All The Best PoE 3.5 Blade Flurry Builds

1. PoE 3.5 Marauder Immune Howa Jugg Builds

The strongest builds ever made my Howa juggernaut. I make use of many unique mechanics in this create so I'll attempt to clarify them all as clearly as you can. It's going to work on a reduced price range, you might nonetheless have excellent es, damage, and immunities, but naturally the much more you might have the far better. Fortunately, the creature is so sturdy that it is going to plow via the game even with 8-9k ES and reduce damage, so you'll have the ability to farm up currency for gear improvements conveniently. 

Pros & Cons:
+ Basically indestructible with end game gear, just insanely tanky with the budget version
+ Very good damage, up to 1.8m shaper dps (or way more, read below)
+ Flexibility, you can go for either more dps or more ES, also you can switch to molten strike easily
+ Immune to all major debuffs in the game (+ temp chains)
+ Mows through end game content like it's nothing, uber elder included
+ Very good uber lab farmer
+ Very fast mapper
+ You can start the build with 3-5ex and upgrade it gradually

- Can't do ele reflect maps (unless you take out all support gems, the damage is still fine then)
- Very expensive to reach crazy numbers

Weapon -> frenzy, blood rage, ancestral protector (you can add enhance instead of frenzy for more attack speed)
Armor -> blade flurry, Conc effect/increased aoe for mapping, damage on full life, elemental damage with attacks, elemental focus. If you have a 6l -> lightning penetration
Shield -> lvl 1 clarity (if you have watcher's eye), lvl 1 summon lightning/flame golem, lvl 1 CWDT
Gloves -> wrath, Vaal discipline, purity of elements, enlighten (preferably lvl 4)
Boots -> shield charge, faster attacks, fortify, culling strike
Helmet -> increased duration, lvl 3 immortal call, lvl 1 CWDT, lvl 5 enfeeble/elemental weakness

BanditsKill them all.

Arakaali, you only need to upgrade Arachnoxia for increased recovery of energy shield, do it as soon as possible. For the minor one, I like Ralakesh, nice against Phy's degens, lab traps and blind.

Undeniable, Unstoppable, Unflinching, Unbreakable, the order doesn't really matter, but I'd definitely take Undeniable first.

PoB Link:

2. PoE 3.5 Witch Elementalist Blade Flurry Elementalist Builds

Pros & Cons:
+ Can clear all content without much effort or crazy expensive gear
+ Clear up to 4 screens in one tap
+ Rather cheap to get going, can still progress through maps without Impulse
+ Overall better defenses than Blade Vortex (easy access to leech and life gained on hit)
+ Decent league starter for experienced players
+ Good for Delving (reached 600+ with the bossing setup)
- Beacon of Ruin is laggy as hell (laggier on BV than BF though!)
- Not the most beginner friendly build out there
- Needs a few semi-expensive items to reach maximum potential, also Inpulsa's got more expensive in 3.5
- Is not nerf proof

6l Blade Flurry - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Added Lightning Damage - Hypothermia - Lightning Penetration - Increased Area of Effect/Concentrated Effect
For 5l drop Lightning Penetration
4l Herald of Ice - Cold to Fire - Ice Bite - Increased Area of effect
2l Cast When Damage Taken - Immortal Call 
3l Hearld of Thunder - Arctic Armour - Onslaught
3l Shield Charge - Faster Attacks - Fortify
Summon Lightning Golem Blood Rage Vaal Haste
Note: Drop Arctic Armour until you get your uber lab.

Bandits: Kill all

Shaper of Desolation > Beacon of Ruin > Pendulum of Destruction > Mastermind of Discord

Soul of Arakaali (Capture Arachnoxia) and Soul of Shakari (Capture Terror of the Infinite Drifts)

Leveling Guide:
Strongly recommend leveling with Blade Vortex to at least Blood Aqueduct. Start with Freezing Pulse linked to Arcane Surge and Onslaught (if you can ask someone to buy it for you or get it yourself on another character, a witch can't get Onslaught in act 1).
At level 12 you can start using Blade Vortex. Priority links are - Added Lightning Damage, Arcane Surge (make sure you keep it low level enough so it activates), maybe Added Cold and later Controlled Destruction if you have a 4l/Tabula. At level 16 you can add Physical to Lightning (replace Added Lightning Damage if you're not using a Tabula).
At level 38 your links should be Blade Vortex - Physical to Lightning - Efficacy - Controlled Destruction - Increased Duration - Increased Area of Effect/Concentrated Effect (drop last two for a 4l).
Remember to buy and level your other gems before switching to Blade Flurry.

