Six Useful Ranger Builds in PoE 3.5 Betrayal

PoE 3.5 Katniss Agony Build

Generally, that is my take on a Herald of Agony create. The principle notion I wanted to attain here was employing Energy Shield on Hit to try and capture that insta leech feeling once again. The most beneficial way I figured to perform this really is maximizing our hits per second with harm coming from HOA.

- 6000+ ES/s Recovery on a Single Target
- High Chaos Resist
- Very High Evasion
- Fast and Mobile
- Very High DPS
- 11K+ Energy Shield
- Can run any map mods

- Gathering Winds
- Fast and Deadly
- Far Shot
- Endless Munitions

Bandits: Kill All

Major: Soul of Solaris for Bossing/ Lunaris for Mapping
Minor: Change as required. Generally, I use Tukohama for Bossing and Garukhan for mapping

Boots: 2% Regen
Gloves: of Light (Any Level), of spite (any Level), Enfeeble on Hit
Helm:+2 Agony Crawler Projectiles

Red Elder Guardians:

Shaper Guardians:


Uber Elder:

PoB Link:
Skill Tree:

PoE 3.5 Vaal Spark Pathfinder Build

Initial, you will need to know to any decreased and/or enhanced duration to a spell applies to the soul acquire prevention of the Vaal skill. Should you add enhanced duration to a spell, the time you'll not be capable of obtaining soul for the Vaal talent will be longer and vice versa.

- Very very very VERY Fast
- Not that expensive
- Can be played as MF
- INSANE clear
- Shatter sound

- Hard to get back in if you run out of charges
- Can't do end-game content (Shaper, Uber Elder...)
- Can't do ele reflect maps

Use lightning arrow then switch to Rain of Arrows, use Barrage or Scourge Arrow for single target.
Pretty basic stuff. There are multiple guides out there on how to level as a bow character, so I'm not going to explain much more than that!
Use leveling gear such as Tabula, Goldrim, Thief's Torment, etc... if it's not your first character of the league.

For the helm, a rare one with 30% increased Spark Projectile Speed enchant.
Aim for life and resists

For the weapons, the only needed mod is 20% lowered Souls Expense of Vaal Capabilities.
Shaped Daggers are BiS due to the Crit Opportunity they've as implicit.
Other useful stats are Spell Harm, Harm to Spells, Vital Strike Possibility for Spells, Elemental Penetration.
And with all the crafting rework in Betrayal, you now craft plenty of beneficial mods

For the Amulet, the budget version could be a Bisco's.
BiS could be a shaped amulet with 10% quantity, life, spell harm, crit chance/multiplier and sooner or later resists.

Body Armour
QUEEN Of your FOREST! Practically nothing ELSE!
This can be where all of the speed comes from. Plus it gives life and resists, what much more do you want?

For the rings, I'd advocate a Ventor's Gamble (to cap out your resists) and a Pariah using white sockets.
In case you don't have the funds for these rings, just use rare ones with life and resists until it is possible to afford them.

For the gloves, you are able to use Sadima's Touch for the quantity or uncommon ones with life and resists, or Shadows and Dust for the rampage bonus for those who don't wear a Bisco's Leash inside your belt slot.

Right here you are able to use a Bisco's Leash with the sweat Rampage bonus.
Or maybe a Perandus Blazon.
Best choice could be a corrupted belt with %quantity as implicit, but it is genuinely highly-priced.

Goldwyrm, standard MF boots.
Or uncommon ones with life and resists if you are poor! :p

For the Flasks we're gonna use a Soul Catcher, a Jade Flask to obtain additional evasion for the QoTF, a Diamond Flask for crit opportunity, a Quicksilver for more speed as well as a Vessel of Vinktar for the leech and damage increase (Penetration or Damage to spells, each are fine, but Penetration may possibly be much better when it comes to DPS)

And for the Jewels you are going to need to use two Hazardous Investigation, a Conqueror's Potency to increase the bonuses of our flasks and an Abyss Jewel together with the %chance to gain Onslaught on kill mod for the sweat onslaught buff!

