The Latest PoE 3.5 Cold Occultist Frostbolt and Vortex Builds

This construct around Cold damage over time soon after theory crafting about numerous distinctive versions of Ignite builds and realizing cold had an excellent little new modifier referred to as +Cold Damage more than time Multiplier!

Pros & Cons:
+ Straight Harm Homie + melt maps and finish game bosses on a True budget!
+ Effective for all content material inside the game!
+ Crazy fun to play, you are covering your screen in maelstroms, how cool is the fact that??
+ Map mods no dilemma
+ terrific survivability with smart use of flasks, good quality those flasks up and take those witch flask nodes!
+ Totally slap the sh*t out of It that fled over and over again!
+ Interactive playstyle. this isn't a 1 button and neglect it specs like zzz RF. (I played a lot of RF this league and produced this build afterward to be the full opposite.) You'll need to semi aim your vortexes on your Frostbolt projectiles, the rest will auto fill.

- 5.1k life + 1.1k mana pool unreserved suggests you could correctly be a single shot by way of MoM when you are not cautious. I often ensure to phase into an encounter inside the game. Retain These Flasks Pumpin!

Damage setup:
6L- Vortex, Conc Effect, Efficacy Support, Controlled Destruction, Swift Affliction, Ele focus. -- dots, dots, and more dots.

Defensive Utility Setup :
CWDT (9) - Immortal Call (11) - Increased Duration (20) - Summon chaos golem (11)
Chaos golem gives you flat 3% Phys reduced. definitely valuable in this setup.

Mobility & Utility:
- FLAME DASH, increased duration, arcane surge (lvl 6) - you should make sure your flame dash is setting off your arcane surge every cast. keep it low enough so that it does that.

Curse Setup:
blasphemy - warlord's mark - enlighten - phase run


Ascendancy: The Occultist
Void Beacon -> Frigid Wake -> Profane Bloom -> Malediction

Kill all. or oak or Alira. doesn't really matter. I prefer to kill all for more passives.

Defensive affixes, in priority:
1. Life
2. Resists
3. Mana (Mind over matter saves your ass quite a bit
4. Int

Offensive affixes, in priority:
1. COLD damage over time multiplier
2. COLD damage
3. %increased Damage over time

Most Important Flask:
Witchfire Brew With flask nodes in the witch tree, this thing will never be down when you're mapping.

Witchfire Brew Stibnite Flask

Recommended Unique Items, In Priority:
One Frozen Trail for more Frostbolts + more speed on your Frostbolts
Frozen Trail Cobalt Jewel

Tabula / Skin of the Loyal. regular tab 
Skin of The Loyal Simple Robe

Could also use this helm for some budget damage. If you don't want to drop the chaos on that enchant, just use this helm and make up the life/resists on jewelry.
Rime Gaze Mind Cage

PoB Link:
Skill Tree:

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