Blade Flurry Elementalist

PoB Link:

3. PoE 3.5 Duelist G00fy_goober's Physical Reave/Blade Flurry Builds

PoE 3.5, Stat sticks and dual wielding got owned (with offhand weapons which might be unusable together with your primary skill). May possibly be far better possibilities but for now appears like dual wielding decent dps claws may be the approach to go.

Pros & Cons:
+ Very fun and engaging build to play
+ Demonic Reave MTX looks amazing!
+ Very fast pace build
+ Incredible movement speed with whirling blades
+ Very decent aoe clear
+ One of the best single target gems in the game
+ Great evasion/dodge/dmg reduction
+ Free 100% accuracy with ascendancy class
+ Free fortify on 100% of the time
+ Stun immune
+ Can do almost all map mods (avoid any reflect Phys OR ele)
+ Able to do all content (all maps, uber Atziri, all labs, shaper and guardians, elder, uber elder)
+ Amazing defensive capabilities
+ Easy/Cheap to gear with room for lots of improvements as you get more currency
- Ele Reflect OR Phys Reflect maps are NOT possible
- Can not leech maps are NOT possible
- Can be decently expensive to fully min/max yourself for end game gear

Leveling Guide:
- Cleave can be used to level the entire way until level 38 when you get multistrike. 4 Link it when you can with the onslaught, melee physical damage, and Maim.
- Set up a 4 link Blade flurry for single target with melee Phys dmg, Conc effect, ele dmg with attacks.
- Use any 1 hand rare weapon with the flattest Phys dmg on it. Crit/Attack speed doesn't matter much at this point though I hate slow weapons personally. The base does not matter at all here either. Claws, Swords, Daggers w/e is fine while EARLY leveling. Once you need leech, you need to have a claw for soul raker passive.
- Use ornament of the east claw as soon as you can and upgrade to blood seeker claw as soon as you can after that.
- For armor pieces (helm/chest/boots/gloves etc) just try to get a good amount of res and any life you can. The normal Tabula/Goldrim/Wanderlusts always work.
- Use a mana flask until your mana leech is good enough to sustain your skill. Especially for boss fights in which you will run out of mana quickly.
- If it is not the start of a league Celeron jewelry while leveling is wonderful. Along with your normal leveling uniques such as Goldrim, wanderlust, tabla etc.

Gems & Links:
Helmet 4L setup for leave (use for leveling 38+): Vaal Reave - Multistrike - Melee Phys Dmg - Inc AOE
Body Armor 4L setup for blade flurry: Blade Flurry - Melee Phys Dmg - Maim - Conc Effect
6L Ele Focus

3L Setup: Whirling Blades - Faster Attacks - Blood Magic
3L Setup: CWDT (lvl 1) - Immortal Call (lvl 3) - Increased Duration
4L Setup: Hatred - Herald of Purity - Herald of Ash - Enlighten 3 (4 is better)
2L Setup: Vaal Ancestral Warchief - Blood Rage/Portal]

Help Alira for the 5 mana regen/s, 15 to all resists, and 20% crit multi

Unstoppable Hero > Fortitude > Conqueror > Worthy Foe

Minor God - Shakari. Simply like the reduced chaos dmg, caustic cloud dmg, and immune to poison.
Major God - Sould of Solaris is the one I run. Reduced Ele dmg, additional Phys dmg reduction, less dmg from area dmg hits, cannot be hit by more than one crit every 4 seconds etc.

PoB Link:

4. PoE 3.5 Shadow Immortal Blade Flurry Assassin Builds

This construct might be budgeted and also the only true needed uniques is Bloodseeker and Lycosidae which can be very low-priced for just how much this shield positive aspects and does for this build. Feel free to utilize any other rares or unique for the other gear. All the other items/enchantments/corruptions are going to be depending on your price range. Regardless, when you possess the required uniques and comply with the ability tree, you may nevertheless have an insanely solid character. You can alter whatever you wish to fit your desires.