Gem Links:
Single Target Help
Vaal Storm Call - Concentrated Effect - Increased Critical Strikes - Less Duration

Spark Setup
Vaal Spark - Increased Critical Strikes - Increased Critical Damage - Added Lightning Damage
Pierce - Faster Projectiles

Herald of Ice - Innervate - Increased Area of Effect - Enlighten
Grace - Enlighten

CWDT Setup
Cast When Damage Taken - Immortal Call - Increased Duration - Temporal Chains

Flame Dash - Phase Run - Blood Magic

Spare Links
For the spare links, I use a Portal Gem (really useful) and a Lightning Golem for the bonus cast speed.

Alira for resists and Crit Multi.
Kill them all for the 2 skill points is also a good option, do as you prefer.

T7 Arcade

PoB Link:
Skill Tree:

PoE 3.5 Toxic Rain Pathfinder Build

Toxic Rain fires five projectiles, and every projectile will spawn a Spore Pod.
These Pods will explode immediately after 1 second. Within this period the Pod will deal Chaos Harm per second to enemies in variety. The pods can overlap with every single other. Escalating area of impact will not impact the spore to spore distance and overlap. However, it will increase the location the Spore Pod is dealing damage.

Pros and Cons:
+ Very solid damage (Full Buffed and with Dying Sun ~5mil shaper dps)
+ Clear speed (Hydra Map in 2:20)
+ Nearly unkillable due to high evade and dodge chances (+5,5k life, 58% melee/95%projectile evade chance, 68% attack dodge/42% spell dodge chance)
+ Can be played as the starter with a budget gear
- Sometimes backtracking because we kill with damage over time
- Clunky damage calculation

Bandits: kill all or help Kraityn
- Kill all when u feel like not playing above level 90 (otherwise, you have to drop 2 life nodes)
- Help Kraityn if you want to get the maximum out of this character

1. Nature's Reprisal
A huge buff for an area of effect and chaos damage! Take it first
2. Nature's Adrenaline
Let's go fast! Take it as 2nd Ascendancy to level faster.
3. Nature's Boon
Endless flask? Yep, we want it! Our 3rd Ascendancy.
4. Master Toxicist or Master Surgeon
Now u can choose between those 2.
Take Master of Toxicist if u want to push your damage.
Master of Surgeon is perfect when u don't want to run an extra anti-bleeding flask. Also, a good point is the extra life recovery.

Major God - Soul of Lunaris (Capture all the options)
Movement speed and huge defense
Minor God - Soul of Garukhan (Capture Stalker of the endless dunes)
Movement speed and evade chance.

Gem Setup:
Toxic Rain Setup Socketed in Bow
Toxic Rain + Mirage Archer + Vicious Projectiles Support + Void Manipulation Support + Swift Affliction + Efficacy Support

Wither Totem Setup
Spell Totem + Wither + Faster Casting + Multiple Totems Support

Cast when damage took Setup
Cast when damage took + Immortal Call + Increased Duration + Phase Run

Grace Setup
Grace + Empower

Vaal Blight Setup
Vaal Blight + Increased Duration

Blink Arrow Setup
Blink Arrow + Faster Attacks Support

Other Gems
Clarity, Summon Flame Golem, Blood Rage

Toxic Rain Full Chimera Map

POB Link:
Skill Tree:

PoE 3.5 StormBrand Pathfinder Map Speed Clear Build 

Pathfinder + Queen with the Forest = rapid movement speed
Storm Brand + Brand Recall keeps your talent around you devoid of getting to cease moving typically to cast as Brand Recall is Instant

Storm Brand is really a talent that was introduced in Betrayal League. Storm Brand creates a magical brand which can attach to a nearby enemy. It periodically activates while attached, firing beams which deal harm to nearby enemies and these about them. The brand will detach when the enemy dies.

