Very Practical 8 Ranger Builds in PoE 3.5 Betrayal

1. PoE 3.5 Imperial Ballfinder,Elemental Molten Strike Builds

This can be a guide towards the develop that played to level one hundred within the Betrayal League, whilst farming Uber Elder. This build is really a respectably rapid mapper but excels at killing bosses.

A part of the 3.5 updates included a "nerf" to molten strike - decreasing the total quantity of projectiles but raising the damage effectiveness to a rather ridiculous 163% at gem level 21. This generally signifies while all round damage may well happen to be reduced, it's nevertheless capable of coping with any and all content.

Pros & Cons:
+ Pathfinder Flasks (more powerful, last longer and easier to sustain)
+ Insane endgame damage whilst maintaining strong defenses
+ 100% chance to hit!
+ Scales extremely well with currency
+ Claw Life Gain On Hit
+ Natures Boon + Wise oak\Loreweave mitigates a lot of elemental damage
+ Acrobatics + Phase Acrobatics

- Requires a baseline of currency to feel good (should at least have Lycosidae to start with)
- Crit can feel inconsistent without sufficient gear
- Playing a melee skill can be uncomfortable to Boss with
- No easy source of stun immunity (personally I feel this is one of the weakest aspects of the character, big hits that stun can be scary)
- Can't do Elemental Reflect maps
- Expensive to Minmax: Good abyssal jewels and a helm enchant almost mandatory for Endgame
- Whilst I could see how it could be adapted for Hardcore I would NOT recommend it playing this as Pathfinder - I believe Ascendant with Slayer over leach would be superior.

Gem Links:
Single target set-up

General Clear

Mobility Skill

Defensive utility

Mana Reservations

Now for some fancy stuff


Upgraded Soul of Yugul is best for Uber Elder/Elder/Shpaer due to the cold damage mitigation.
Upgraded Soul of Shakari is my preferred choice for general mapping as it allows you to ignore poison.

PoB Link:
Skill Tree:
Example Link:


2.PoE 3.5 Frost Blades All Content Viable Builds

This build was not to be too expensive to start. The biggest problem is to get all res to 75+

Pros & Cons:
+ Really cheap, around 3-5 EX without enchantment on the helmet and corrupted mod on gloves
+ Insta leech
+ Fast clear speed
+ Very easy to play
+ High melee and projectile avoid chance 85%, with flask 92%, with flask and grace 95%
+ High dps
- Cannot do ele reflect maps
- 5,2k life
- Hard to cap all res to max

Gem Links:
6L Frost blades - Hypothermia Support - Multistrike support - Melee Physical Damage Support - Elemental Damage with Attacks Support - Ruthless Support
4L Summon Ice Golem - Herald of Purity - Hatred - Enlighten Support
4L Blood Rage - Frost Bomb - CWDT - (OPTIONAL!) Cold Snap or any other gem which you want
4L Phase Run - Immortal Call - Increased Duration - CWDT
3L Whirling blades - Faster Attacks Support - Vaal Grace
3L Vaal Ancestral Warchief - Blind Support - Culling Strike Support


Major Soul of Lunaris
Minor Soul of Yugul

PoB Link:
Skill Tree: 
Example Link:


3.Voidfletcher Ice Shot, Tornado Shot, Deadeye Builds

Pros & Cons:
+ damage (destroying all content in the game)
+ mapping speed (between medium and fast)
+ most key uniques are not expensive (bow, quiver, ring, unique jewels)
+ interesting, fun gameplay (but over time, the ears get tired of BOOM-BOOM LOL)
+ high survival rate, for archer (40 DS / 50 DA / 50+ Evade)
+ high scalability (many ways to increase the damage in the build after buying the main items)
- cannot do maps with elemental reflect
- cannot do maps with non-life/mana leech from monsters
- this is an archer, sometimes you will die from circumstances beyond your control

Far Shot -> Endless munitions -> Fast and Deadly -> Gathering Wind

Soul Of Solaris is a great choice for dealing with solitary targets and avoiding damage. Most of the deaths of our character will be from a single target, therefore, the choice is very useful.
Soul Of Garukhan – additional evade + movement speed.

Gem Links:
4L Hatred (20) + Herald Of Ice (20) + Assassin’s Mark (15) + Curse On Hit (8). When you get the curse ring, replace it with Hatred (20) + Herald Of Ice (20) + Ice Bite (20) + Enlighten (3-4)
4L Cast When Damage Taken (1) + Immortal Call (3) + Increased Duration (20) + Vaal Grace (20)
2L Blink Arrow (20) + Faster Attacks (20)
5-6L Tornado Shot (20) + Elemental Damage With Attacks (20) + Cold Penetration (20) + Added Cold (20) + Hypothermia (20) and Faster Attacks (20)
5-6L Ice Shot (20) + Elemental Damage With Attacks (20) + Mirage Archer (20) + Added Cold (20) + Bonechill (20) and Faster Attacks (20)


Shaper 3.5 deathless:

Uber Elder 3.5 deathless:

Delve 600+ 3.5:

Ahuatotli on 457 Depth 3.5:

Mastermind 3.5:

Shaper And Uber Elder Guardians 3.5:

PoB Link:
Skill Tree:
Example Link:


4. PoE 3.5 Lancing Steel Deadeye Ahn's Might, Uber Elder Down Builds

For those who are the seasoned player I suppose you could just read the quick intro and grab the PoB, come back to search for an answer when you have a query or drop a suggestion for me to improve my builds.