Pros & Cons:
+ Respectable clear speed
+ 6K+ Life by naturally following the skill tree and grabbing life on gear
+ Can be done on a budget also a possible league starter
+ Max critical strike chance at 95%and 300%+ critical strike multiplier
+ 100% hit chance ensuring you will never miss
+ Can do all content in the game
+ Thousands upon thousands of lives which is instantly leeched
+ Consistent Power Charge generation and sustain
+ Face-tank all content
+ Immune to stun, chill, and freeze
+ Multiple damage mitigations and evasions 
+ No Vaal Pact because of Bloodseeker which means we can regenerate life alongside instant leeching

- Can be one shot if you do not have enough life and/or damage mitigation/prevention
- Items/corruptions/rolls for end game items can get expensive and/or are difficult to find
- Getting life may be difficult depending on your items
- Need to use one level 2 and one level 4 Enlighten gem as a minimum requirement to have enough mana to use Blade Flurry
- We reserve over 96% of our mana pool and this is with using two levels 4 Enlighten gems

Skill Gems:
If you cannot afford the Enlighten's, then you will have to drop one of your mana reservation skills. Depending on your items, your DPS can be different for which aura you drop so that will be on you. This is why your gem links can change. 

6 Link - Main Attack – Blade Flurry Setup
Blade Flurry > Hypothermia Support > Added Fire Damage Support > Melee Physical Damage Support > Concentrated Effect Support > Maim Support

3 Link – Movement – Main Movement Setup
Blood Magic > Whirling Blades > Faster Attacks Support

3 Link – CWDT/Utility – Cast when Damaged Taken/Utility Setup
Cast when Damage Taken Support (level 2) > Immortal Call (level 4) > Blood Rage (level 8)

4 Link – Auras – Aura/Utility Setup
Vaal Haste/Haste > Enlighten (level 2 to 4) > Herald of Purity > Portal

4 Link – Curse/Aura – Blasphemy/Aura Setup
Blasphemy > Wrath > Enlighten (level 2 to 4) > Punishment

2 Link – CWDT+Stone Golem – Cast when Damage Taken Setup #2
Cast when Damage Taken Support > Summon Stone Golem | Murderous Eye Jewel | Searching Eye Jewel

Save Alira's poor soul! She gives us more crit multiplier, resists and mana regen.

Soul of Arakaali as your Major God.
Soul of Tukohama as your Minor God.

1st Lab: Unstable Infusion
2nd Lab: Deadly Infusion
3rd Lab: Opportunistic
4th Lab: Ambush and Assassinate

Piloting this construct is exceptionally straightforward because we are just a face-tanking beast. You simply move to packs with frequent movement and/or Whirling Blades and after that proceed to hold down your button for Blade Flurry to slice and dice anything to oblivion. 1 issue to note is that considering the fact that you become stationary whilst channeling Blade Flurry, you may move your cursor inside the direction of where particular enemies are. In case you are finding surrounded, make certain to move your cursor to anything that may be living to acquire the ideal results. Heck, you could even just spin your cursor in circles when you get surrounded. Before you engage a mob or a boss, make certain to pop your flasks. In case you are nonetheless early inside a map, feel no cost to pop Vaal Haste, but make sure you've got a Vaal Haste stored up for the boss fight.  

Shaped T15 Racecourse Map:

PoB Link:

5. PoE 3.5 The Bringer of Leech+Blade Flurry League Starter Builds

This is a realistic price range build which will get you deep into maps on self-located gear, which you can then be able to fill out your atlas. The make only actually has two necessary uniques which might be affordable off self-discovered currency early within a league and really affordable later in a league.

Pros & Cons:
+ Insta+Leech without Vaal Pact + Leech over time + keep your health regen! 
+ Immune to Bleed & Stuns while leeching
+ Only 2 required unique items
+ Cheap! You really don't have to grind+farm to gear up. the currency you collect and gear you sell while you level and begin to fill out your atlas will pay for required uniques! 
+20% culling strike with tons of DPS for easy boss killing to deal with the uber buffed boss HP in 3.0
+Very few map mods you cannot do
- You have to be right up on dangerous bosses, it's a melee build after all.
- Don't dodge 1 shot = you die.
- Can't do Phys reflect before taking Headsman Ascendancy.
- No leech maps extremely difficult.
- No regen/slower regen maps are slow because you can't spam Whirling Blades. 

1. Drop totem near enemy.
2. Use Whirling Blades to dash into position (chug flasks as needed)
3. Try to get Blade Flurry up to 6 stacks, release for max damage.
4. Whirling Blades dodge stuff.
5. Repeat steps 1+4.
6. ????
7. Profit.

