Top 5 Armageddon Brand Builds in PoE 3.5 Betrayal

1. PoE 3.5 Armageddon Brand Elementalist Build

Betrayal League not only added Immortal Syndicate, which is extremely entertaining endgame content but also added a good deal of new gems, with Armageddon Brand getting likely the best regarding clear speed, even around the highest tiers of Maps. AoE Fire explosions all more than the screen make this build really enjoyable and eye-catching. Ignite from Armageddon Brand and Vaal Righteous Fire will melt bosses inside a matter of seconds. We propose this create as a League Starter since it is very affordable to begin dealing a high level of harm, but a couple of uniques like Carcass Jack or Xoph's Blood will absolutely assist you to attain immense DPS.

Armageddon Brand Elementalist is slightly distinct than typical spellcasters. Brands will be the new type of ability, that attaches them to nearby enemies and they're going to periodically deal AoE harm. Soon after you move away or enemy with an attached brand is killed, brands are set absolutely free, and you may use Brand Recall talent, which teleports them to your position, promptly attaching them to nearby enemies. This makes this construct really enjoyable and relaxing to play, due to casting a couple of brands at the beginning from the map then only running, recalling them to oneself. Vaal Righteous Fire is the ultimate ability that we can use after we obtain sufficient souls from killing regular enemies, that increases our Armageddon Brand damage by quite a bit and add yet another supply of Burning Damage for killing Bosses as rapidly as you can. A pendulum of Destruction passive will raise Vaal Righteous Fire and meteors AoE by a lot and Beacon of Ruin will spread Ignite, burning all enemies on our screen.

Pros & Cons:
+ Amazing AoE damage
+ Great clear speed 
+ High Life pool thanks to Kaom's Heart
+ Mind over Matter grants additional survivability
+ High flexibility regarding item choices, with just a few required uniques
very relaxing to play thanks to Brand Recall teleporting Armageddon Brands
- Low Physical Damage mitigation
- Dependent on Quicksilver Flask for moving through maps fast

Preferably in that order:
1.Pendulum of Destruction
2.Mastermind of Discord
3.Shaper of Desolation
4.Beacon of Ruin

Major God: Soul of Lunaris 1% additional Physical Damage Reduction for each nearby Enemy, up to 8%; 1% increased Movement Speed for each nearby Enemy, up to 8%
Minor God: Soul of Gruthkul 1% additional Physical Damage Reduction for each Hit you've taken Recently up to a maximum of 5%

We recommend killing all the Bandits for two additional Passives Points or helping Alira if you prefer additional Mana Regeneration and easier capping resistances thanks to +15% All Elemental Resistances 

Gem Setups:
You can level up this Witch character with Firestorm spell. It provides us with both great AoE and single target damage versus bosses. You should be using this setup until you can buy Armageddon Brand spell at level 28. Some of the support skills that are linked to Firestorm are also being used as support for Armageddon Brand.

Firestorm Setup:
Firestorm - your primary DPS source. Later on, it should be replaced with Armageddon Brand
Added Lightning Damage Support
Concentrated Effect Support - increases our damage output by a lot, an expense of lower AoE
Combustion Support - grants an increased chance to Ignite and Fire Damage

Utility Gems:
Flammability - the recommended Curse for this build, reducing enemies fire resistance and increasing Chance to Ignite
Flame Golem - best golem for this build, increases damage from Armageddon Brand and Righteous Fire
Herald of Ash - grants increased Burning Damage and causes slain monsters to Ignite nearby monsters for a percentage of the overkill damage
Clarity - provides increased Mana Regeneration rate
Flame Dash - your primary mobility skill


PoB Link:

2. PoE 3.5 Cremation easy game of Armageddon Brand Build

This really is a short guide for my take on Armageddon Brand. The make is remarkable. I could do practically all content(Shayla continues to be alive, no stone but) with ease. Really forgiving to mistakes. Might be conveniently customized for much more Tankyness or crit. With crit variant also can use storm brand. Nevertheless could get considerably larger DPS.