In 3.5, our beloved GGG released two new pure physical attack expertise, Lancing Steel, and Shattering Steel that could inflict Impale. A single of my Poe dream would be to make pure physical talent an issue, so I return to Poe this league and are searching for techniques to build it, but all I had seen around the net are either some disappointing comment about these abilities, abusing fork interaction, or some dude jerking on their PoB.

Pros & Cons:
+ Range, I recommend newbie player to begin with variety construct, often keep in mind that, there is some hit we do not imply to facetank in this game. Although Point Blank still requires us to go face, Far shot made the harm loss additionally bearable whenever he requires to maintain distance arises.
+ Smooth early game/story arc, Class gems, ascendancy, and tiny to none passives tree transform right after reaching map.
+ Price range will show you how much I paid for things.
+ Fairly straight forward playstyle, position > shoot > reposition > shoot > repeat the preceding measures.
+ Decent clear speed, two pierces 1 Chain, mark with the elder tentacle whip, and 50% bleed opportunity with Haemophilia

- Do not have quite a few layers of defense
- Glass Cannon, I find yourself with 5.8k life when bossing at 93, this might not be seen as a massive problems in shaper and red tier elder fight, given that they may be mostly mechanics game, but is really harmful through mapping and uber elder fight, the uncommon, bloodline packs, and certain heavy hitters often caught you off guard, as long as your life isn't enough to take that one particular crit hit, you happen to be accomplished, but I still went up to 92 although farming at t13~4, I die in 15 or 16 occasionally thanks to stupid blunders thou, FPS can also be a key concern if you wish to play this game flawlessly, if your game stutter a lot of like mines, you could miss some crucial on-screen information. You'll be able to, naturally go way greater than me with the greater budget, I am hunting forward to do so.
- Not completely utilizing the complete power of impaling, but I'm happily sitting with 30% much more dps.
- The weapon setup was mean to get shattering steel to develop, great damage, good accuracy enhance, enormous crit multiplier, and enhance AoE for a cone. So making it a lancing steel ability basically threw away the boost aoe mod.
- Required big strength to utilize these weapons.
- Not really decent attack speed because of low weapon base APS

Gathering winds > Rupture > Far Shot > Ricochet
- Rupture goes well with Haemophilia, and provide length and crit stats while bleeding.
- Gathering winds help you to coup up the low base attack speed for Ahn's might
- Far Shot, seems counter-intuitive while you have point blank keystone learned, right?
- Ricochet, Projectiles chain count + 1, projectiles deal 10% more damage with each remaining chain.

Gem Links:
Faster Attack - Fortify - Leap Slam / Whirling Wind
Summon Lightning Golem Lv16 - Cast When Damage Taken Lv14 - Immortal Call

Helmet Gem Link - War Banner-Herald of Purity - Purity Of Elements - Enlighten
Chest Gem Link - Lancing Steel - Vicious Projectiles - Faster Attack - Maim - Brutality - Increased Critical Strikes

Ancestral Protector - Blood Rage - Blind
Vaal Haste - Vaal Dual Strike - Increased Duration - Brutality


First Shaper & Second Red Elder:

PoB Link:
Skill Tree:
Example Link:


5.PoE 3.5 Demi's Fastest Lemon Builds

MF, or Magic Find, is an old term from Diablo-days. It basically means stacking Quantity and Rarity to find more and better items.

Gem Links:
6 Link Tornado Shot:
Tornado Shot > Mirage Archer > Greater Multiple Projectiles > Elemental Damage With Attacks > Ice Bite > Item Quantity

Cast When Damage Taken > Immortal Call > Summon Ice Golem > Increased Duration

4-6 Link Movement Skill:
Blink Arrow > Faster Attacks > Faster Projectiles > Blood Magic > Greater Multiple Projectiles > Enhance

4 Link Herald/Curse:
Herald of Ice > Curse on Hit > Assassin's Mark > Item Quantity

Support Skills
Grace, War Banner, Phase Run, Portal



1. Free frenzy charge generation and sustain on bosses. Each charge gives MORE damage/attack speed. Easy leveling damage.
2. We now get extra move speed/attack speed/attack damage PER frenzy charge. Oh and +1 maximum charge, cause why not.
3. Perma phasing (we can walk through mobs) as well as some free dodge, great.
4. Time for some needed defensive buffs and damage! Spell dodge, move speed, elemental damage is all great but we also get IMMUNITY TO ELEMENTAL AILMENTS! That means no worrying about freeze/shock/chill/ignite flasks!