Gems Setup:
+ in Bringer of Rain: Blade Flurry + Maim + Chance to Bleed + Increased AOE/Conc Effect
+ in Bloodseeker: Herald Of Ash + Hatred + Stone Golem
+ In Off+Hand Claw #2: Whirling Blades + Faster Attacks + Fortify
+ in Spiked Gloves: Ancestral Protector + Maim + Cast When Damage Taken (lvl 13) + Punishment (lvl 16) 
+ In Boots: Cast when Damage Taken (lvl 13) + Blood Rage (lvl 16) + Phase Run (lvl 15)+Immortal Call (lvl 15) 

Major God: Soul of Solaris - since we are only scared of big hits, and crits.
Minor God: Soul of Tukohama - We stand still to DPS, so this one should be on most of the time.

- Blind from BoR is decent with so many attacks per second
- Insta-Leech around 1,700 life per second by level 80. 
- Dodge 1-shots and you should never die!
- Immune to stuns and bleeding while leeching
- Totem to attract attention, apply Maim to enemies. 
- Phase Run for when you need to go. 
- 150% life from the tree by level 70. 201% life from the tree by level 89, not counting Jewels. With 4 jewels with life, you're looking at 221%-229% life from the tree. 

Ascendancy: The Slayer
Headsman - Bane of Legends - Endless Hunger - Brutal Fervor

PoB Link:

6. PoE 3.5 Templar Element Warrior All endgame content Builds

This development was created to try the new Blade Flurry skill released with breach league. It truly is performing quite pretty properly. You could use any melee capabilities you like along with the build need to work, with a slight variation on the talent tree needless to say. It was also developed to be pure Armour develop, but with a large amount of testing, and using the new uniques released with breach league I decided to attempt a hybrid Armour/Eva develop and it really is stronger than ever.

Pros & Cons:
+ Insane Clear speed
+ Lots of variant possible
+ Great league starter build
+ Scale very very well with wealth!
+ Can clear everything with reasonable gear.
+ Lots of different defensive mechanics
+ While mapping it's alch and goes.
- Can't do ele reflect map

Gems Link:
To move around faster:
Whirling Blade - Faster Attack - Fortify

For Power Charges and boss cursing:
Storm Brand - Power Charge on crit - Curse on Hit - Enfeeble(or any curse you like)

For Power/Endurance charges generation, I recommend using Warlords for the endurance charges which scales well with the immortal call. You can get power charges through the other setup listed above.
Herald of Ice - Curse on hit - Assassin's Mark/Warlord's Mark

Main Damage Link: 
Blade Flurry - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Added Lightning Damage - Hypothermia - Increase Critical Strike - Increased Area of Effect/Concentrated Effect

Classic CWDT setup:
CWDT - Immortal Call - Increased Duration - Vaal Haste/Grace

Stuff We Need
Arctic Armour - Ice Golem - Anger - Blood Rage

Ancestral Warchief - Multiple Totem - Faster Attack - Weapon Elemental Damage

Save Alira

Major: Lunaris
Minor Yugul

PoB Link:

7. PoE 3.5 Shadow Blade Flurry Instant Leech Assassin Build

This build is made for labyrinth farm and in the same time to do all game content, that's mean is able to take down the end game bosses. The damage isn't the best, with "Bloodseker" claw you can't get the high damage, but for instant leech make this build really tanky. If you want high damage you can choose a rare claw with high DPS but they are much more expensive. For HC I recommend the belly of the best chest.

Pros & Cons:
+ Decent speed for labyrinth farmer, not really good for fast mapping 
+ Beginner friendly
+ Gear is accessible
+ Blood Magic capable
+ Elemental reflect maps capable
+ Decent DPS
+ Instant Leech
+ HC available
+ Can do all content
+ Tanky, can face tank almost everything
+ Culling Strike
- Not fast clear maps build
- Can't do Physical reflected maps

Gems Link:
Chest: Blade Flurry + Brutality S + Melee Phys Damage S + Damage on Full Life S + Maim S + Concentrate Effect S/Increase Critical Damage S
Helmet: Cast when taking damage + Immortal call + Phase Run + Blood Rage
Boots: Whirling Blades + Faster Attack + Fortify + Reduced Mana S
Gloves: Decoy Totem + Fast Casting S
Claw1: Temporal Chains + Blasphemy S + Enlighten S
Claw2: Haste (this shouldn't be linked with the others!) - Concentrate Effect S/Increase Critical Damage S + Riposte (not really necessary)

Leveling Guide:
Leveling is really comfortable, from begin to take frost blades, add melee pshy damage S and increase critical damage after lvl 32 blade flurry is ready to go. Important to get in first the "Soul Raker" from the passive tree, that one offer life leech and mana leech. A tabula and some unique claws could be nice to have if you want a fast leveling.

