The Latest PoE 3.5 Infinite Blazing Flicker Strike Slayer Builds

This Build is going to utilize my favored skill gem inside the game, Flicker Strike. This develop uses a Duelist/Slayer for some solid survivability and DPS boosts with two-handed weapons. Grab a snack and your reading glasses and delight in the Flicker Strike ride.

Now, Flicker Strike is rather an interesting talent. It is actually a movement melee attack ability which teleports your character to a nearby monster and attacks. The problem with this talent is that there is a 2-second cooldown each and every time you use it. To bypass this cooldown, you'll be able to expend a Frenzy Charge so you can use it again suitable away.

Two other primary weaknesses with Flicker Strike builds would be finding stunned and becoming frozen. These two ailments hurt Flicker Strike builds and can cause you to simply die in the event you get inflicted with 1 of those ailments. So, the three most important weaknesses of a Flicker Strike develop is generating/sustaining Frenzy Charges, having stunned and receiving frozen. This develops eliminates all of those difficulties by possessing just about the most reputable approaches to generate/sustain Frenzy Charges and being immune to stun/freeze. Eliminating these three weaknesses makes a Flicker Strike genuinely viable. Though this is the case, Flicker Strike is still not encouraged for some content inside the game, but with patience and perseverance, it could be accomplished.

Pros & Cons:
+ Insane clearspeed
+ Vaal Pact+Brutal Fervour (Overleech) is broken
+ Tankiness (survivability from Slayer’s passives and Vaal Pact keep us healthy and surviving)
+ Extremely budget friendly (only uses two required uniques which cost less than chaos each)
+ 100% hit chance without Lycosidae (by taking Resolute Technique)
+ Can do all content in the game (some content may be more difficult just because of the nature of Flicker Strike and because we only deal elemental damage)
+ Able to face-tank with Flicker Strike until all our enemies are dead
+ Permanent stun/chill/freeze immunity
+ Reliable Frenzy Charge generation and sustain (Flicker Strike forever!)
+ 6K+ life by grabbing life on gear and following the skill tree
+ 90%+ ignite chance to ensure we generate Frenzy Charges every time we Flicker Strike (possibly 100% if you get chance to ignite on jewels)

- NOT a league starter but possible (reason being is because Oro's Sacrifice is a required item for the build which can only be used at level 67)
- Melee build so we need to stay close to enemies
- Can't run no leech/elemental reflect map mods (some other map mods can be a bit annoying but still possible)
- Terrible for delves (it is possible, but an extreme headache since Flicker Strike can put you in places you do not want such as behind a wall where the darkness will just wreck you)
- Screen seizures (some people cannot handle the screen shaking with the nature of Flicker Strike being as fast as it is)

Skill Gems:
6 Link - Main Attack – Flicker Strike Setup
Flicker Strike > Multistrike Support > Combustion Support > Immolate Support > Elemental Damage with Attacks Support > Ruthless Support

4 Link – Aura/Curse – Aura/Curse Setup
Blasphemy Support > Flammability > Anger > Vaal Haste

3 Link – CWDT/Utility – Cast when Damaged Taken/Utility Setup
Cast when Damage Taken Support (level 2) > Blood Rage (level 8) > Immortal Call (level 4) > Ancestral Protector

4 Link – Movement – Movement/Utility SetupLeap Slam > Faster Attacks Support > Blood Magic Support > Summon Flame Golem

4-6 Link – Optional Vaal Ancestral Warchief – Vaal Ancestral Warchief SetupLeap
Vaal Ancestral Warchief > Elemental Damge with Attacks > Concentrated Effect > Blind > Elemental Focus > Immolate

Kill all of them! We need the extra 2 skill points for the build.


1st Lab: Endless Hunger
2nd Lab: Brutal Fervour
3rd Lab: Impact
4th Lab: Overwhelm

Soul of Arakaali as your Major God.

Soul of Gruthkul as your Minor God.

T14 Carcass Map

PoB Link:
Skill Tree:

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