Brand Recall is usually a talent that was also introduced in Betrayal League to go with each Brand capabilities. Recall your brands to you, detaching them from enemies, then bring about them to activate. The brands will have enhanced attachment range till they subsequent attach to an enemy.

This development is created to run quickly and clear maps safely. It summons storm brands that shock, freeze and trigger a pulse-like explosion to clear massive packs of mobs each on screen and off. With Brand Recall we can pull the brands with us to a brand new screen, clear it AND extend the duration of the brands themselves. It has the decent single target for map bosses simply because if 2 brands attach themselves to the very same target, it increases the harm each brand does by 50% additional damage.

+Pathfinder Ascendency means you have infinite flasks
+Immune to elemental ailments like freeze shock and ignite and an increase chance to cause those same ailments by 20%!

- Not the fastest boss killer
- low hp

Gem Links:
6-link Chest
Storm Brand > Faster Casting > Power Charge on Critical Strike Support > Controlled Destruction Support > Hypothermia Support > Added Cold Damage Support

Brand Recall > Empower > Enhance OR Brand Recall > Empower > Arcane Surge (lv 4)

Vaal Storm Call > Less Duration Support > Lightning Penetration > Controlled Destruction

Herald of Ice > Ice Bite > Innervate > Enlighten(lv 3+)

Herald of Thunder > Enlighten(lv 2+)

Cast when Damage Taken(lv 1) > Immortal Call(lv 1) > Increased Duration


Nature's Boon > Nature's Adrenaline > Master Alchemist > Master Surgeon - The only change is once you acquire a jewel with "corrupted blood cannot be inflicted on you" - You replace Master Surgeon with Veteran Bowyer for the extra Elemental Penetration

Pantheon & Bandits:
Major - Lunaris > Minor - Shakari
Kill all for +2 points or Alira - Both are great for us

Leveling Guide:
Hyperlinks for leveling till Storm Brand - Arc > Added Lightning Harm > Added Cold Damage Help
Hyperlinks for leveling when you've got Storm Brand > More rapidly Casting > Added Lightning Damage > Added Cold Damage Support

Lifespring - wand - offers you all the stats you'll need to acquire going and casting your spells Speedy.
Tabula Rasa - chest - 6 links white socket - tends to make your main talent essentially 1 shot everything in the story
Goldrim Leather Cap - helmet - offers you some good resistance
At level 38 replace Goldrim using the Gull - helmet - if you need to produce your experience leveling extra Enjoyable
Wanderlust - boots - cannot be frozen, provides mana regen and Movement speed
Atziri Foible - amulet - offers us mana regen and lowers the gem stat requirement which might be really beneficial
Perandus Signet - ring - Could be additional high priced to obtain however it unquestionably assists the leveling approach
Wurm's Molt - belt - stats and health

Storm Brand - Main damage ability
Vaal Storm Call - Boss/Betrayal/Red Beast mob killer ability in conjunction with Vaal Righteous Fire.

PoB Link:
Skill Tree:

PoE 3.5 Shattering Steel pure physical, Blood Magic Deadeye Build

This build is rather versatile. It truly is feasible to go nonblood magic, champion as an alternative to deadeye, a tree can also be very modifiable.

- cheap to start
- high clear speed, can't clear 1+ screens but super fast movement
- can shotgun single target which means following in my setup that fires 10 projectiles:
- 30 life gain on hit base from ascendancy = 300 life gain per skill use, with around 5 attacks per second feels like an old Vaal pact,
- Impale massacre - each hit has 62 (72 if a banner is planted with 50 stages) percent chance to impale and since projectiles fire in sequence it means that if 1st projectile applies to impale effect, the next 5 will proc the damage in addition to having a chance applying another impale effect. That means in average 7/10 impale effects from one swing of a weapon, which are boosted from base 10% of damage to 15+ with banner and quality on Shattering Steel
- The fast gain of the banner stack on the single target. Dread Banner gains stacks for each enemy impaled with a cap of 5 per second, Shattering Steel reaches this cap easily on a single target which means you can have fully stacked banned after 10 seconds on a fight like Uber Elder.