Chose to use Cremation as a complementary talent, due to the fact I felt I required to become able to complete some thing else, though the brand is active. Firestorm is an additional fantastic selection, but the construct loses its terrific mobility. Fire Trap may also work. If opting for crit, could use any achievable abilities, considering the fact that crit variant doesn't scale any certain element. This will function with Armageddon Brand as the only damage talent. Should you would like to drop cremation, replace Elemental Focus with Combustion. Or you may obtain one more strategy to ignite and apply the Combustion debuff.

Pros & Cons:
+ tanky
+ mobile
+ good dps(single target and clear speed)
+ super fun to play
+ scales well with gear
+ there are absolutely no needed/enabling items
+ SSF friendly
+ HC viable
- ele reflect maps (can do it with balefire, if really needed. Done t14 like that, was very tedious, but doable)

This part is too important to put it together with the rest of possible variants/upgrades.
Armageddon Brand - Concentrated Effect - Controlled Destruction - Elemental Focus - Fire Penetration - Combustion/Faster Casting
Armageddon Brand - Concentrated Effect - Controlled Destruction - Elemental Focus - Fire Penetration - Hypothermia
Cremation - Combustion - GMP - Concentrated Effect

Sign of Purpose -> Illuminated Devotion -> Arcane Blessing -> Divine Guidance

Bandits: Kill All!

- Major: Brine King
- Minor: Gruthkul (Shakari, if poison immunity needed


Uber Elder

Easy Shaper

PoB Link:
Shaper kill -
Uber Elder kill -

3. PoE3.5 Armageddon Brand Hierophant Build

Please note that this construct continues to be a perform in progress. From my expertise with it so far and on paper this develop has been carrying out genuinely excellent but I am nowhere close to testing it out on any end game content material, and considering that I've little to no build creating experience I can't say for certain whether or not or not this can be going to become a "viable" construct.

Pros & Cons:
+ Several Defensive Layers
+ Good for both Single Target and Clearing
+ SSF friendly as gear is mostly irrelevant until T4+ maps
+ Run and Bomb Playstyle
- Endgame Damage Scaling Isn’t Great
- Can’t Do Certain Map Mods (namely Elemental Reflect)

Step 1: Spawn in the map
Step 2: Cast Armageddon Brand Until Capped
Step 3: Run around pressing brand recall until everything on the map is dead
Step 4: Profit

Gem Links:
Armageddon Brand:
This is the main skill, you could swap a few things around and use Storm Brand if you want, but Armageddon has more flat dps which seems to be better overall.

Armageddon Brand [20/20]
Concentrated Effect [20/20]
Controlled Destruction [20/20]
Elemental Focus [20/20]
Fire Penetration [20/20]
Combustion [20/20]

Brand Recall
This skill is equally as important as the brand itself, if you are not pairing the two together you are doing it wrong! We are linking it to Arcane Surge for 100% uptime which is a huge buff to our dps and life leech from spells.

Brand Recall
Arcane Surge

Scorching Ray Totems
Greatly helps with single target boss dps, I prefer totems over self-cast as it allows you to run around and dodge boss mechanics easier.

Scorching Ray
Spell Totem Support
Multiple Totems

Flammability Curse
Big boost to our damage overall, makes clearing and boss kill faster (around 7% more damage against bosses).


CWDT Setup:
Immortal Call provides an extra defensive measure, and Cold Snap is used to generate Frenzy Charges to buff brand activation frequency.

Cast When Damage Taken
Immortal Call
Increased Duration
Cold Snap

Movement Setup
Use your movement skill of choice, most important link is fortified for that reduced damage taken.

Leap Slam
Faster Attacks
Culling Strike
Blood Magic

Normal: Illuminated Devotion; Extra spell damage from the arcane surge is good, and the spell damage leeched as life is huge for survivability.
Cruel: Sign of Purpose; Additional Brand is a huge boon to clear speed, Brand Recall cooldown is QOL, and the extra damage doesn’t hurt.
Merciless: Divine Guidance; 10% additional MoM which is great for survivability.
Eternal: Sanctuary of Thought; Free energy shield, mana, mana regen, and reduced mana cos.

