of Thunder Setup
Herald Of Thunder - Curse On Hit - Warlord's Mark - Onslaught

Summon Stone Golem - Vaal Righteous Fire

T15 Shaped Belfry

PoB Link:
Lvl 34:
Lvl 66:
Lvl 92:

Skill Tree:

3. PoE 3.5 Fireball Ignite Trickster Builds

This Fireball Trickster utilizes a private variation of other Fireball Trickster builds. Made use of this make as league starter in Betrayal, which simply took me into red maps, as well as Shaper using a little bit of investment. Even though it might not be arc mines with regards to strength, it’s undoubtedly a capable create for those that are searching for one thing off-meta.

The make focuses on massive AoE with many Fireballs and ignites that spreads through making use of Scorching ray to boost single target DPS. The create has decent survivability and can quickly take you into red maps having a Tabula. The Trickster ascendancy gives a whole lot of igniting DPS, too some sustain and movement.

Pros & Cons:
+ League starter
+ No required uniques
+ Fast clear
+ Only leap slam for movement
+ 200% life from tree, MoM, Phase acrobatics

- Doesn’t scale very well with the heavy investment
- Mediocre single target

Ascendancy: Patient reaper > Prolonged pain > Weave the arcane > Swift killer

Bandits: Kill all (+2 skill points)

Pantheon: Brine King, Ryslatha

Gem Links:
Chest: Fireball, Ignite proliferation, Burning damage, Deadly ailments, Combustion, Swift affliction/Greater multiple projectiles.
Helmet: Orb of storms, Curse on hit, Flammability, Arcane Surge.
Boots/gloves: Leap slam, Faster attacks, 20% quality Culling strike, Fortify.
Balefire (Scorching Ray): Burning damage, Elemental focus, Efficacy.
Boots/gloves: Minion life, Minion and Totem resistance, Stone Golem, Decoy Totem.

Main-hand (two options):
1. Portal, Vaal righteous fire, Increased duration
2. Immortal call, Cast on Damage Taken, Increased duration/Portal.

Shoot fireballs and run/leap slam about. A single fireball/ignite is usually adequate to kill most monsters, even rares. For tougher enemies, you desire to ignite them, put down Orb of storms, Decoy totem, and channel Scorching ray. According to where you location your mouse the more fireballs (from GMP/Dying Sun) will spread differently.

Tough mods:
- Reflect elemental harm is basically a no-go. Ignite doesn't reflect afaik, but it’s straightforward for the hit itself to crit and destroy you immediately.
- 90% less likely to inflict elemental ailments is often challenging on particular bosses but is okay for general mapping. The fireball hit and scorching ray are typically sufficient for non-boss enemies.
- Temporal chains are just annoying but are often largely mitigated in case you have curse immunity on the flask. Red map bosses can destroy you, given that you won't have 100% flask uptime in the course of the fight.
- Any large collection of harm mods and curses can make it hard to channel Scorching ray with no deaths, so know your limits.

Pick up Fireball and Scorching ray as quickly as possible. I’d advocate leveling using a shield and Shield charge + Flame dash, which you are able to swap whenever you have two scepters for Leap Slam. I wouldn’t advise taking MoM early on unless you struggle with survivability and may deal with your mana. Very same goes for Phase Acrobatics so long as you’re making use of a shield.

PoB Link:
Skill Tree:

4. PoE 3.5 The Amigo Mines Builds
The Make is capable of clearing all endgame content incredibly easy and can do so deathless. And This Develop is not meant for newcomers and may be very highly-priced.

Pros & Cons:
+ Very respectable clear speed
+ Keep your power charges in boss fights!
+ Can do ALL map mods!
+ Crazy Damage! -Up to almost 7 million Shaper DPS
+ Can reach over 9k es!
+ All Content viable

- Can be VERY expensive
- Requires some micromanagement of flasks, detonation, etc. to work optimally

Normal: Pyromaniac
Cruel: Bomb Specialist
Merciless: Demolitions Specialist
Endgame: Born in the Shadows

Leveling Guide:
- Level 2: Explosive Trap + Lesser Poison
- Level 2: Onslaught (Mercy Mission quest)
- Level 4: Frost Bomb + Onslaught + Arcane Surge
- Level 10: Flame Dash
- Level 12: Arc + Remote Mine + Minefield (discard Explosive Trap and Frost Bomb if you wish)
- Level 16: Herald of Thunder
- Level 24: Wrath (discard Herald of Thunder)
- Level 28: Lightning Spire Trap

We take +2 skill points

Solaris (Major) We take this because of the defensive aspects it gives us. The 8% reduced elemental damage taken when you haven't been hit recently also helps against Uber Elder

Sha.kari (Minor) We need this to be immune to poisons. Poisons are very annoying as they make us unable to recharge our ES. 

Gem Links:
Arc - Remote Mine - Elemental Focus - Controlled Destruction - Trap and my Damage Support - Lightning Penetration/Empower

CWDT setup
Cast When Damage took (lvl. 1) - Immortal Call (lvl. 3) - Increased Duration

Vaal Discipline - Vaal Righteous Fire - Increased Duration
Blood Magic - Wrath

Spell Totem
Spell Totem - Detonate Mines - Minion and Totem Elemental Resistance

Flame Dash - Faster Casting - Arcane Surge (lvl. 1)

T16 Forge of the Phoenix run

In-depth Build Guide Video

PoB Link:

5. PoE 3.5 Arctic CoC Hipster Assassin Builds

This creates truly demands a decent quantity of actual flask and talent controls. If you possess a mouse using a side button, no less than that’s how I play the build, it feels lots smoother. Cause getting is due to the fact we want a reputable button to be set to Vortex so we can spam it even though we Cyclone. For me, I've my Vortex set to my mouse five button that is on the side of my mouse. This tends to make it so I can just use my correct click (mouse 2) to Cyclone even though I can spam Vortex around the side mouse button (mouse 5) with just a single hand. The other hand is employed to press four flasks, and my thumb presses Molten Shell.