- to achieve max single target, you are required to stand on a targets face ensuring that all projectiles are hitting him
- fortification encounter door is the pain in the ass if you are to close you deal no damage (don't know why) but if you move too far away the only portion of projectiles hit, and doors are tough :)
- setup with Beltimbers requires you to use movement skill every 4 seconds, doesn't bother me at all, but some people might not like it
- can't run Phys reflect maps

Bandits: Killing all is probably the best

Gem Setup:
Main skill (chest):
Shattering Steel -> Chance to Bleed -> Brutality -> Vicious Projectiles -> Maim -> Increased Critical Damage

Cast When Damage Taken setup (gloves/helmet/boots):
Cast When Damage Taken(lvl1) -> Immortal Call(lvl3) -> Blood Rage(max lvl)-> Increased Duration(max lvl)

Vaal Double Strike steup (gloves/helmet/boots):
Vaal Double Strike -> Bloodlust -> Brutality -> Melee Physical Damage

Vulnerability -> Blasphemy

Dread Banner

Movement skill:
Leap Slam -> Faster Attacks -> Fortify

Totem setup:
Ancestral Protector -> Multiple Totems -> Culling Strike

T16 Minotaur map

T16 Defiled Cathedral from Zana


Uber Elder

PoB Link:
Skill Tree:

PoE 3.5 Herald of Asenath Build

This Deadeye develop attacks with Barrage and Sentinels to deal pure physical damage. The create does not revolve about Blink/Mirror Arrow but alternatively balances both the "bow" and "summoner" elements in the development. The majority of utility capabilities are triggered utilizing Asenath's Chant along with a high-level CWDT setup.

The name Herald of Asenath is often a blend of "Herald of Purity" and Asenath's Chant. In line with lore, "Asenath" was a heroine and legendary archer who united the Maraketh tribes in rebellion against the Eternal Empire. Not merely does this construct don a unique item with her name, but also wields, a bow and commands a contingent of followers - extremely akin to Asenath. As of now, the build can handle Uber Labs and T14 Maps. Points start out receiving a bit dicey at T15 - I believe this construct may possibly not be Shaper/Elder viable, but you're welcome to try!

Pros & Cons:
+ Easy to play! You only actively use three skills, minions are auto-summoned, and most utility skills are triggered.
+ Unique! Seriously, how many "bow summoner" builds do you see?
+/- I made this build purely for fun :) As such, I take a more casual approach to this build, and I don't intend it to do insane amounts of damage. You can view this as either a positive or negative (lol).
- The build might be difficult for new players or league starters as it requires/suggests very specific and potentially expensive items.
- I strongly advise avoiding maps or enemies with physical reflect; I'm trying to find a way around this.

Skill Gems:
Barrage + Faster Attacks + Increased Critical Strikes + Mirage Archer + Maim (5L) + Brutality (6L)
Herald of Purity + Multistrike + Faster Attacks + Brutality + Minion Damage (5L) + Maim (6L)
Flesh Offering + Desecrate + Blood Rage + Vulnerability
His setup must be in Asenath's Chant. If you have corrupted gloves with "Curse Enemies with Vulnerability on Hit," change Vulnerability to Increased Duration.
CWDT (Max) + Immortal Call + Summon Lightning Golem + Vaal Haste
Blink Arrow + Faster Attacks + Faster Projectiles + Blood Magic

Go with Eramir's reward. You can never have enough passive skill points as a bow summoner.

For the major god, use Brine King to prevent getting stunned- or freeze-locked. The minor god is more flexible.

PoB Link:

Skill Tree:
Level 1-15:
Level 16-30:
Level 31-46:
Level 47-57:
Level 58-67:
Level 68-79:
Level 80+:

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