Bandits: Help Alira, 15% all res makes capping resistances easy. If you don’t need resistances, you can choose to kill all of them for the extra passive points.

Pantheon: Your pantheon choice depends on personal preference and what content you are going to be running. For Major gods pick either Lunaris for the movement speed and avoidance or Arakaali for the reduced DoT, and for Minor gods, you can go with either Ralakesh or Shakari depending on your needs.

Templar Hierophant

PoB Link:
Skill Tree:

4. PoE 3.5 Past in Flames For Armageddon Brand Hierophant Build

Let's get into the make. The initial query on a lot of people's minds could possibly be "Why hierophant?" Right after hearing Raizqt along with other streamers hate on Hierophant, I nevertheless disagree with them. Here's WHY: Sign of Goal is a Large helper with boss dps, that is one particular of this build's big fallbacks. Illuminated Devotion pairs SUPER effectively with Command of the Pit, Riveted Gloves, giving you insane amounts of Free harm and leech. Inherent 10% damage reduction through mini thoughts more than matter. Tons of mana increase and mana regen. The create all around feels solid.

Pros & Cons:
+ Fast Clear Speed
+ Low budget viable
+ SSF viable
+ Very high damage ceiling with Ex investment
+ Decently Tanky
- Getting boss level damage will cost some exalts
- Feels clunky at times if you misplace yourself
- Cannot do reflect maps

Sign of Purpose -> Illuminated Devotion -> Divine Guidance -> Sanctuary of Thought

Armageddon Brand Hierophant

PoB Link:
Skill Tree:

5. PoE 3.5 Armageddon Ray, Scorching Ray Totems and Armageddon Brand Mines Hierophant Build

Pros & Cons:
+ High damage output
+ Very cheap (can get started with couple chaos)
+ Safe playstyle due to totems and 40% MoM
+ Reflect Immune
+ Can switch up between totem and my playstyles on the fly (if that's your thing)
- Damage may fall off towards endgame (I haven't tested yet)
- Totem and my playstyle
- Can be very clunky to play, especially at lower levels
- Balefire isn't available until level 60
- Tooltip dps isn't accurate, and PoB dps isn't accurate either
- Brand buff icon seems a little bugged currently (no gameplay impact)

Bandits: Kill them all

1.Pursuit of Faith
2.Sign of Purpose
3.Ritual of Awakening
4.Divine Guidance

Major: Brine King
Minor: Any (I prefer Ralakesh)

Gem Links:
Scorching Ray setup (Either Balefire + Shield or 2H Weapon slot):
If using balefire:
-Spell Totem support
-Multiple Totems support
-Burning Damage support

If using a 6-link staff:
-Scorching Ray
-Spell Totem support
-Multiple Totems support
-Burning Damage support
-Elemental Focus support
-Efficacy support

Why Multiple Totems support?
6% more damage due to the Ritual of Awakening (compared to 2 totems).
Also, each totem stacks its own Scorching Ray debuff, which makes getting up to the cap of -24% fire resistance much faster (even though every totem has its own cap of 8 Scorching Ray debuff stacks; the damage is about the same at 2 vs. 4 totems).
It's also safer to play if one pair of totems get AoE'd down.

Armageddon Brand setup (in body armor):
-Armageddon Brand
-Remote Mine support
-Immolate support
-Controlled Destruction support
-Combustion support
-Trap and my Damage support

Orb of Storms setup: (Procs EO)
-Orb of Storms
-Increased Critical Strikes support
-Faster Casting support
-Increased Area of Effect support

Malachai's Artifice: (Procs EE)
-Lightning Golem

Other skill gems:
Brand Recall is a must, you are playing with brands after all.
Herald of Ash is a nice 10+% boost to damage. Sadly the more burning damage is local to Herald of Ash.

Act 10 Kitava Kill

PoB Link:
Skill Tree:

Posted By U4N.


  1. LOL if you think "you're doing it wrong" applies to not using Brand Recall with AB, then YOU'RE doing it wrong. HAHAHA! Does it have it's place? Sure. But to say you're doing it wrong.... HAHAHAHA fantastic. I love comedy.


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