Soul of Lunaris

Soul of Garukhan


PoB Link:
Skill Tree:
Example Link:


6.PoE 3.5 Rangercosta's 4-Totem and Mirage Archer Toxic Rain Builds

With this construct, CA is useless against bosses, quite slow. It does offer you superior map clearspeed, even on T16 maps, due to the faster burst of harm it produces at the start in comparison to TR...but you'll have trouble killing syndicate members in maps. Also, survivability is decreased, because you don't leech pretty much any life.
Working with the new skill Multiple Totems Assistance and Skirmish Quiver, you can get 4 totems shooting And also you bow attack plus Mirage Archer, all at the same time. The rest is just balancing attack speed, chaos damage, and skill duration.
You are able to theoretically shoot much more than 150 arrows per second with endgame gear (even though commonly substantially much less than that), filling up a big portion in the screen with all the spores
HoA is increasingly better the lot more mana reservation it has. But even having a 6L, it can not compare with regards to the number of hits towards the 4 totems for withering touch. Also, the spore duration makes it possible for an area to keep doing damage even though the enemy moves, mainly because you make a floor mantle of spores about enemies. Also, even though with HoA you've got an autonomous source of harm in addition to your character, with the four totems you've got 2 autonomous sources, which is often valuable for issues like Breach, and for maintaining a continual flow of harm when you move around.

Pros & Cons:
+ Very strong DPS for bosses
+ Ranged, so more survivability
+ Medium-high HP depending on options
+ Can do all map mods
- Not as tanky as other builds
- Totem playstyle not for everyone
- Can become difficult to see stuff in the map with so many spores!!

Gem Links:
Main Attack
Toxic Rain - Vicious Projectiles - Void Manipulation - Swift Affliction - Mirage Archer - Efficacy

Totem Setup
Toxic Rain - Ranged Attack Totem - Multiple Totems - Withering Touch - Vicious Projectiles - Efficacy

Haste - Vitality - Despair - Enlighten
Blood Rage - Enduring Cry - Summon Lightning Golem - Empower
CWDT - Immortal Call - Increased Duration - Blink Arrow

Nature's Adrenaline - Nature's Bloom - Master Alchemist - Nature's Reprisal



PoB Link:
Skill Tree:
Example Link:


7.Vaal Spark Pathfinder, Just Run Through Content Builds

Pros & Cons:
+ Very very very VERY Fast
+ Not that expensive
+ Can be played as MF
+ INSANE clear
+ Shatter sound
- Hard to get back in if you run out of charges
- Can't do end-game content (Shaper, Uber Elder...)
- Can't do ele reflect maps

Gem Links:
- Single Target Help -
Vaal Storm Call - Concentrated Effect - Increased Critical Strikes - Less Duration

- Spark Setup -
Vaal Spark - Increased Critical Strikes - Increased Critical Damage - Added Cold Damage - Pierce - Faster Projectiles

- Auras -
Herald of Ice - Innervate - Increased Area of Effect - Enlighten
Grace - Enlighten
Herald of Ice - Curse on Hit- Assasin's Mark - Enlighten
Grace - Enlighten Level 4 - Herald of Thunder

- CWDT Setup -
Cast When Damage Taken - Immortal Call - Increased Duration - Temporal Chains
Cast When Damage Taken - Immortal Call - Blasphemy - Temporal Chains

- Utility -
lame Dash - Phase Run - Blood Magic


Major: Soul of Lunaris
Minor: Soul of Garukhan


PoB Link:
Skill Tree:
Example Link:


8. PoE 3.5 Toxic Rain Pathfinder Builds

Toxic Rain fires five projectiles and each and every projectile will spawn a Spore Pod.
These Pods will explode right after 1 second. Within this period the Pod will deal Chaos Damage per second to enemies in variety. The pods can overlap with every other. Growing location of effect will not affect the spore to spore distance and overlap, but it will raise the area the Spore Pod is dealing with harm.

Pros and Cons:
+ Very solid damage (Full Buffed and with Dying Sun ~5mil shaper dps)
+ Clear speed (Hydra Map in 2:20)
+ Nearly unkillable due to high evade and dodge chances (+5,5k life, 58% melee/95%projectile evade chance, 68% attack dodge/42% spell dodge chance)
+ Can be played as a starter with a budget gear
- Sometimes backtracking because we kill with damage over time
- Clunky damage calculation

Gem Links:
Toxic Rain Setup Socketed in Bow
Toxic Rain + Mirage Archer + Vicious Projectiles Support + Void Manipulation Support + Swift Affliction + Efficacy Support

Wither Totem Setup
Spell Totem + Wither + Faster Casting + Multiple Totems Support

Cast when damage has taken Setup
Cast when damage has taken + Immortal Call + Increased Duration + Phase Run

Grace Setup
Grace + Empower

Vaal Blight Setup
Vaal Blight + Increased Duration

Blink Arrow Setup
Blink Arrow + Faster Attacks Support

Other Gems
Clarity, Summon Flame Golem, Blood Rage


Uber Elder Fight:

Full Chimera Run:

PoB Link:
Example Link:


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