“This is just the exact same typical Cyclone Cast on Crit with Ice Nova construct.” Within a sense, the shell may be the same. However, the inner workings of my version are fully unique. I know how quite a few of those builds are out there, but I wanted to take my own perspective on it. I typically do my builds on a budget and solo craft the majority of my gear, so I wanted to take that similar mentality going this different route.

As usual, this guide is possibly going to have the identical lengthy introductions to introduce how to develop was theorized, put to fruition and how the products and build operates. I put some time writing these guides so I would appreciate in case you read through the whole issue, but really feel totally free to skip them for the TL;DR section with just looking specifically that. Without additional ado, I present to you, the arctic eye cancer, CoC Cyclone Assassin.

Pros & Cons:
+ Solid clear speed (can easily be even faster if you use a Quicksilver flask but not needed)
+ Reliable way of leech (we run a Blasphemy+Warlord’s Mark setup, no pricey Warlord’s Mark curse on hit ring needed to budget the build)
+ STUPID DPS (the calculations get too crazy, just know that it downs bosses in seconds, AKA INSANE DPS for little investment)
+ Can be done with a lower budget if you do not include the two required items: Cospri’s Malice and Lycosidae into the budget (all other required uniques can be found for 2 chars or less)
+ 100% hit chance alongside high critical strike chance (cold damage and critical strikes mean shatter for DAYS!)
+ Can do all content in the game
+ Efficient boss killer (spin to win)
+ Does not rely on expensive gear like Warlord’s Mark on hit rings and The Pandemonius
+ Mana is never a problem/Incredible mana sustain (mana leech along with solid mana regeneration)
+ Can handle any map mods (no leech, no regen and reflect maps can be easily done) 
+ Acrobatics, Phase Acrobatics, block chance and Endurance charges from Warlord’s Mark gives us solid defensive tools

- NOT a league starter but possible (obtaining required items earlier in the game proves difficult, but you can just use a regular CoC setup without Cospri’s Malice and Lycosidae until you can afford them)
- Melee build so we need to stay close to enemies
- Cannot reach the builds full potential until you get Cospri’s Malice and Lycosidae which are nearly an exalt or more in price
- Fairly squishy because we use a lot of uniques that do not have life on them (getting a life is a bit difficult even though we have over 150% life on the tree / we will kill everything before our life starts becoming a problem though)

Save Alira’s poor soul. She gives us crit multi for more DPS which helps us and the 15% to all resistances counterbalances the Malachai’s Artifice to -5% instead of the -20% to all elemental resistances. Definitely, a must have for the build.

1st Lab: Unstable Infusion
2nd Lab: Deadly Infusion
3rd Lab: Ambush and Assassinate
4th Lab: Opportunistic

Soul of Solaris as your Major God.
Since we already deal with trash and maps easily, we want our Pantheon to focus on fighting bosses better. With us taking Soul of Solaris, we get an additional 6% of physical damage reduction which can sometimes be the determining factor to your survival. The 20% chance to take 50% less area damage is also helpful. If you have the resources, capturing the other three souls brings a lot of utility and survival to the build as well. It makes fighting bosses a lot more safe with the defensive utility the captured souls bring us.

Soul of Gruthkul as your Minor God.
The more physical damage reduction we can get for our build, the better. This is important since Acrobatics cuts our armor in half. Any extra physical damage reduction we can get will benefit us. This is why we use Soul of Gurukul. For every hit we take, we get an additional 1% of physical damage reduction up to a maximum of 5%. These little damage reductions alongside our other defenses like dodge and evade gives us more survivability. The captured soul also reduces our enemies attack speed if they hit us too further increasing our survival.

T16 Lair of the Hydra Map

PoB Link:

6. PoE 3.5 The MeatBlender Builds

This really is a make which is capable of carrying out all game content material, including Uber Elder. I also have produced a series of videos as a companion to this build guide. For those who finish up rolling this develop, leave a comment (and hyperlink your gear right here, we would enjoy to view it!).

Build Highlights:
- 8K+ effective life pool (with MoM)
- Can clear all game content, including Uber Elder and Hall of Grandmasters
- Generates all charges (including Spirit Charges!)
- Extremely effective at all budget levels
- Level 100 skill tree available
- Mostly reflect-immune and capable of doing almost all map mods
- Fast and fun, with few downsides
- Sawblade MTX + Extra gore from Carcass Jack = Become a MeatBlender!!!

Vaal Blade Vortex - Physical to Lightning - Efficacy - Controlled Destruction - Increased Critical Damage - Added Fire Damage

Vaal Blade Vortex is a huge single-target DPS increase - effectively doubling your damage for a short time - it's better to have a level 20 Vaal Blade Vortex instead of a level 21 regular Blade Vortex, should you have to choose.

Spirit Burst (via LightPoacher)
Spirit Burst - Controlled Destruction - Physical to Lightning

The support gems need to be in your Lightpoacher helmet to support the Spirit Burst skill.

Movement Skill:
Whirling Blades - Fortify - Faster Attacks

CWDT #1 - Curse
CWDT - Orb of Storms - Curse on Hit - Warlord's Mark

CWDT #2 - Utility
CWDT - Immortal Call - Increased Duration - Phase Run

Ice or Stone Golem - two golem supports

Damage Aura
Hatred (in Essence Worm)

Uber Elder Kill

PoB Link:


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