PoB Link:

8. PoE 3.5 Ascendant Infinite Labrunner Builds

Pros & Cons:
+ Very insane speed for Laby
+ Quick Lab Runs
+ Facetank Izaro most of the time.
+ Good damage for Izaro
+ Safe Traps - due to Movespeed & Instant Life Flask
+ Easy Enchantment Runs, Easy Darkshrine Runs, and Stuff.
+ Maybe Rank 1 Viable, dunno. Suppose needs faster SSD and CPU then my i5/860 EVO. I don't promise you anything
- Only made for labyrinth farming
- No Mapping
- Expensive
- Evasion based (can get 1 hit if don't pop basalt flask in time)

Aur: Haste - Grace - Enlighten Level 3 - Blood Rage (Setup in Boots)
Damage Setup: Blade Flurry - Faster Attacks or Chance to bleed - Concentrated Effect - Melee Physical Damage - Brutality - Damage on Full Life
Movement: Phase Run - Enhance Level 3 - Empower Level 3 - Increased Duration
CWDT-Setup: Cast When Damage Taken - Immortal Call - Whirling Blades - Faster Attacks
Other: Ancestral Protector - Faster Attacks

Take Kraitlyn, will give movement speed, attack speed, and stuff. Very good for our use

Soul of Lunaris and Upgraded Version of Soul of Garukhan.

Skillpoint - Duelist (Slayer) - Ranger (Pathfinder) -> Path of the Ranger.

First Version:

More Optimized Version: 

PoB Link:

9. PoE 3.5 Ascendant Blade Flurry / Reave Builds

That is a cold conversion Blade Flurry build for bossing and Reave for clearing. With enough investment this creates can attain 7+ million shaper DPS. This can be the first guide I've written and it'll be updated as time goes with more in+ depth explanations for everything. Feel free of charge to ask inquiries.

Pros & Cons:
+ One of the highest melee dps builds 
+ Fast clearspeed
+ Excels at bossing
+ Cheap, a good league starter and a ton of room for scaling
+ Runs all mods except for "Cannot Leech" and "Ele reflect"
+ HC viable (with a couple of tweaks)
- Very little mitigation - requires dodging boss mechanics
- Melee Skill 
- Forced to use Whirling blades

Help Alira
Crit Multiplier adds a decent chunk of damage and the extra resistances makes it easier to itemize your character.

Soul of Arakaali
While you have Blood Rage, triggering Cast When damage taken makes you stop taking Damage over time Recently, thus giving you 50% extra Life Recovery.
Doesn't matter, personally I use Soul of Yugul for Uber Elder farming.

Gems Link:
For Bosses
Blade Flurry + Damage on full life + Elementa Damage with Attacks + Melee Physical Damage + Hypothermia + Concentrated Effect
For Clearing
Vaal Reave + Multistrike + Melee Physical damage + Damage on Full life + Hypothermia + Increased Area of Effect
Herald of Purity + Herald of Ash + Hatred + Enlighten
Whirling Blades + Faster Attacks + Fortify/Blood Magic
Cast When Damage Taken + Immortal Call + Frost Bomb
Blood Rage + Ancestral Protector

Deathless Uber Elder:

PoB Link:

10. PoE 3.5 Zat's Vulconus ReaveFlurry Champion Builds

Vulconus is often a dagger obtained in the Enslaver that was written off resulting from its slow attack speed and inconsistent alternation between physical damage and pure fire conversion with Avatar of Fire. It was given substantial alterations in three.5, but as of this writing is actually a largely forgotten item. Blade Flurry has traditionally been utilized with claws/swords plus a shaper stat stick and is recognized as one of many really finest bossing capabilities inside the game. This creates harnesses the new Concentrate mods and caters a fairly generic Blade Flurry tree towards the usage of daggers to achieve staggering DPS values together with the new Vulconus.

Normal Lab: Conqueror
This node allows us to taunt enemies and conveys good defensive bonuses after having done so. More importantly, it leads to...

Cruel Lab: Worthy Foe
The big one. Enemies taunted by you take 20% increased damage, effectively a 20% more damage multiplier in addition to "taunted enemies cannot evade attacks", guaranteeing 100% hit chance against taunted targets, allowing us to scale critical strike chance and multiplier to lofty heights.

Merciless Lab: Unstoppable Hero
An important defensive bonus with "cannot be stunned while you have Fortify", along with a good damage increase. Stun immunity is a very important benefit for defense against big hits. Make sure to keep fortify up as often as possible, especially against endgame bosses and Syndicate members.

Eternal Lab: First to strike, last to fall
The capstone to our damage. 10% more damage thanks to intimidating as well as access to Adrenaline, which we will use with a quick weapon swap against bosses and tough Syndicate encounters. More on Adrenaline later.

Gem Setups:
This build has a lot of buttons to press. With Reave comes Vaal Reave, add to that Focus, our Vaal Warchief totem, and Blood Rage. A Vaal Double Strike setup would fit into the gem slots, but there just aren't enough Keybinds for it, not to mention missing a free button for Portal.

[6L] Vaal Reave - Multistrike - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Increased Area of Effect - Increased Critical Damage - Combustion

Blade Flurry
[6L] Blade Flurry - Melee Physical Damage - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Concentrated Effect - Elemental Focus - Combustion

Warchief Totem
[4L] Vaal Ancestral Warchief - Increased Critical Strikes - Concentrated Effect - Maim

Whirling Blades
[4L] Whirling Blades - Faster Attacks - Fortify - Blood Magic

[4L] Anger - Herald of Ash - Herald of Purity - Enlighten

CWDT Setup
[3L] Cast When Damage Taken - Immortal Call - Flammability

Blood Rage
[2L] Blood Rage - Enhance

Get enough advantages from the pantheon that it deserves its own section.
Major God: Soul of Arakaali
Minor God: Soul of Shakari

PoB Link:

11. PoE 3.5 Trickster Block Hybrid Flicker Strike / Blade Flurry Trickster Builds

Flicker Strike has one of many fastest clear speeds in Path of Exile, properly at the very least as a melee *lol*Getting gone before the mob, in fact, hits you can also be a nice defensive mechanic, which I never want to rely on because the attack decides exactly where you'll be inside the next seconds unless you stop attacking because of desync for example.

So a huge focus was spent around the defense plus the mechanics, to offer you as a player that tiny bit far more time for you to react and protect against your self from dying.

Pros & Cons:
+ Fast
+ Fun
+ Actually rebuildable CI character in Temp Leagues
+ Tanky (Evasion/ Block is strong)
- Needs certain Item's to make it run (Uniques are not the core of this build)
- Need a certain threshold of DPS to make Flicker Strike fluent
- Can be very costly, especially in end game
- Can cause eye cancer for some people (joke)
- Need awareness playstyle
- Very very Map Hungry
- Can't wear a statistic due to the energy shield pool (which feels like being mandatory nowadays as melee)

Kill all!
Oak is useless, Kraityn is not impactful and a jewel can do more than what Alira offers you.


The Cast when damage has taken - Immortal call combo will proc the increased recovery rate of energy shield.

PoB Link:

12. PoE 3.5 Shadow Old and New school Dual-Dagger BF Assassin Builds

It seems that currently, nobody ever makes use of dual-dagger for attacks. We've got tons of Arc Trappers/Miners, but no much more good Phys-dmg killers. That is my attempt at this type of builds, attempting to create up for the loss of stat-sticks in 3.five.We use a combination of old and new abilities to survive in the harsh globe of Betrayal-Wraeclast

- 6,6k life with Loreweave (7k+ with Belly)
- 580k DPS against Guardians/Shaper, with Blood Rage and Ancestral Protector up.
- Shaper and Uber Elder DOWN (never tried Uber Atziri yet).
- Easy Guardians and Elder Guardians
- Pure Phys-dmg
- 92% acc, 62%-95% crit chance

Pros & Cons:
+ Nice clearspeed
+ Boss killer
+ All content viable
- Cannot do Phys reflect maps
- Quite glass-cannon, even with high life and good regen

Gems Setup:
- Blade Flurry : BF + Melee phys dmg + Maim + Brutality + Inc Crit Dmg + Inc AOE / Conc Effect 
- Whirling Blades : WB + Faster Attacks + Fortify + Blood Magic OR Reduced Mana
- Lightning Warp : LW + Faster Casting + Less Duration (+ Swift Affliction).

PoB Link:


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